The QP Clip: Mulcair berates Subway and A&W

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period



NDP Leader Tom Mulcair hammered the government for letting its temporary foreign workers program get out of hand. Mulcair claimed all kinds of employers, including Subyway and A&W, were taking advantage of the program to hire foreign workers. Heritage Minister James Moore replied that the government addressed the program’s deficiencies in Budget 2013.

Here’s the relevant excerpt from our QP liveblog.

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The QP Clip: Mulcair berates Subway and A&W

  1. The CPC boasts that is has created 900,000 new jobs since the recession. 300,000 of those jobs are for temporary foreign workers. Students looking for that part time job to help pay for pay their tuition keep looking. Don’t believe that? Just look at the youth unemployment rate.

    • I guess the good thing about all this is I am finally receiving what I ordered by a polite employee with a smile on their face instead of buried in an iphone sneering at you when you disturb them with your order. Ketchup, napkins and straws are never forgotten, because a bit of care is being taken in doing a “good job”, which is a foreign concept with todays youth!

      • Yikes, really? I love our young people — besides, who do you think raised our youth but us? They act as they have been taught to act.

  2. Why do so many of these #$%^s insist on calling businesses “job creators”. They sound like @#$%ing morons.

    • Sorry, the first sentence should have had a question mark at the end, even though it’s really a rhetorical question.

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    • Yeah, the whole “job creator” thing worked out so well for the Republicans. I can’t wait for these edjit partisans to start using the 47%/taker theme.