Today in QP: Trudeau versus Harper versus Mulcair

Tease the day: Justin Trudeau takes the Liberal helm as the House of Commons resumes sitting


Sean Kilpatrick/CP

The family shot was going to win the day, no question about it. NDP Leader Tom Mulcair made a valiant effort, as his party convened in Montreal this past weekend, to recast himself as a family man. There was nothing subtle about the exercise, which projected a softer image of a man who hopes to lead the social democrats to electoral victory in 2015. Maybe he convinced his delegates, and maybe he even convinced some of the broader public. But his family wasn’t the one that everyone’s talking about this morning.

No, that honour belongs to the effortless flair of Justin Trudeau’s family, assembled on stage after Trudeau won the Liberal leadership. The family beamed for the cameras. You knew that photo editors across the land instantly had their minds made up. Trudeau’s family is hard to ignore when they’re smiling so broadly, looking so at ease. They exude youth and optimism. They appear so genuinely happy.

There’s more to the job than nice photos, however, and Trudeau’s quest to deliver substance—and take on Prime Minister Stephen Harper, day after day—now begins in earnest.

Politics might not be universally predictable, but we know at least this much about how today’s Question Period will unfold: Trudeau will rise in the House of Commons. He’ll wear his trademark half-grin, to much applause from the caucus under his command, and then all sides will rise to salute the new leader (Ed. note: Why did I think the whole House would rise? Regret the erred prediction). Trudeau will deliver his question, with some dramatic flair, and Harper will rise to respond. Assuming he’s untied his tongue, the PM will congratulate Trudeau on his new gig, add some well wishes, and then promptly dismiss the question. And so it will have begun, a two-year battle between two men cut from drastically different cloth.

Meanwhile, Mulcair will also be in the House, he’ll also ask questions of the prime minister, and he’ll hope that today, when Trudeau steals the spotlight, is the exception—not the rule.

What’s above the fold this morning?

The Globe and Mail leads with Justin Trudeau’s victory in the Liberal leadership race. The National Post fronts Trudeau’s victory, and the challenges that lie ahead. The Toronto Star also goes above the fold with Trudeau’s victory and challenges. The Ottawa Citizen leads with Trudeau’s win and what comes next. iPolitics fronts Palestinian anger over Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird’s meeting with an Israeli minister in disputed territory. leads with Trudeau’s first Question Period showdown with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. National Newswatch showcases the CBC News story about QP drama.

Stories that will be (mostly) missed

1. Terrorism. Somalian officials are investigation whether or not a Canadian, Mahad Ali Dehore, was among a team of suicide bombers who attacked a courthouse in Mogadishu on Sunday. 2. Gun fees. After seven years of amnesty, the Conservative government has reinstated a $60 gun licence fee that documents estimate will rake in about $18 million a year.
3. Polar bears. A Russian polar bear scientist, Nikita Ovsyanikov, says poachers are using certificates provided with imported Canadian bear skins to sell Russian bear skins domestically. 4. Charbonneau. Former Montreal mayor Gérald Tremblay and his right-hand man, Frank Zampino, will likely testify next at the Charbonneau Commission’s corruption inquiry in Quebec.


Today in QP: Trudeau versus Harper versus Mulcair

  1. QP is just one thing on today’s agenda for Trudeau. I hear there are anti-Trudeau ads running today in Atlantic Canada. I guess the CPC decided it could not afford to wait a day.

    • Given yesterday’s press release, they can’t wait beyond a single sentence.

  2. Liberals had an opportunity to choose either a substantial candidate in Murray who would have encouraged them to cooperate with the dippers in the hope of reducing the Conservatives to a minority position in 2015, or to choose Hall-Findlay who would have been a respected leader especially in Parliament, and could have prepared the liberals for a new leader and a good chance to win the 2019 election. Maybe Liberals don`t like women.

    But Liberals chose Fluff.

    Why ? Because the Party that has no policies, no principles, feels that Fluff`s hair will bring a naive and disconnected electorate to vote Liberal once again. Those areas that are most disconnected from reality like in some City centres and PEI will no doubt vote for this village idiot, because they know not what they do, but the vast majority will soon learn the cynical actions of the Liberals in choosing such a fool to be leader is deserving of disqualification as a legitimate political Party.

    The large ego and small intellect of Justin Trudeau will result in the extinction of the LPC.

    • Just keep telling yourself that, if it makes you feel better. I know I feel better than I have in ages this morning.

    • c’mon…everyone loves shiny little things…even if they are useles…once the shine wears off, they are sent to the basement…just hoping the media won’t be constanrly salivating over this shinny object for the next 2 and a years