What Barack Obama must do in 2014

(He has 10 months to rescue his presidency)


Larry Downing / Reuters

Time is running out for Barack Obama. The U.S. President is struggling to climb out from under the lowest approval ratings of his presidency as he heads into a brutal political season building up to the November congressional elections. Control of the U.S. Senate hangs in the balance and, with it, Obama’s ability to push his domestic agenda for the rest of his presidency. With his approval rating falling below 40 per cent of Americans, and nearly two-thirds critical of his handling of the economy, the President who was re-elected with a majority in 2012 has entered the dismal polling territory of his predecessor.

“The obvious comparisons are between Obama and George W. Bush,” says Carroll Doherty, associate director of the Pew Research Center. “And his ratings are in the same neighbourhood.” Bush was never able to recover public support in his second term, sliding progressively lower in the polls until he hit 25 per cent and exited the White House to quietly take up oil painting in Texas. In his second-term slide, his party lost control of both houses of Congress. Obama wants to avoid a similar fate.

Republicans smell blood in the water. If they can seize the U.S. Senate, then, with the House of Representatives already under their control, they could repeal Obama’s health care reforms, force through budget cuts and block his judicial nominees. Obama would spend the rest of his presidency banging his policies against a brick wall of opposition, with only a veto pen to hold back the Republican agenda. “It would scramble his plans pretty good,” said Bruce Buchanan, a professor of presidential politics at the University of Texas. “Any hopes for his domestic agenda in all its forms would be seriously diminished.” It would be a staggering fall from grace for a leader who began his presidency in 2009 as a historic figure with so much hope and promise—and the overwhelming approval of the country.

Obama’s plight is largely self-inflicted. The administration’s rollout of its signature health care legislation, the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, was so botched that instead of celebrating the achievement that eluded successive Democratic presidents, the President was forced to go on television to apologize to the nation. The man whose high-tech campaign machinery was able to keep track of what magazines his supporters subscribed to and what time of day they were most likely to respond to fundraising emails was not able to get the new health care website to work smoothly for two months after it was launched. After a 24-7 emergency marathon of technological interventions, the administration said the website was working much better in December, though there were still anecdotal reports of problems by users. In any case, the President’s reputation for competence and management was tarnished.

Worse still, Obama had repeatedly promised that any American who liked her health insurance plan could keep it. But as the new law took hold, some families began receiving letters that said their plans were cancelled, and new ones would be more expensive. They could shop for alternatives on the government website, but it wasn’t working. The drip of stories swelled into a gusher of negative press. Only a fraction of the people who were expected to enroll in the month actually did. Growing numbers of Americans now said they didn’t trust the President.

The debacle managed to sweep from view the fallout from the government shutdown that had left congressional Republicans highly unpopular and fighting with each other. The shutdown quickly fell from the headlines as each day brought more stories of Obamacare problems.

In the year ahead, Republicans hope the new health care system remains a mess they can lay at the feet of every Democratic lawmaker running for re-election in the November mid-terms. Calling Obamacare a “category 5 hurricane,” Greg Walden, the Oregon congressman heading up the Republican election effort, said he would keep it front and centre. Of Democrats who voted for the law, he said, “I think they’re in real trouble.”

Democrats are hoping that the early problems are short-lived, and that the spread in coverage to previously uninsured people will prove popular over time. Analysts say the law still faces many obstacles before it can be called a success. These include persuading healthy, young Americans to buy health insurance; without their premiums, the system will have trouble paying for older people with higher costs. The White House says it can steer through. “It’s been a tough patch,” White House political adviser David Plouffe admitted on ABC’s This Week. But he predicted it would fade in the new year as the President refocused the country on a fresh agenda. “Let’s fast-forward to the State of the Union and the months after that: health care working better, a lot of people signing up, economy continuing to strengthen, hopefully, no Washington shutdowns.”

With that vision in mind, Obama launched a campaign-style speaking blitz in December to promote the benefits of the health care law. “The law was worth a few grey hairs,” Obama admitted in remarks at the White House. He urged his supporters not to become discouraged. Comparing the health care reform to the civil rights movement and suffrage for women, he said, “Stuff that’s worth it is always hard.”

But even if Obama manages to rehabilitate Obamacare, he still has weakness on another important front: the economy. “The recession is technically over, but most Americans are not feeling much better about the economy,” said Doherty. Obama can take some solace in his personal record of recovering from dips in the polls. “Unlike Bush, he has shown an ability to come back,” says Doherty. “But this is the deepest hole he’s been in.”

Even without the President’s particular woes, the political landscape in 2014 offers some hope for Republicans. Their hold on the House of Representatives looks fairly safe. Democrats would need a net gain of 17 seats to get a majority in the 435-seat chamber, and history is not on their side. “No president’s party has ever taken back the U.S. House in a mid-term election,” says Geoffrey Skelley, associate editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball, a congressional-race forecasting operation at the University of Virginia Center for Politics. And only rarely does a sitting president’s party gain seats in mid-term elections. (One reason: Weaker candidates who won because of a popular president tend to be voted out without his coattails to run on.)

The big prize in 2014 is the U.S. Senate, which Democrats now hold 55-45. A third of the chamber’s 100 seats are up. Republicans need a gain of only six seats to take a majority. “During the shutdown, we began to think maybe Democrats can hold onto their majority, but now it’s on a knife’s edge,” said Skelley. The impending retirement of three Democratic senators in the conservative states of South Dakota, West Virginia and Montana are a boon for Republicans, who are favoured there. In addition, there are several states where incumbent Democrats up for re-election are vulnerable: Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana and North Carolina.

Still, Republicans face a potential stumbling block in the internal party struggle over nominating candidates. Individual states hold their primary elections between March and September. In recent years, conservative activists and small-government groups have focused money and energy on these races as a means of electing the most conservative Republican candidates possible. This has occasionally led to Republicans losing seats they otherwise could have won because of fringe candidates. This time, business groups fed up with the hard-liners—and their willingness to inflict economic damage with the shutdown—have said they will be intervening to support more moderate candidates.

It will make for a lively political pre-season. “I would imagine that, if those groups put their money where their mouth is, it seems likely it would make it harder for Tea Party candidates to get through,” said Skelley. But it will take a fight. “At the end of the day, you’re talking about low-turnout primaries. The people who are going to show up to vote in a GOP primary are dyed-in-the-wool Tea Partiers, so I don’t know if they’re going to be able to stop a huge number of these individuals.”

The power of the Tea Party in the Congress will also be shaped by the November elections. The hard-liners faced a backlash after the shutdown but, ironically, it could hurt the party’s moderates who tend to represent states with more Democratic voters, should they decide to come out and punish the Republicans.

It’s shaping up to be a year heavy on politics and light on policy. “Right now, it’s difficult to see a path for any major legislation to happen in 2014,” said Skelley. “It will be a lot of theatrics and not a lot of productivity.”

The President has said he wants to pass comprehensive immigration reform, including a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants estimated to be living in the U.S. Republican leaders may also want to pass some form of immigration reform, in part as a strategy to make inroads with the growing population of Hispanics who voted overwhelmingly for Obama in 2012. But the party also includes a large number of voices staunchly opposed to any policy that would reward people who came to the U.S. without authorization. Despite the political payoff for both parties if they deliver on this file, it’s hard to see whether there is room for compromise—or more strife.

Foreign policy is another wild card. Like many second-term presidents, Obama has more room for action on the world stage than in the gridlocked politics at home. He has entered into a risky six-month agreement with Iran that requires a freeze on nuclear-enrichment activities in exchange for the lifting of some economic sanctions. Republicans (and some Democrats) in the Congress opposed the deal. Depending on the state of Iran’s co-operation in the coming months, Obama may have a breakthrough on his hands, or an embarrassment.

With so much at stake in November, the year ahead offers a potentially big payoff to the side that manages to do the least fumbling, infighting and self-inflicted damage. “This is an extraordinary year in a lot of ways, because both Democrats and Republicans are very unpopular, Congress is unpopular, the President is losing support. The public is looking at Washington and saying ‘a pox on all your houses,’ ” says Doherty. Much of Obama’s agenda, and his legacy, depends on what happens in negotiations with Congress over government spending and to once again raise the ceiling on government borrowing in the spring. A standoff with hard-liners, or another shutdown, could turn American politics upside down. “The outcome in 2014 will depend greatly on how the Affordable Care Act is fixed going forward, and whether or not Republicans decide to jump off a cliff on fiscal issues, as they did during the shutdown,” said Skelley. As the first African-American President, Obama’s place in the history books is assured. But whether the final chapter is one of success or failure could be decided in large part this year.


What Barack Obama must do in 2014

  1. ???? The stock market has done nothing but rise this last year, all wars are deflating, Repubs are shooting themselves…..Obama is doing just fine.

    • “Obama is doing just fine”

      Ah Emilechka, and so is your buddy Vladimir Putin and for many of the same reasons.

      • Aren’t you just the cutest, and so witty. Well, half so.

        • Actually, Putin’s popularity in Russia is better than Obama’s in America….go figure.

          • Most of the rest of the world would agree.

            – N

        • Yeah, he’s kinda cute.

          And you’re a full-bore idiot.

          – N

    • The only reason the US is staying afloat is because the Fed Reserve is pumping over 100 Billion per month into the economy

        • Its stated job is to stabilize the economy. That is the perception they purvey but doesn’t mean it is truthful.

          In actual fact its debt and currency fraud started this 2006-20xx debt fraud depression in the first place. Bernanke printing money for debt devalued the currency and people with less value money get less goods, and less goods means less jobs….


          Yes, I just said the central banks and governemtn greed caused the depression. As no one is lending Ottawa or DC the money, the central banks are diluting the currency — a ponzi fraud like Madoff.

          BTW, I am self made, mine is not coming from envy, its coming from someone who makes money investing.

        • Yep, and $17+ trillion of debt, not including Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac which is a national secret by presidential order of Obama. Bankrupt cities and states extra.

          And why CAD/USD is depreciating. Too much electronic counterfeiting to buy governemtn debt that no legitimate lenders in the world would buy. When people stop funding your debts and you print money, its fraud on the currecny, a inflation tax on the economy of debt.


          • Well all of that is rubbish, so we don’t need to consider it.

          • Your mind is ‘rubbish’.

            It’s as holey as an over-ripe, stinking piece of green and runny cheese.

            – N

          • Don’t drink and post

          • I’m not.

            Reading your drivel, that’s the problem. ;-)

          • Then don’t read it….Ciao.

          • See ya, hot pants. :-D

            – N

          • Not including another 2T in bailouts for ACA, by 2015.

            We’ll be well into 20-21 T territory, if our economy exists still, by then.

            – N

      • Pumping electronic counterfeit. I say electronic counterfiet as the money has no value, its just created.

        Media downplays it but in essence its like you or I photocopying money to pay the bills. Only legal as governemtn does it. Its a ponzi scheme on debt and currency. It even caused the depression as Bernanke started the practice then the economy collapsed. Look at the dates of the currency drop, as unemployment raped up after the fraud started.


        But media, politicians and corrupt central bankers want you and I to ignore, 2006 Bernanke and create money for debt and low rates, 2007 unemployment and credit crisis as savvy do not lend money for returns below inflation+taxes, causing the 2008 market melt down and a jobless inflation based economy.

        Hey, if REAL inflation is 4%, and you get GDP up 1.5% and lower wages, you are losing value.

        As tomorrows money is guaranteed to be diluted by todays fraud. Debt is never fraud cheap or zero, its a mater of who and how its paid for.

      • Yep, if you or I did this we would be busted and jailed for fraud and counterfeiting. As in essence, its like paying your bills with photocopied money.

        Biggest fraud ever on this planet too as media doesn’t print the truth, and purveys the Quantitative Easing as it sounds sexy or something. Reality is its electronic counterfeiting money as no legitimate lenders buy governemtn debt for high risk and returns below real inflation plus taxes…as that is a negative value return.

        2006 Bernanke prints money to buy debt no one else is buying, 2007 lenders stop buying debt for rates below real inflation+taxes and unemployment ramps up. Ignored and printing even more money, 2008 market crash. I saw it coming so I made a lot of serious money being in a large cash position buying stocks cheap in early 2009.

        After inflation, markets haven recovered. But I have now for 21 years outperformed the market including inflation. But I don’t trust government, banks or media copy type propganda.

        Devaluation of USA/USD predates and caused the depression we have today: (after inflation, we are a negative value economy)


        But media doesn’t quote the worlds largest and stable currency the Yuan. USD is no longer the largest currency in play as it is devaluing from pyramid debt fraud.

      • Hyperinflation is coming.

        – N

    • Yes and no. Stock markets are rising on inflation, and not any real value. You should see how my investments outside of US/Canada/Europe are doing. As our currencies fail, I do well as I am investing more and more outside of the debt/currency corrupt J CU PIIIGGGS in debt fraud countries.

      And example, if you put $100,000 in USD/CAD in 2006, today, just sitting in Yuan without interest it would be worth $133,000. If you added 6% interest for the period it would be worth $200k USD and $$213k CAD today.

      USD and CAD have lost value against the largest worlds currency, the Asian Yuan.


      After inflation and currency loses, US and Candian markets are no where near recovered to 2006 levels and in fact have lost signifigant value as we are a negative value return economy.

      People need to stop thinking of money as having immutable value, its really a rapidly depreciating asset….an inflation tax so our corrupt governments can live beyond their means.

      But I did really well this year as I have made enough devalued dollars that my value is up. I am worth more in terms of barrels of oil, in gold, in real stuff than ever before. As I don’t accept retursn below inflation and currency depreciating.

      Like CPP, I have been investing offshore in more stable currencies and economies/companies that can pass the debt-tax inflation onto you.

      • Imagination is a wonderful thing.

        • It’s called “quantitative easing” and it’s a monetary policy that’s largely responsible for the illusory market gains.
          Foodstamp use is at record highs as is the number of workers completely out of the workforce (have a gander at the frightening labor participation rate), but hey, that number on the ticker is higher than it was before, so the economy must be grand!!
          Imagination may be wonderful, but ignorance is bliss, eh?

          • Charles, some of us have degrees in economics. Go away.

          • Do you have a degree in economics? What specific disagreement do you have with what Charles said? When you post that disagreement, please cite the sources upon which you base it.

          • Well said, Emily. Don’t feed the trolls.

          • You seem to be getting a little too excited there toots.

          • Or trolls feeding trolls?

          • More like trolls eating trolls’ vomit and burping in our faces.

            – N

          • I admit, my degree is in engineering and math, not liberal-socialist dream on economics. But I tend to look reality head on, and why I would not be successful in getting a Canadian economics degree….even though I make serious money investing my own money.

          • Not a fan of Cloward-Piven or the Keynesian math, eh? ;-)

            – N

          • You don’t, unless its from the liberal economics theory of idiocy.

          • Yes Dave, economics is my field….I make a very good living at it, so stop with the fantasies.

          • You’re full of **** liar-troll.


          • I haven’t seen one scrap of economic theory from you, EmilyZero.

            Please….don’t be shy. Dazzle us.

            – N

          • “quantitative easing” is a sexy term for electronic counterfeit inflationary no value money to buy debt that no legitimate lender is buying. A fancy term to describe currency and debt fraud.

            When Bernanke started the fraud in 2006, I looked and watched as I could see he 2007 credit crunch, and the 2008 crash…knowing it was utter BS in blaming homeowners. My distrust of corrupt governments monetary policy saved me hundreds of thousands of losses and I bought a lot of quality stock at their lows…made off like bandit really.

            So I am thankful for liberal economic fraud and buffoonery they feed to the people. 2008 was a lifetime opportunity to make serious money if you had your eyes open to reality.

            Debt is never cheap, free and easy, its just a mater of who and how its paid for. In this case, USA, Canada are being devalued via currency dilution. Its why pensions are in trouble as most pensions have returns below inflation for a negative value for so long. Add in MER, and bad investment choices even made CPP worse.

            But wisely, I have 99% of my pension in my name/account/control so some idiot in Ozawa isn’t going to tell me I can’t retire early.

    • Tell that to the 10s of millions unemployed, and the 10s of millions trading good jobs for minimum jobs.

      Sure, in dollars the market recovered but factor in real inflation and most people are still underwater in terms of spending value. Value is more important than dollars, a $1 could buy a burger, but it takes a $3 in devalued money to buy the burger….its a slight of hand as value of money is not immutable.

      Me, I am up huge in dollars and in value as I saw 2008 crash coming and was in a large cash position for the crash, then picked up lots of good stocks cheap in early 2009.

      I don’t value any opinion governments, banks or media makes on economics as they are all out to deceive people out of their money. As inflation/money devaluation is about inflation as a tax…work for more money but with less value to the money.

      Illusions sell well. Politicians love it as people are in mass, generally naive.

      • ‘Illusions sell well’….yes indeed. YOU buy them by the case.

        • Me, I love the illusion that I made $17,000 give or take in last week investing mostly offshore, and dividends are not in yet.

          My reason for not being at work today is I work for myself as a private investor. What supports you?

          Sure, I don’t have a liberal economics degree, but I attribute much of my investment success in not having a liberal economics degree.

          • Welfare supports ‘her’, that’s what, lol.

            – N

      • Technically, I believe it’s 100 M.

        – N

    • We’ll show you ‘just fine’ in a few months. :-)

  2. Don’t understand how you can write a piece this long and yet miss so much.

    Over 5 million people have lost their insurance, and 100 million more could once the employer health plans fall under Obamacare. Stage 4 cancer patients are having their plans cancelled, and when they speak up to complain, they get audited by the IRS.

    So finally, Obama waived the deadline on the individual mandate. You know, the thing he allowed the government to shut down for so that he could protect.
    Security experts have said that the website was designed without security, that the administration knew of the security problems before launching and went ahead anyways, and that they are not obligated to report any security breaches.

    What other politician could get away with this degree of incompetence and have it not even mentioned in a “Barack Obama’s in trouble” recap??? What is wrong with you? Why are you not doing your job? In what world is any of the above not front page news?

    Maclean’s, it’s time for a new US bureau chief. This is utterly pathetic. Put someone in the role who’s willing to do the job.

    • no one in the media dares to condemn the mighty Obama…sadly

      • Not yet, once out of office and the aura if influence on media dissipates, the truth of Obama’s damages to the US economy will be felt for 50 years.

        History will not be kind to the Obamanation of debt and bailout fraud. So much of the real story makes Snowdon’s disclosure nothing by comparison. Snowdon pushing truth is why Obama/Hilary are so vindictive towards Assange, Brown and Snowdon in telling truths.

        • Of course, the people do have a responsibility to fix these things.

          – N

      • We’re entirely at their mercy?

        Oh, well. I suppose there’s nothing for it, then….

        – N

    • And wait until they find out government health care is inferior taxing taxing health care. There is a reason why Williams of NL went to Florida when his own heart was on the line.

      History is going to slam Obama hard in economics and health care once he is out of office and no longer has the influences over media and historians. He is however well on the road for the dubious honor of having debt-spent more than all presidents before him combined. And worse, pathetic results for more than doubling the national debt in less than 8 years.

  3. I’m just a poor man trying to do what’s right for are people and America , I be leave that we sould feel a Present he was elected by the people, and both party’s sould surport him, I be leave that some are doing thing just to keep him from doing right thing and that not good for no one.

    • Wrong. No one person should have ultimate power. Democracy is a collective exercise, as if the President power was absolute, he would in fact be a dictator. And given how limited ballots really are, we elect term dictators. No recall, no referendum gives us the voter no recourse.

      US republican system with three active branches is far better than the fuedalistic collonial par-lame-mentry system and it shows as Canada economic development has always been impaired by the British governemtn mentality.

      • I agree our own government could be improved – but the US is NOT the model to follow. Articles like this one – or for that matter just about any political story coming out of the US – reinforces my belief that the US has come unhinged and will collapse completely in my lifetime without major changes.

        I’ll take Canada and our government over the mess to the south any day.

        • Agreed. I like the Chinese and Swiss models better. No one empiracle omni powerful leader, as power is distributed. Governments just work better when power is distributed and peoples votes mater more than lobby and back room money. For example, lobbying in China is properly considered bribery and corruption.

          • I’m glad to see you guys are thinking about systems of government that might make good replacements for ours.

            If some of you survive when our ’empire’ falls, maybe we can brainstorm a new governance. ;-)

            – N

        • See my post, below….please.

      • We’re not a democracy. We’re a Republic.

        Our forefathers established a republic in order that our nation would not fall apart as readily as the democracy of Greece did, where the people learned they could buy their rulers, and get kick backs for keeping them in office.

        It took a while, since our leaders have terms, but eventually the same thing happened under our government as to a larger extent they did eventually, in Rome (I guess our founders forgot that little lesson).

        So now we have leaders that serve for years, are bought and paid for, dole out the scraps,and are not accountable (really) to most/any of us for years.

        The solution, once again, is the same one our founding fathers steeled their resolve for when they broke away from the British Empire:


        – N

        Edit: And I’m still sitting here, after all these years, asking ‘my fellow Americans’ to grow a pair and START talking about how to actually save your country.


    • I really try to look past it most of the time but it needs to be pointed out that people like Marion stithem who post that have next to no grasp of English spelling or sentence structure + no discernible point should be flagged for abuse of the language.

  4. Ask yourself, who would you prefer as a leader, Obama or Bush (or any of the GOP wingnut frontrunners, for that matter) and there is your answer. Obama’s tenure is finite, he’s a lame duck and is working on polishing his legacy. The forthcoming election will be a walk for the Democrats, by default.

    • Neither. How about JFK, the last honest President USA ever had, and he died for it.

      • JFK honest? ROFLMAO !!!!

        • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about dave777’s comment but then searched again for cues of sarcasm or an emoticon of some sort to indicate irony.

          When none were found, that’s when my eyebrows went north.

          • I meant in relative terms. JFK was leaning on the mafia and cutting the CIA…..making lots of enemies. But no one gets to the top without dirty deals, as all that taxpayers money in one place attracts a lot of corruption. So my remarks of JFK as being honest is in relative and not absolute terms. After all, Kennedy family was rich on rum running and smuggling.

        • Sorry, Bush and Obama are back room bought presidents. Last election, Harvard economics back room won before the ballots were printed.

          One way to rig an election is back room money buys media to sell their buddies, then with a limited rigged ballot, people in the illusion of democracy vote for the candidates back room money chose. The idea is to make sure Harvard, Yale or Masonic club members and their sponsors always have control.

          One of Harvard’s biggest donors are Saudi, so no surprise Obama would support 911 like Sunni/Saudi/UAE Syria terrorists trying to knock off Shia Islam leaders. As if the Saudi are dictating US policy, yet 911 was Sunni/Saudi/UAE and not Shia…..

          Yes, its a huge corrupt deal.

    • Not being crazy Republican will be the Democrats strongest asset in 2014, especially if they can get the healthcare website working. If the Republicans can find a likable American Moderate it could be up in the air, otherwise it’s advantage Dems. In the long game, once people start getting decent public health care, unless the Republicans can rewrite history, having opposed it will be an albatross for them.

      • Does it really mater who wins? Fact is USA is bankrupt and on a downhill ride. Its well hidden, but USD has devalued 25% since 2006 Bernanke print money for debt and unemployment financing.

        No one savvy buys US Treasuries any more. They dilute the currency with QE fraud money to pay the bills. Unsustainable too. And people with less value money get less goods and services, then employ fewer people thus the jobless recovery. Jobless recovery is really inflation pumping up GDP…another ruse.

        My current investment strategy is simple, buy only dividend stocks in companies that can pass on real inflation and not predominantly in US or Canada.

    • Yeah, those “crazy” Republicans, were called zealots for trying to force a delay in Obamacare. Now every Dem senator up for reelection is openly demanding it.
      Those “crazy” republicans precisely predicted the debacle that is Obamacare.
      Calling them “wingnuts” doesn’t make them any less correct.
      Tell me, what is more nuttier, trying to shut down the debacle that is Obamacare, or passing a massive piece of legislation on a straight party line vote, where most Dems did not even read it? Oh yes, on a bill that affects one sixth of the American economy?
      I think most voters will turn to these “wingnuts” (as appears to be the case with the RCP generic vote average polling now showing huge Republican gains).

      • Maybe on your own little planet. The ACA was “debated” for 14 months. The GOP presidential wannabees are good for one thing, filling a clown car.

  5. Obama is going down with his credit rating.

    By the end of Obama’s last term he will have debt spent more than all presidents before him combined and be the first to do so in modern times. A dubious honor.

    Obama legacy is “just more debt” for the kids, grand kids and future generations….and a nation in more economic trouble than ever before.

    Its this realization that is going to have history not treat Obama well. As the negative effects of this debt-spend corruption will be felt for generations.

    • I agree it’s a terrible downward spiral – but as Dubya started the mess both parties have to wear it. I don’t follow US politics closely, but I haven’t seen a bright light or anything resembling a sane path out of the mess from either of the US parties. Certainly not from the Tea Party crackpots.

      • Ah balony.
        One can argue the ‘b’fly effect’ as far back as appropriate to make ones point-all poli’s are liars but the last one holding the bag as it were is the one to blame.
        Obama is a failure on so many levels what I’m trying to say is that Dubya may have cocked the gun, but Obama pulled the trigger, again & again & again.

        • I couldn’t agree more. Bush was no ‘Conservative’. The only reason he did ther things he did was because he was a RINO.

          No true conservative would have done the things he did.

          Fast forward to today: Without G.W.Bush to point to as a co-conspirator, The Dem/Republican comparison is not so easy to disregard. Clinton passed laws that finally came to a head under Bush’s term. Freddie Mac/ Fanny Mae and the Community reinvestment act is where the housing bubble started….and also the BLAME for the entire mess. Bush was the loudest voice trying to reel back in the excess of those two institutions and the CRA act.

          The lack of banking regulations, A La Paul Martin here in Canada, helped along the inevitable disaster we all watch unfold in 2008. Banks ‘selling’ bad loans and mortgages as an “investment” to other banks… WTF? You’d think another Banker could smell the rot???

          History will not treat Obama well.. far worse than Bush’s legacy. Bush spent a lot on a war. Obama just pissed the credibility, future, economy and DEBT of the U.S.A up against a wall and accomplished exactly ZERO. There will be nothing to show anybody of what he did for 8 yrs., nor the 8 trillion he wasted without anything to show for that too. Sad really.

          • Yeah, sad for the US citizens & the rest of us connected to them, however I feel nothing but contempt for Obama-not only were his policies misguided but I find him personally offensive in some of his subjective reasoning & the smugness with which he carries himself.
            Furthermore, the title of this pc is ridiculous-Obama musn’t & shouldn’t do any more than he has already done-he is, after all, done after this term anyway.
            In the famous words of Goldfinger:
            No Mr. Obama, I expect you to die (a political death in this case).

        • When Bush took office, the books were balanced. By the time he left, they were into very heavy deficit spending and the recession had started. Not saying that Obama’s choices have all been good ones (in fact I’ll agree many weren’t) but Bush did way, way more than “cock the gun.” And Repubs have continued to fight to preserve Bush’s policies all through Obama’s presidency – which means they have yet to learn the error of their ways.

          So like I said – both sides have to wear the mess.

          • Actually not. Below is a link to the most favorable numbers for Obama I could find.


            Look at Obama’s first term jump in debt to GDP going from 63.5% to 84.2% in just 4 years!!!!

            Bush actually did good, got 65.4% debt to GDP from Clinton and left Obama with 63.5%. Yes, as a percentage of GDP bush actually reduced debt load by increasing debt slower than inflation.

            But now the debt load to GDP is 84.2% at the end of Obama’s first term and expected to be near 100% by the of his second term. No country in the history of mankind has every recovered form 100% debt to GDP ever without a lot of economic pain.

            Japan is over 100%, and it had over 30% inflation in the last year.



            Debt is never free, never cheap and someone always pays, in this case, debt depreciates currency value.

        • Good analogy. Bush cocked the gun with Bernanke electronic counterfeit for debt (QE) but Obama took it to a whole new level and debt-spend more than 8 years of Bush in not much more than a year. And now, its a spiral debt and currency devaluation problem that likely only has one long term result.

      • I will let Obama off the hook here, the QE debt fraud practice started under Bush/Bernanke in 2006. But but in terms of scale, Obama/Bernanke today are far worse. Didn’t take Obama much more than a year to outspend Bush’s 8 years.

        Obama just made it worse. Many Canadians incorrectly think the CAD rose to the USD, the reality is the USD fell faster than the CAD up until 2 years ago.




        But government, banks and media are about deceiving the people. Reality is this depression started in 2006 when Bernanke printed money for government debt no legitimate lenders were buying as the returns were below inflation+taxes making US Treasuries a negative value investment. This kicked off the 2007 housing mortgage crisis, unemployment and entered a 2008 market crash.

        I can thank Ron Paul in 2004 when he wrote this will happen as debt spirals out of control, so I formulated things to watch for and printing money for more debt fraud I sold off to cash most investments by mid 2008 and avoided the brunt of crash.

        I should be thankful for the wonderful once in a lifetime mess in 2008 that statism, liberal-debtors and liberal-spenders created. But I know the harm it has done to others.

  6. John G succinctly summarized the media malpractice in failing to highlight some of the most glaring problems with Obama’s term.
    Astute scholars have called Obama’s misrepresentations regarding Obamacare “foundational lies” in that they went to the heart of what concerned voters. Most were generally happy with their plans and their doctors. Obama knew that, and in order to sell Obamacare he brazenly told the public over, and over and over again that no one would lose their doctor or their coverage if they liked it “period”.
    All the while the Obama administration passed regulations (in 2010) which essentially guaranteed loss of coverage and in which his own department figured in internal studies would result in a massive loss of current coverage. Despite the formulation of such regulations and his own department’s forecasts for massive loss of coverage, Obama continued to peddle the “if you like your health plan you can keep it” lie. Add to that the lie that you can keep your doctor, and the folly that “everyone’s costs will drop”.
    Indeed, it could well be argued that this was the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. Andrew McCarthy, the famed prosecutor for the World Trade Center bombing (the first failed one) observed that the size and scope of Obama’s fraud dwarfed anything perpetrated by Madoff or anyone else in the private sector for that matter, in the history of white collar crime.
    Obama’s numbers are now below all presidents except Nixon at this stage of the presidency. As the employer mandate kicks in and the scope of the lies exponentially increases as tens of millions more lose their coverage Obama will go down as the most despised presidents ever.
    Obama was a lightweight, having accomplished virtually nothing prior to his run for presidency (his only “accomplishment” if one could call it that was writing books about himself. Most saw a failure such as this as inevitable. The media’s utter irresponsible cheerleading rather than vetting led the US voter down this path.
    Do not trust articles such as this one soft peddling the immense failure that is Obama. They are only trying to mask their own complicity.

    • John G succinctly summarized the media malpractice…


      Oh good lord, there’s TWO of them now.

    • But Obama has the good talk, just that the delivery sucks.

      It is modern politics, promise a lot of good stuff and deliver none of it as far too many are naive and gullible, politics then deteriorates to the man that can tell the most believable lies.

      Because it is what Obama does best, talks the good talk as it sure isn’t in the results.

  7. Why should Obama be rescued?

    Take a look at the people who normally give the benefit of the doubt to the US, but since he entered the White House, the conclusion, (arrived at more than once) happens to be: Not this time!

    • Far better to be Obama than one of the 10s of millions who lost homes.

      You are right, he doesn’t need rescuing.

  8. Obamacare is the right move for Americans, Republicans do not care about public interests unless it advances profit to big corps. As it is these anti Obama Care ads are paid by some big corps who are so worried of losing some of their big profits that they willingly pay millions of dollars in advertisement directed at discouraging the American public from trusting this new law . In Canada we have the Conservative Party with the same ideology as the American Republicans.

    • With Obamacare there are more people without insurance than there was before Obamacare. Also, insurance has become more expensive. Also, Obamacare has made it very difficult to buy insurance, even for the people who want the overpriced insurance and who can afford it.

      Yet here you are, praising what is a complete disaster. Just because of your ideology.

      • Many people don’t look at the facts and reality, preferring ideals over rationality. Maryanne and a lot of people thing and vote with personal greed and a myopic view. Its a huge problem for democracy to work right when people in large masses follow a failing ideology. Politicians count on this ignorance and why as a collective we are so easy lied too, deceived and mastered.

        Your average voter today pays absolutely no consideration for a politician to manage governemtn for us. They are content with government managing us like chickens in a coupe. This dependency brings the system down and ultimately it will fail because too much government consumption is not sustainable. Your average voter votes for “blind faith” promises and nothing else.

    • Having lived in USA for 10 years I have experience in both systems.

      I prefer USA before Obama, as for two reasons. First is economic, even though I bought insurance with my own money, even with deducables, my tax savings were larger than my heath care costs and stuff everywhere from debtial to autos cost a lot less than tax inflated Canada.

      Second reason is reputation, if a provider messes up people and gets a bad reputation a US citizen can change providers and get more competitive services. In Canada there is only one provider and you are locked in like slave to state. Justify any tax increase with the only really thing government does for you.

      And a third bonus reason. US insurance covered me if I traveled to Mexico, Canada and most of the world at no extra charge. So if I came back to visit relatives, I was covered without a hassle. Canadian services are not very good at all if you step one foot outside of Canada.

      Sorry, both systems have warts, but for intelligent people USA is better. Even Newfoundlands Williams thinks so when it was his heart on the line.

  9. who wrote this? A republican?

    • Even democrats are ticked off with Obama.

  10. Every president has a limited time in office because of term limits.
    It really doesn’t mater what Obama does because Americans are stupid; they tend to “beat up” their president into disgrace by the time its over.
    Its been better than Bush and the Texas chain gang so far.

    • Or with no more elections to win, you see the real politicians for what they really are. And for Obama, its all fast talk and short on delivery, unless its more debt for the grand kids and a real botch job on foreign diplomacy.

      Obama supporting 911 like Syrian terrorism, a priceless mess up for sure, or was it deliberate? What a better way to destroy USA futures than with run away debt, crappy job market, et al. Part of why the market collapsed in November 2008 as that was Obama’s election month….and in part due to savvy investors knowing debt was not the solution, it was the problem. And that Obama is a economic idiot.

  11. The truth is Obama has started his presidency in a financial prison created by George Bush and the Republican party after Bill Clinton left Bush with the highest budget surplus ever. If the Republicans and the ‘Tea Party’ bigots(ie, people who believe slavery should still exist and a black man has no right to be a leader) ever worked with Obama instead of against him, all of these issues would not exist. All of you bigots that are dissing Obama probably also think it’s totally acceptable that an unarmed 17 year old negro was shot by a radical racist armed bigot! Wake up!

    • You are not correct, although Clinton did leave a $127 billion surplus. The average deficit during the Bush years was $250 billion. As a
      percentage of GDP, the average deficit under Bush was two percent. President
      Bush’s largest deficit was $458 billion in 2008 at the start of the financial crisis.

      In Obama’s first year, the deficit increased by almost a trillion
      dollars from 2008. Obama has not had a single year in which the deficit
      was less than a trillion dollars. Obama’s average deficit was $1.3
      trillion during his first three years. This translates into an average
      deficit that is 9.2 percent of GDP. The financial prison is Obama:s construction.

      One can think Obama a failure without being a bigot. His incompetence is due to his political ideology, not the colour of his skin.


      • You forget that the Republican’s had a majority in Congress and the Senate was not filibuster-proof. That means that Clinton didn’t have much control over the financial going’s on…. the House kept him in check… so they get the credit for the surplus, not Bill.

        • In that case, since we have the same scenario now, the current mess is also the Repubs’ fault.

          Can’t have it both ways, my friend…

          • How is it the same? The house presents a budget or a bill to the senate and Reid and the Dem leadership quash it. During Clinton, the Repubs held both houses. Also Hyper-partisanship was not so out of control. Add to that, Billy was embroiled in a sex scandal and was facing impeachment. Hard what I’d call the ‘same’.

  12. The media loves a good president bashing.
    Why doesn’t Canada do that to its leaders?

  13. Obama’s was always a doomed presidency, simply because it was based on a racist premise exacerbated by an emphasis on words, not deeds.
    From the beginning, Obama’s political advancement has always been predicated on playing the race card, even on the periphery, at every juncture. Mix that in with a healthy dose of Chicago corruption.
    Once elected, the Obama team has focused on politics over substance. Virtually every Obama appointee has been an individual with no track record in the private sector. None of his appointees actually know how to get things done. The ultimate irony is that the leader of a party that prided itself on winning elections based on very careful and diligent mining of the electronic footprints of likely Democrat voters, couldn’t build an electronic health care insurance platform. From Pearl Harbor to VJ day was less time than it has taken for the current US government to create a non-functioning website. That’s just the start.
    We also have the “Fast and Furious” gun walking scheme, and Obama appointee Eric Holder’s open contempt of Congressional inquiries into that debacle. There is the IRS targeting of conservative PAC’s, and the growing evidence of White House involvement. Even without White House involvement, there is the simple and clear evidence that everyone involved has so far been a Democrat.
    The White House has also been implicated in the clear dereliction of duty that was the failure to respond to the Benghazi attack. Starting with the bold faced lie that the attack was the result of an unseen film by an unknown filmmaker causing outrage amongst a group of people with no internet access, this is a story that will haunt Hillary Clinton even after Obama is gone.
    America is now saddled with a President who is openly contemptuous of the Constitution. After applying constant pressure to Congress, aided and abetted by the American media, he succeeded in getting his signature health care bill passed only AFTER his second term was secured, whilst lying the entire time about the costs and conditions of the law, we now see an American President who has gone on record as telling American insurers and employers to disobey his very own centerpiece legislative victory.
    Meanwhile, those of us the right who were more than happy to tell people that electing a guy who had written not one but two autobiographies while having never accomplished a single thing in his entire life beyond being Barack Obama was a very bad idea, get little satisfaction in saying we told you so.

  14. But I am sure the democrats still want to blame Bush.

    Fact is Obama is shortly going to have the dubious honor of having debt-spent more than all presidents before him combined. And mass stupidity wonders why the economy and jobs siltation hasn’t really improved much, especially after real inflation.

    But hey, todays politics is like religion, based on myths, deception, lies, deciet for power and other peoples money. Have to keep statism managing the people…..

  15. Actually, Putin’s popularity in Russia is better than Obama’s in America….go figure.

    Indeed Obama is on the rocks. But bet the democrats still blame Reagan and Bush. Even though Obama is getting close to having debt-spent more than all presidents before him combined….and little to show for it but minimum wage jobs and a shortage of jobs.

  16. After his term is up, history is not going to be kind to Obama.

  17. I must add that the title of this pc is questionable-exactly why must he do anything?
    His presidency is over after this term & he will be seen as a failure.

    Auric Golfingers response comes to mind:
    No Mr. Obama, I expect you to die (a political death).

  18. that is why this country needs a major third party, to get away from the nuts on the left and the nuts on the right, I think most people are moderates

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