Today’s news: Don’t bet against Ford and Harper

The Mayor and PM simply refuse to play their enemies’ games


Nathan Denette/CP

“Friends, I am the first one to admit, I am not perfect.” — Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Stephen Harper lasted nearly eight years in power before the inevitable. His trusted troops, so loyal for so long, are now lining up to replace him. Jason Kenney and Peter MacKay and Maxime Bernier all want their leader’s job. Their big mouths at a weekend party convention proved their faith in the Prime Minister is waning, and their faith in their own voices is emerging.

Kenney and MacKay defended the honour of their friend, Nigel Wright, who was the PM’s former chief of Staff until he gave a $90,000 cheque to Sen. Mike Duffy to cover improperly claimed expenses. Harper says Wright deceived the party and the Canadian people. The two powerful cabinet ministers think not. Bernier called for a national referendum on Senate abolition. The famously maverick-ish junior minister from the Beauce, in Quebec, seems to think the country should decide the fate of its reddest chamber. These revolutionary comments, delivered in the den of Conservative groupthink, served notice to Harper that, watch out, we’re coming.

Or, you know, not.

A common message coming out of Calgary’s convention of Conservatives is that Harper had better start thinking about his political afterlife. The end isn’t nigh, not yet, but there’s restlessness among the ranks and “hardly a feeling of jubilation.” Such qualified prognostications are natural for a party that’s halfway through a majority mandate and most of the way to a decade in power, and the party would be foolish not to think about someone to follow their leader. Paul Wells writes that Harper might start to feel itchy in the near-ish future, if history’s treatment of former prime ministers is any judge. But don’t mistake that for a forecast. “Here is what I know about Stephen Harper’s future: nothing,” writes Wells. Harper’s a guy who’s spent weeks redefining what it means to be stubborn in the face of criticism. If he’s even thinking about slowing down, he’s given no hints.

Indeed, if this weekend past proved anything, it’s that stubborn men can prolong or resurrect their careers—or, through sheer force of will, ignore any signs of impending doom. Rob Ford, a man who wants to be Toronto’s mayor more than any other human being, took to the airwaves on his Sunday radio show and apologized to the city. He’d curb his drinking, he said. He’d get a driver. But, no matter how many allegations swirl about his alleged drug use or alleged lies to taxpayers or alleged everything else, he wouldn’t step down or take a leave of absence. A city begs for contrition, and it comes only in bits and pieces.

(In the country’s next largest city, Denis Coderre became the mayor. An old-fashioned Liberal who survived the Sponsorship Scandal and even a Liberal massacre in 2011, Coderre now runs a city. With that victory, he proves that people who call themselves liberals with upper-case Ls can still win. Sure, he didn’t campaign as a Liberal, but the party brand is basically etched into his DNA.)

Harper waded through a party convention. Ford talked through a radio show. They’re both men who live and breathe their chosen craft, politics, and survive at it for a living. As each slogs through the fights of their lives, a single truth emerges: politicians who simply don’t surrender, and don’t engage their critics, and don’t admit there’s even a debate to be had, are really hard to beat.


What’s above the fold

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National Post Rob Ford admitted he should make some changes in his life.
Toronto Star Ford won’t discuss the infamous crack tape until it’s released.
Ottawa Citizen Ford repeatedly rejected calls for his resignation.
CBC News The Toronto mayor has demanded police release the video.
CTV News Ford apologized to the people of Toronto for his mistakes.
National Newswatch The Senate scandal hasn’t hurt Harper’s grassroots popularity.

What you might have missed

THE NATIONAL Rail safety. Thirteen rail cars jumped the tracks in an Alberta town just down the line from a recent derailment. A dozen of the cars, which lay beside the tracks near Peers, Alta., carried lumber. The thirteenth, which did not keel over, carried sulphur dioxide. A CN spokesman said the derailment posed no threats to public safety or the environment.
THE GLOBAL Nigeria. A groom died in a weekend massacre of a wedding convoy in Borno state. Thirty people died when suspected Islamic militants struck on a road between Bama and Banki. They showed visible gunshot wounds, according to passersby. Boko Haram, a militant group, has killed Nigerians in the region as part of an effort to create an Islamic state.
THE QUIRKY Vimy. A new advertising campaign launched by a veterans’ group hoping to build a $10-million educational centre beside Canada’s monument in Vimy Ridge hopes to rebrand the country’s 20-dollar note. The Vimy Foundation hopes Canadians will start referring to the bill as a “Vimy,” and the group has enlisted a high-profile group of celebrities to back the campaign.


Today’s news: Don’t bet against Ford and Harper

  1. I think Harper has enough Steam in his personal Engine, and enough agenda ahead of him to fulfill, the real question is, does he want too. Those other guys are young enough to get their swing at the plate. So, its easy to see Harper has another 4-6 years, but if thats about it, he will need to have a whole list of things ready to go, going into his next mandate for the one after if he wants to be the ever ready battery Prime Minister.

    I have no problem with a PM staying PM if he can do the job, and doesn’t run out of Gas. Why on earth would we screw it all up by getting in a rookie when the guy we have knows the ropes and has more rounds in him.

    • ” Why on earth would we screw it all up by getting in a rookie when the guy we have knows the ropes and has more rounds in him.”

      Sometimes, as in this case, “screwing it all up”, can be a good crazy. Certainly preferable to the present crazy.Getting rid of some of that experienced baggage Harper has accumilated along the way is rather the point.

      • Harper has a set of Mason jars with the heads of people that needed to Go, they are in jars, so that change is not needed, house keeping is being done so they don’t need to bring in a new “positive” Crazy.

        there really is no logic if Crazy is your bonus quality. You do realize that this senate thing is minor, and that its basically dealt with, and its the Oppositions job to make it bigger than it is. And its Harpers Job to run the bus over these kind of people.

        you know when your going in the wrong direction if your a Liberal Gov’t who consists of a whole lot of people who should have been run over and where not.

        the causality of Good Gov’t is a certain level of attrition, by admission or by bus. Its when there is no accountability such as with the Liberals that we have problems.

        • The CPC brand is accountability and everyone els’s isn’t, even though they’re not currently in office right now.
          As always it isn’t necessarily the size of the scandal that brings a govt or politician down, it’s the aggregate weight of all it’s scandals x the length of time they’ve been in office assuring everyone who still cares to believe them that, we’re accountable. And, oh by the way, you can’t trust the next guy up to bat.
          Part of what we can’t trust[ therefor we can] about the next guy is the likelihood that they’re already as unaccountable as the incumbent. Sometimes not trusting is a crazy kind of good, if you follow me? Is that crazy enough for you?

    • Oh? And what exactly was Stephen Harper’s work experience before he entered politics?

      He’s a trained economist? Wait, aren’t Conservatives supposed to be suspicious of the intellectuals?

      • I don’t have his curriculum vitae but from what I remember, he worked for Imperial Oil as an accountant I think, don’t quote me on that, and for the LCBO in Ontario, and for the Tax Payer Federation, and the Conservative Party. then for the Gov’t Opposition, then as the Leader of the Gov’t CEO of Canada the Right Honorable Prime Minister, for 6 or so years.

        He has obviously proven himself, winning several elections, managing the country through what really should have been a depression but turned into a deep recession which he squeezed into a small recession, which we barely felt and don’t have perspective on because we didn’t live in other places where they did the wrong things.

        Your message line is wrong, it was the elites not the professionals and hard working people which include people like me who turn their business’ into corporations, and are still the little guy.

        • No, his father was the accountant at Imperial Oil…..Steve worked in the mail room

          And Harp had nothing to do with the Great Recession…in fact he never even saw it coming.

          What he DID do was give us the biggest deficit in our history.

          • Actually, it was a surprise to everyone, otherwise there wouldn’t have been a stock market crash.

            And, what your talking about is his level headed response, to encourage consumer confidence, which is what a PM must do to help moderate huge swings in the markets when the Opposition is telling everyone the sky is falling. (one of the evilest things they could do, but they did it, to try and say Harper’s economic policy is bad, not caring their comments would hurt our people, the economy and consumer confidence.)

          • No, it had been warned about for years….

            LOL Harper screwed up royally, and everyone knows it.

          • Not from what I can see. the only thing I wish he would do is put limits on abortion, to save the children being hacked to death by selfish women.

          • LOL that’s because you’re scuba diving in the kool-aid.

            Abortion as an issue is history, get used to it.

          • Tell that to the 2000 little babies who had their lives taken from them every week.
            2000 hacked to bits and vacuumed up a tube, tossed into a no frills bag and dumped in a toxic waste basket to be incinerated.

          • Actually, you take a pill and expel a fetus…..now move on

          • thats one way. Regardless, it ends up in the trash, some times just cause its a female, or other times cause its not convenient. What if we find you inconvenient, costing too much, or you take up too much room, or the car broke, so , we will end your life. wouldn’t that be tragic? there is absolutely no difference..

          • Not your body, not your business

            And don’t lie about it.

          • A baby is not the property of a Mother, the Mother is a care giver and a given the Obligation to protect, the responsibility to protect. The Product in her womb is the creation of God and two people, not just her, and that Baby, has rights too. Regardless of the selfish words of some women who want to take other peoples rights away.

            My little people was 3 months premature because of My X’s immature selfish actions. I ended up having him on my chest for 3 months after he came home from the hospital, months later, and he was born at 3 pounds. At no point did I say, it was too much, I slept with him on my bare chest every night so he would thrive.

            Now he is 19, works as an apprentice electrician, plays the guitar and is good looking and smart just like his Dad.

            My Dangerous X wife, was treated too nice by everyone, including me, and I tried to hide her dangerous actions. Many women are not nice people, sounds like you might be one of those unloving dangerous ones.

          • Given your name, and your chosen soap box it sounds like you’re a religious nut.

          • Given your comment it sounds like your a bigot.

          • Yup, I’m totally intolerant of primitive superstitions.

          • Look whos calling who primitive.
            Tolerance for religion has been a problem for thugs over the centuries. I thought Canada had evolved to have more cultured people who valued a person seeking after God. I guess I was wrong, your nothing more than a Thug.

            The day I feel bad about Praying, doing good for others, reading my bible etc. is the day this country will go to hell in a hand-basket.

            God has created us, and we should do as he says and learn how to properly live, and your not going to get that from Miley Cyrus.

          • No, it’s been christian INtolerance for any other religion that’s been the problem. Others are pikers in comparison

            You just illustrated that nicely by calling me a thug because I don’t believe what you believe.

            The country doesn’t depend on your praying or reading a book.

            If you want to believe in a sky-fairy, that’s up to you…..but stop trying to force your belief on other people

          • Calling my God, thee God of the universe the creator of everthing the sky-fairy, is ignorant and uncalled for. That type of inexcusable rhetoric should at least be met with a fine of $500. So that jerks like you would shut your mouth and have some respect.

            Such Low brow, bully crap talk is not fitting for Canadians. Christians are some of the most upstanding Canadians in this country, and like any group there are a few bad apples, but you my friend, by your actions/words, are on the bottom bottom shelf of the pathetic. What a totally ignorant thing to say about God. Some one should smack your face.

            The Point is, you can simply say you do your thing, I’ll do mine, but to call what I do a fairy tale is ignorant and uncalled for. makes you the scum of the earth.

          • Oh be serious. Canada has freedom of religion. We also have freedom FROM religion.

            I am not required to support your fantasies and I certainly don’t ‘respect’ your fairy tales from the Bronze age.

          • ISSUES ALERT!

          • you don’t even know how abortions are performed!

            Their is the morning-after-pill, but then there are other abortions to speak of.

            I am not against abortion, but I am against gender selection abortion, as are many other people.

          • Hello Francien,

            please do tell who is in FAVOUR of gender-based abortions?


            the CPC has created an issue they believe will attract votes,
            where in fact this practice is predominately occurring in developing countries.

            if you (or the CPC) have evidence to the contrary,
            please provide the links to Canadian gender-based abortion data.

          • Actually some economists had warned about it for years but were dismissed and abused roundly for it.
            Where Harper can be quite rightly blamed for his financial folly was in reducing corporate taxes and cutting the GST at a time when it was inevitable that a financial crisis was happening. He can also be held accountable as a liar for insisting in a pre-election promise that his government would not run a deficit if elected.

          • You have a bad perspective, you obviously are in the Ottawa bubble or read lines from the Liberal elites about what to say.

            Fact is, reducing taxes is not wrong. Gov’t is the worst at spending money efficiently.

            I will tell you a secret, a high level point that most don’t realize.

            without raising taxes, Gov’t are by the nature of the money system and inflation raising taxes.

            What I mean is, as the Minimum wage goes up, lets say to $20 per hr. all those people then qualify to pay more tax, even though they are at the bottom of the barrel relatively. Because the tax rates are fixed at a dollar amount.

            A 30% raise for someone making $10 is only $3 bucks.
            A 30% raise for someone making $33 bucks is about $10 phr.
            A 30% raise for someone making $110hr, is about $33.

            So, this percentage thing screws over the poor and rewards the rich, so inflation at 2% is a joke, you don’t give high wage earners 2% raises, you give both poor and rich, $5hr. raises.

            Wage disparity is created by this above system where people once made 10cents and hr. are making $20 bucks etc. but the tax rates cause bigger numbers to pay large numbers.

            So really Harper by the nature of the numbers has raised more revenue than ever in the history of Canada, with less taxes. And as long as he is paying lower wage people rather than high paid people, the ratio will work for him.

            its one reason to freeze the wages of people with 6 figure salaries, and raise the Minimum wage by 5 dollars. That would only raise the cost of coffee to 2 bucks, rather than $130, because of the number of coffees a low paid worker puts out, but that same worker could afford a lot more coffee, and get $200 more a week.

            This my friend is the biggest hidden secret known to politics and economics for the little guy. One of the reasons Harper took a lot of people off the tax roll, lowered the GST and the Corporate tax and still made more money.

            Liberals on the other hand over taxed, and had to raise interest rates to soak up the extra money, hurting the economy.

          • Seriously?
            And the bankers had nothing to do with it I suppose?
            Also the tax cuts to job-creators that were whisked overseas and not put back into the economy also has nothing to do with it either.
            As I’m an Albertan, it’s hard for me to be in any bubble let alone the one in Ottawa

          • what you said didn’t make sense. Well it sure sounds like your drinking the Liberals bath water.

            It takes a corporation by law and common sense to operate any size of business. Including big oil. That construct is a tax and law structure. Those business’ make money for sure, and if there is lots of profit, others get involved, to get a bit of the pie and that causes competition and that lowers profit increasing efficiency, lowering inflation. However, there are always risk. And so the Gov’t monitors competition, price fixing and a list of other possible issues.

            Killing business does not create jobs or competition. Tax is always passed down the consumer so, your worry about who is taxed what is misguided.

          • You don’t understand what I’m saying, yet you feel free to dismiss it as Liberal policy. Sound like you are basing your conclusion on make believe.
            Second para – doesn’t address the corporations having tax cuts in order to create jobs here yet not doing that.
            As for taxation, by running a deficit and not paying it off now, we are passing that responsibility on to the tax payers of tomorrow. cutting taxes now is basically mortgaging the future of those who come after us. It does seem that the modern rightwinger loves to spend but has no intention of paying for it, they’ll leave that for others to deal with in the future.

          • I partially agree with you in that we shouldn’t run deficits, BUT, during a recession we should run deficits because of the nature of the money supply and the prescription needed for a recovery. What is more important is that the Gov’t and Bank of Canada work hand in hand, so that action can happen in bulk over a short time, so that the money flips month after month rather than leaking into the economy in dribs and drabs.

            After a recession instead of raising interest rates to sop up liquidity, and tame inflation the Gov’t should and is, reduce size which is a moderating feature like rising the interest rate.

            This whole thing is far more complex than just one tax or one policy.

            Once the effects of the recession are over, the Gov’t could raise taxes only to pay down debt, without using that money back in the economy, so that it would help to hinder inflation, rather than raising the interest rate.

            For sure, I think its important that we raise the minimum wage each spring before new hires, so that people get the largest effect of that money, and so the stronger cycle can take up the slight shock of the change in pay ratios and business costs.

            to me, this isn’t about fighting on the internet over political parties, but I think that we do have a very aware Gov’t capable and on the right track. I wouldn’t change it to legalize pot.

          • Been reading Paul Wells “The Longer I’m Prime Minister”, which recalls an illusory (and ill-advised) cut to the excise tax on gasoline, which also vanished as soon as he became PM.

          • He may hav encouraged consumer confidence, but we have now is consumer debt.

          • I guess you blame the PM for the 100 baby bonus check, and how its causing you to get pregnant.

            When your cheque book doesn’t balance its his fault, when you buy too much its his fault, when you sleep in its his fault.

            You remind me of a person who complains about the next door neighbors Laundry on the line being dirty. Oh, My, who would hand up dirty laundry. Then it turns out when the windows where washed, that the laundry is clean, but the person viewing things is skewed.

            Blame your own debt on your own self.

        • What is this elite you talk of?
          Harper is PM who had a university education and was put on Welfare in many rightwing think tanks and lobby groups until he could get elected. Doesn’t sound like the little guy to me.
          All his ministers are university educated with a lot of them following the same career path as Harper
          I’d call the policy wonk route to a gilt edged pension and a public salary a pretty elitist life path.
          But given your posting name I can understand why joined up thinking is anathema to you.

          • I would agree with you about elite on the basis that whoever is elected, gets a sunshine package far more than most of us, but that doesn’t matter who, even the Opposition get a lot of money for what they do.

            You should ask Harper to define exactly what elite he was talking about.

            about my Moniker, its intentional:

          • I’m sure it is

          • Tell me you still believe in evolution after watching this. I dare you.

          • On my
            That’s a whole new level of dumbth, you’d have to be religious to believe

          • So it’s the peanut butter that is causing mass stupidity…

          • I should ask Harper?
            I’ve written to the trained seal that is supposed to represent the riding I live in and got nothing back.

            If the pros can’t get a response out of our crook in chief how am I supposed to get one?

          • Heck, not sure what your problem is, I write the PM all the time, and have gotten lots of replys, I even get replies from some of the MP’s blackberries.

            Let me give you a tip, don’t be ignorant when asking questions, and give a few Ideas, support the Gov’t and you won’t get get your email sent to spam.

          • “support the Gov’t and you won’t get get your email sent to spam”

            Ahhh. So the peasants running the country will only deign to answer the questions of the lowly elite if the elite lie and pretend they’re part of the 39% that voted for their peasant overlords?

          • Yes, don’t be a compete Morxn when writing or just about anyone will delete it. people are human, not just you. So if you want a response, of course you have to be professional and courteous, something the NDP have sorely forgot.

            Do you even hear yourself talking about Overloads, what are you 3.?

          • Sure, be courteous too. But don’t forget to support the Gov’t. Because being human means tolerating no dissent.

            Let me add a little tip for you: If you’re going to accuse another person of being infantile, make sure you have at least an adult’s grasp of proper capitalization, grammar and spelling.

          • I get help with my English at a university level but it didn’t help. I will always be a bad speller. And I must write 3000 words a day or more, I guess, I should get some kind of counter. but its a lot. My typing has really improved, as has my spelling, but this is as good as it gets.

            I also get really bad, when I have 3 or 4 thoughts going through my head, I just jump to the next one, leaving some thoughts unfinished. So. sorry.

          • Hey, I hear ya. Remembering which words to capitalize is hard – it’s not like doing “Big Bangs Math”.

          • We all have our talents I have several one is not spelling .

          • Conformation Harper is governing for the few.

          • Didn’t you hear? “Elite” no longer refers to societies most powerful – it refers to those who criticize the powerful.

            The CEOs’ private jets converged on Ottawa for a meeting with the Prime Minister. The elites living along the proposed pipeline route were becoming unruly, and the countries rulers and CEOs were becoming concerned.

      • Wasn’t Harper and eCONomist who then trained to be a mail room clerk ?

        • You work magic with the shift key. Magic!

    • The party motto was supposed to be “demand better” not “tapdance faster and faster until not even Pollievre or Clement would buy what you’re selling”

      • thats funny, I wonder which could dance better. Tony likes his music, but Pollievre is a fysty and energetic guy.

        If I was even half as sharp and able as either of them, I would be a happy camper.

  2. I’m not betting – I’m actively working against those ideas.

    I’m a young conservative voter, and I want the end to what both these men represent. I do not value someone who represents themselves as unflappable, and I don’t value those who pander to social conservatives.

    These men don’t represent me, and they in fact offend me enough that I’ll be voting independent this election, as well as convince as many as my peers as possible to do the same.

    • The Fords only represents Crack Nation.

      • That’s only because pot nation was already captured by Trudeau.

        • Yeah, but most Canadians understand the difference between cannabis and crack. In fact many Canadians accept cannabis, as they do alcohol, or caffeine.

          • Wow, great retort. Being Cheech and Chong is a good thing! Great point! Depressants are better than stimulants! Cannabis is better than coca! Great point! Everybody’s got a reefer in their pocket, but nobody’s got a rock!

            Rock beats scissors, scissors beat reefer, and reefer beats rock!

            Drunks and potheads are better than crackheads!

            Go Trudeau!

          • I’m sorry to interrupt, SomeCanFloat, but if you’re going to respond to JF’s comment, wouldn’t it be more effective to respond to what he said, rather than make up a bunch of stuff that he didn’t say?

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Again, wouldn’t it make more sense to respond to what I wrote, rather than responding to your own imagination?

          • I did respond to what you wrote, and once again you’re saying essentially nothing. As usual.

          • just die you useless turd

          • That’s a very progressive response.

          • I gotta say, there is no bounds to the progressiveness of the responses here. If they add all their IQs together they might reach 100, judging by the quality of these progressive responses.

          • and yet you can’t get an ounce of support. where is that majority of Harper fans you keep yapping about.

          • You defend the weirdest people, Bean.

          • std is right… although I think that even an STD is more pleasant than you are.

          • Assertion won’t make your imaginings any more real than unicorns and floating islands.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Thank you so much for your contribution, even though it’s past your bedtime.

          • Just for fun, I’ve looked at your comments, paricularly since you mention mine.

            Here we go:
            comment 1: “god shut up”
            comment 2: … “seriously, shut up, and what the f*ck is this ‘it’ b*llsh*t? are you a f*cking sociopath?” …
            comment 3: “seriously, though, shut the f*ck up” … “shut the f*ck up you skinned knee little b*tch”
            comment 9: “because seriously, you sound really f*cking stupid”
            comment 11: “shut the f’ck up you stupid say-nothing internet poseur”
            comment 12: “women get told they’re basically whores”
            comment 13: your wonderful response to me

            Yep, that’s your contribution to internet discourse. Absolutely wonderful. Good for you.

            Seriously, everything you say is comically stupid and you appear to be unable to speak without swearing.

            Now go away and learn how to say something interesting. Also, try some new words other than f**k and s**t. It may be a challenge for you, but it might help when potential employers google your name and laugh their a**es off.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • I see we have a very progressive bunch of posters on here.

          • Seriously, Ryan Joseph Sandler of Toronto, from London originally (aka Oliver Bartholomew), student at U of T and HB Beale Secondary, you need a lobotomy, despite your impressive education. Can you read a word that long? How many words do you know? 20? Anyway, just print out the word “lobotomy” and hand it to a doctor. You have nothing to lose.

          • It’s idiotic how you use the three accounts, Ryan Joseph, aka std dave, aka oliver b, one where you talk about voting “independent” conservative and another where you act like a neanderthal swearing machine. And then you top it off with your third person, STD Dave, aka Tim Hudakson! Ouch! A gang! I guess the Oliver B account is for your most serious temper tantrum swearing episodes. Ouch! You really got me! Nasty! You even “like” yourself, hitting the thumbs up on your alter egos! Hilarious!
            Here is the part where I call you an idiot while being specific about it.
            Anyway, good luck finding your “independent” CPC candidate. Tell me who it is when you find him.

          • You accessing the Con data base?

          • scf is just upset because his career as a Harper advocate working out of the PMO for the CPC on the taxpayer dime is drawing to an end.

        • That’s odd because one of the possible excuses being touted to protect Mr Bumble was, how do we know it wasn’t pot?

          • Touted by who? You can either reply to what I say, or you can reply to whomever uttered that stupid excuse. If you reply to me, then don’t tell me what some imaginary friend of yours said.

          • No imaginary friend old boy.

            It was Ford’s lawyer, someone who is even a little closer to the big-boy than even sad little you.

            “Ford’s lawyer, Dennis Morris, suggested Friday morning that Ford could have been “smoking a cigarette” or marijuana.”

            Remember it isn’t always about you you sad sack. But it was a possible excuse being touted by those in the Ford camp.

          • OK then, talk to Ford’s lawyer and tell him how stupid that remark was. Who the hell smokes tobacco with a pipe, other than Willie Nelson or Popeye the Sailor Man? Some people might smoke pot with a pipe, but seriously, does it really matter if it’s pot or crack when you’re standing next to a couple of gang members?

          • Do you think he’d take my call?

          • Yes, just hide your phone number and he’ll think it’s Sandro Lisi calling.

        • Are we sure that Ford doesn’t have pot nation sewn up too?

          After all, when asked if he’d ever smoked pot following the JT revelation, Ford’s answer was “a lot”.

        • Nope. Pot nation belongs to Harper who decided to commercialize the industry without decriminalizing it. The ultimate in hypocrisy.

    • Voting independent? What the heck does that mean? There is no “independent party”. If you want Canada to reverse direction and move leftwards, then vote Liberal or NDP. If you want to abdicate your democratic responsibility to choose the best candidate, then don’t vote at all.

      • Or, alternately, I can make a tactic vote supporting someone who’s views I actually find akin to mine,

        As much as I enjoy intellectuallty devoid commentary from people spouting partisan rhetoric (I’ve looked over your comments), somehow, I think I’ll stick with the plan that my Young Conservative group has decided upon – to vote for a non-CPC conservative representative, and make it clear to our separate riding’s Conservative candidates why we chose to take the actions which we had.

        “There is no independent party”? /:D Jesus, dude, that might have been the single most empty statement regarding Canadian politics to have ever been uttered.

        • “a non-CPC conservative”

          Like who?

          Yeah, there is no independent party, you complete idiot, and there are very few independents. So why don’t you point out where these mythical independents are, if you’re such a big genius. Bill Casey? Ronald Macdonald? Casper the Ghost?
          If you write something ridiculously stupid, don’t whine when someone notices. Here you are, claiming you’re gonna put on X at whatever random names appear at the bottom of the ballot, and you’re pretending that’s somehow intelligent. Does this so-called independent conservative have a name? If you actually find one of these rare creatures, will you move to his riding to cast your vote? Are you gonna write down the name of your next-door neighbour on the ballot and put an X next to it?

          • Rathburger perhaps. And I have a feeling there may be a lot more former Con MP’s running as Independents in the next election.

        • You’re kinda like the incredible Hulk or Dr Jekyll! When you get angry, you turn into STD Dave, or god forbid, Oliver Bartholomew, and you start swearing non-stop! Hilarious.

          • And I’ve gotten you mad enough to carry a grudge. :D

          • You say “no seriously shut the f*ck up you dumb rhetoric dispensing f*ckpig”, using a separate account no less, and them you claim that I’m the one carrying a grudge?
            OK, whatever you say.

          • Brother, I’m going through my comment history, and I’m seeing nothing that sounds like that, even on my angriest days.

            Are you sure you’re not just a mad dude making things up? Because it really looks like it.

          • Liar. And you’re not very good at it.

          • No, seriously. If anyone else can find what he’s saying in my comment section, please, let me know.

          • Politely, I’m actually Ryan Joseph, and this whole thing you’re doing here right now is very, very internet. :D

          • One thing is for sure, you’re not polite.

          • :D Looking forward to your following me around for a while!

          • Don’t you think you should delete that other facebook page?

    • Frankly the party of young conservatives is the Liberal Party of Canada. You want a reasonable but still right wing agenda without pandering social conservatives, there’s your vote, my son.

      • I get what you’re saying, but I don’t just want to empower the Liberals – I still have my reservations about the party, and about Trudeau – and I’m much more interested in fixing the party that is actually supposed to support my conservative views.

        And the only way I can do that is as a registered conservative voter, choosing to not vote CPC in the upcoming election. This isn’t a problem you can fix from without – it requires legitimate change from within.

    • No you won’t. You’ll be throwing your lot with Canada’s other right-wing anti-environment party of corrupt crony capitalists – the LPC.

  3. Where did my comment go?

    Pointing out that PM Chretien strangled Canadians and laundered millions of $$$ through shady Montreal associates, while PM Martin ignored confidence votes and bribed oppo MP to save his admin, which makes Harper appear like regular pol does not seem like it deserves censure. The bar for Harper Cons expected behaviour is extremely low.

    • Maybe they objected to the part where you labelled all Liberals nazis?

      • LOL what’s left is just as bad….none of that stuff happened!

      • socialists, not Nazis. The Nazis are just best example of how middle class and socialism go together.

        • Bit late for you to start parsing now don’t ya think? You’ve been flinging the nazis crap around pretty freely. Maybe you ought to wear some of it.

          • The Ottawa Citizen, May 31, 2006:

            “A new biography of the former prime minister, whom Canadians have long been taught to regard as a great liberal politician, reveals that as a youth and young man, Mr. Trudeau was an anti-Semite, admired fascist dictators such as Hitler and Mussolini, promoted revolution and longed for an independent and Catholic Quebec that would be home only to francophones.

            “”We discovered a Trudeau who was remarkably different from what we and everyone else had assumed,” authors Max and Monique Nemni write in their book, Young Trudeau: Son of Quebec, Father of Canada, 1919-1944.

          • Okay, and how did any of this manifest itself during his time as Prime Minister?

            Oh right, we’re now living under a fascist dictatorship, there’s an independent Quebec and all Jewish people have been rounded up.

          • Most young people tend to have a black and white view of the world and an unflinching belief in the correctness of those views. As we grow up people then begin to understand that life is more complex than we previously thought.

            Unfortunately dire times and fear cause populations to look for simple answers to complex problems and to value consistency even in the face of evidence to the contrary. It’s also why faith and religion peak in these times too, for much the same reasons.

            Trudeau did grow up a considerable degree and while not all his decisions were correct, he gave Canada a positive presence in the world and laid a foundation for the prosperity of the individual citizen that is sadly lacking today .

            Or are you saying that you never had extreme views as young person that you changed as you grew? If so I fear you are in the minority.

          • Yawn. That’s all ever you got isn’t it, bits and bobs mostly cherry picked out of, or lacking complete context.
            Nice try, but i’m a little harder to wind up then that, even on a Monday morning. :)

        • That’s odd because I always thought that fascism was the marrying together of industry and the state.
          It’s also telling that many modern neo-Conservatives began their life as Trotskyists, clearly the transition wasn’t too arduous for them given both parties dislike of Soviet communism in practice. So are we saying that modern Conservatism is a good example of how Trotskyism and social conservatism go together too?

    • If you want to be taken seriously, perhaps you should dial back the hyperbole a bit. Most definitions of to strangle include the notion that the act results in loss of consciousness or death. And furthermore, Chretien could, at most, be accused of attempting the act on one, not multiple “Canadians”.

      Chretien had some unsavoury traits, no doubt, but neither of these insinuations is an accurate portrayal of his conduct in office.

    • Well… No. Harper himself set the bar high by promising to be different and to make government transpaent and accountable. He uses those words to this day to describe his government (to great peals of laughter).
      Judging Harper by the standard he himself set he has been a huge failure.

      • I Quote from 5/24/2013 Remember Mr Harper in 2005?

        “There’s going to be a new code on Parliament Hill, bend the rules, you will be punished, break the law, you will be charged, abuse the public trust, you will go to prison” warned Stephen Harper…..

        – Let’s take a trip down memory lane with Harper…

        -Muzzling the Ottawa press gallery

        -Chief of Staff just resigned for corrupt payment scandal covering up for another corrupt Senator….Patrick Brazeau, Sen.Wallin-Gate, Mike Duffy..

        -Bruce Carson’s influence peddling and RCMP investigation,

        -Dean Del Mastro, Michael Sona, and Pierre Poutine.

        Tony Clement funneled $50 million

        -ecoli..Budget cuts to Canadian Food

        Peter MacKay’s helicopter trip:

        Robo-call scandal:

        -Julie Couillard NATO lost document and lobbying scandal

        the reason why Minister Maxime Bernier resigned from cabinet.

        Christian Paradis’ ethics problem:

        -Turncoat David Emerson

        Giuliano Zaccardelli Commissioner of the RCMP(The Arar scandal)

        F-35 debacle:

        Tom Flanagan fired for pro-child porn viewing comments

        -Minister Jason Kenney Caught faking immigration ceremonies on Sun News

        – Enbridge , caught erasing islands in their commercials

        -Harper Gov. muzzling scientists.

        Bev Oda’s $16 orange juice: also hired a car and driver, cost of about $1,000 per day..three-day stay including the room and room service was $1,995

        -Snubbing the U.N

        -Trying to destroy environmental groups

        Missing 3.2 billion…

        -Pissing away millions on Chinese panda bear rentals

        Laws Broken???? Inquiry and criminal charges time , right Steve ?

        -Government of Canada now listed as the “Harper Government” in official communications, of course NOW Harper has reached cartoon levels of absurdity in the amount of slimey, lies, corruption…Worst government in Canada’s history…

  4. I think the real issue is that the Conservative party needs Harper. Every Conservative majority government other than Macdonald fractured in the face of defeat. It wasn’t just that voters abandoned them, but rather, the coalition previous Tories had crafted fell apart.

    In 1921 Meighen was reduced to third party status, with seats in only three provinces.
    In 1935 Bennett was eviscerated (lost ~100 seats), reduced to the small rump of Toronto area seats. The party didn’t win an election again for over 20 years.
    In 1962, Diefenbaker was reduced to a minority. The broad coalition he had forged of westerners, traditional Tories and Union Nationale supporters sundered. He lost many of the second group, and nearly all of the third. A year later he lost power, and the Tories would not see a sustained period in government for over 20 years.
    In 1993, Kim Campbell was also humiliated in the polls, the once-proud Tories reduced to 2 seats. The broad Mulroney coalition was strong – Reform, PC’s and the Bloc won a commanding share of the vote. The problem is that they had fractured into three different parties.

    The Conservative party desperately needs somebody who can keep the disparate factions within the party happy: Harrisites, Soft nationalist Quebecois, Reformers, traditional Tory wets, and business Liberals.

    Nominate an old PC (e.g. Mackay – aside: stinks at French), and the conservative base will lose its furor (and penchant for donating vast sums of money).

    Nominate a reformer (e.g. Kenney), and the soft nationalists, Liberal crossovers and wets will wet their pants. It’ll be Hidden Agenda all over again.

    Nominate a soft nationalist (e.g. Bernier) and the party will have to fight for crowded real estate in Quebec, while ceding its mantle as the defender of Anglo-land from perfidious public purse-pilfering Pecquistes.

    Harper may lose the next election, but the party needs somebody like him (I believe a Harrisite is the natural choice, though somebody like Jim Prentice could have enough crossover appeal) to ensure the Conservative party doesn’t lose the next *generation* of elections.

    • Don’t lump the BQ, or soft nationalistes, into the Tory fold. That’s ridiculous. The BQ have more in common with the NDP, which, not coincidentally, is why almost all BQ voters migrated to the NDP in the last election.
      If there were any conservatives in Quebec, they were in the PC party (such as Jean Charest). A separatist with conservative leanings is an oxymoron. Anybody knows that since the “Quebec model” is largely big-government socialism, that means that separation is an abandonment of conservatism. Theoretically, you could be a conservative and a separatist. Practically, in Quebec today, you can be a conservative or a separatist, but you can’t be both.

      • Yeah it’s a bummer when history defeats your carefully constructed make believe reality. Conservatives generally are very nationalistic and so are the PQ/BQ. Conservatives are traditionalists and so are the PQ/BQ, Modern Conservatives dislike immigrants who they believe pollute their precious bodily fluids and so does the PQ/BQ.
        Walks like a duck etc

        • Yeah, Conservatives wear clothing and so do the BQ. Conservatives breathe oxygen and so do the BQ. My Gawd! Obviously they are the same! Conservatives dislike immigrants even though most immigrants voted conservative. This exceeds your usual brilliance, hair-ball.

          • A fine example of what passes for joined up thinking amongst the knuckle draggers indeed.

            I see tricky ricky is lurking but not commenting either, I guess given his record for making stuff up that is better than him commenting

      • The BQ is the Quebec remnants of a certain political party, mon frere, and the man responsible has the first initial B and his last name rhymes with Bullroney.

        • Hilarious. Mulroney was a leftist separatist. And pigs fly. Nobody in the BQ, and nobody in the PCs, in fact no body in all of Canada, would agree with you.

          • Mulroney wasn’t a “leftist separatist” but Lucien Bouchard was a Mulroney cabinet minister.

          • Yes he was, and that makes no difference whatsoever.

          • Agreed, to a point.

            The only reason I mention it is because it actually IS true that when the Bloc was formed it was formed by a fair number of people who used to be Tories. Which should in no way be considered an indictment of the Tories, but it is a fact.

          • And a fair number happened to be Liberals. Yes, in fact, all of them, being politicians, were already in political parties. The NDP was essentially invisible in Quebec at the time, so the BQ originals were all either Conservatives, who at the time, were the Progressive Conservatives, or they were Liberals.
            The Reform party also splintered off from the PCs at the time because the PCs were not conservative enough, in many policy areas they were indistinguishable from Liberals.
            However, since that time, the BQ has become a mirror-image of the PQ, and that is why they have more in common with the NDP than with the Conservatives, and that is why when the BQ imploded last election almost all BQ voters migrated to the NDP. None of them were conservatives.

  5. Harper and the Conservatives will get another majority in 2015.

    And Mayor Ford, despite his mistakes will also win re-election.

    This is all in spite of the rabid leftist media and their leftwingnutz followers.

    • then both of them will sell out all of you drooling lapdogs and you’ll be too stupid to notice that they did. as long as you can afford your daily double double and a copy of the sun, it doesn’t matter. putz.

  6. The base line narrative for Harperites is always about how someone, or group is cheating “you, mr and mrs Canadian”. Beware that messenger. Be that as it may it is fitting then, the charge against the next evildoer (public servants) be led by none other than G-20 light fingers of, Tony Clement.

  7. If Toronto re-elects Rob Ford after everything it knows about him, than it truly deserves the continued trailer park soap opera it has crafted for itself.

  8. MacKay as Canada’s PM is a punch line to a bad joke. Ditto for “fake citizenship ceremony” Kenney and any of the other Harper clowns who are only in power because of that clod they’ve looked up to their entire careers.

    The CPC is a bankrupt party and the whole thing needs to resign.

  9. I will ALWAYS bet against Harper, but Rob “Hollywood North” Ford is anything else BUT a “conservative” -LoL.
    Comon’ Bobby, come on over to the Liberals, or NDP, we’ll treat you much better than those “stuffed” shirts.

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