The QP clip: Why Canada won’t bid for the security council

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period



NDP MP Paul Dewar, his party’s foreign affairs critic, stood with some confidence to ask Foreign Affair Minister John Baird why the government wouldn’t bid for an open seat at the UN Security Council in 2014.

In his reply, Baird mistakenly referred to Dewar as “this minister,” when he presumably meant “member.” That’s the second such slip in recent days from the government benches. Last week, under pressure from NDP House Leader Nathan Cullen, Defence Minister Peter MacKay made reference to an “NDP government” that never was.

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The QP clip: Why Canada won’t bid for the security council

  1. Verbal slips, while amusing, are not newsworthy. Pick some other topic, please. This just demeans you and your publication.

    • Verbal slips mean the conservatives are under pressure and that’s news.

  2. Oh my Heavans, Rob Anders is awake! Look over Baird’s shoulder, it is amazing. He does have that glazed look, but the eyes are open.

  3. UN is a joke and we should defund it.

  4. I think Canada would have a difficult time being part of the UN security council when there are so many glaring human rights abuses concerning aboriginal Canadians. There has recently been an attempt to negate legal documents of long standing without consulting the citizens concerned. This is an intolerable human rights abuse. I cannot see how Canada could be considered for a position on any UN council.

    • How would you know that only the government is being the stickler in this dispute? The AG has indicated that the dispute should be resolved. He did not say that it was just the government officials being unreasonable.

      It is easy to just blindly blame the government for what ails our society, but Native people could be sticklers too.