Thomas Mulcair on child care and assisted suicide

Aaron Wherry in conversation with the NDP leader about day-care fees and early-learning strategies


Part of my conversation with the NDP leader aired this weekend on Maclean’s on the Hill, but here is the longer version.

I focused mainly on the details of the NDP’s child care proposal and am indebted to the work of colleagues John Geddes and Kevin Milligan, as well as Carleton University professor Jennifer Robson, for informing my understanding of the issue.

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Thomas Mulcair on child care and assisted suicide

  1. I suggest a new headline lest less discerning readers assume Mr. Mulcair sees one as the solution to the other.

  2. I find releasing policy a year ahead of an election a little bit too premature. We are starting to see a drop in oil prices and in the mining industry, we could be in a very different economic world come election 2015, that’s why its better for parties to hold off on their policy and costing until they see what kind of money is going to be sitting in the treasury. I know the MSM are doing everything they can to make sure Toms face is out there, especially Tim Harper, Tim has a serious hate on for Trudeau, you can tell by the way he berates Trudeau whenever he feels he threatens his guy Tom. Tim is very vitriol when it comes to Trudeau, something like Martin Patriquin .

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