This week in QP: Poilievre defends his first big reform

The opposition trawls for weakness in Tory electoral reform



The government’s attempt at electoral reform, and the opposition’s various misgivings about the legislation’s true intent, energized most of Question Period. Pierre Poilievre, the Minister of Democratic Reform, took centre stage for the first time since his prior stint as the prime minister’s occasional stand-in during QP. Later in the week, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair warned the government not to go after public servants’ benefits, and the government remained unmoved. Julian Fantino, the veterans’ affairs minister, was probably happy for the distractions.

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Electoral reform strips Elections Canada powers

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This week in QP: Poilievre defends his first big reform

  1. I look at a pic of Poilievre and I can’t help but wonder how much time he spent hanging from a coat hook in the school cloakroom. No wonder he’s so bitter.

    • Hung there by people like you.

    • And now he’s in the HoC, while the people who would have hung him on a coat hook (like you) are trolling the internet still trying to take him down a peg. That’s why he’s a winner, and you’re a loser.

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