Tom Mulcair: Does this man look angry?

The NDP leader joked with reporters during a scrum outside the House of Commons



Tom Mulcair, the NDP leader, has occasionally been described by various political types, particularly his opponents, as “Angry Tom” and “Mr. Angry,” a reference to his apparent temper. We’ve seen a different Mulcair since the Wright-Duffy affair broke in mid-May. The opposition leader looks relaxed, calm and determined during Question Period.

Today, Mulcair scrummed with reporters before QP had concluded. Towards the end, he recounted—in French—his characterization of Conservative attempts to dodge mounting scandals. Having spent a few minutes with reporters, he departed—but not for long. A chuckling Mulcair returned to the scrum when reporters urged him to repeat his answer in English.

Much laughter ensued, as Mulcair played it up for the cameras. The scene served as a stark contrast to the prime minister’s relationship with the Parliamentary press corps.


Tom Mulcair: Does this man look angry?

  1. He should do this more often….very likeable.

  2. It’s the beard !!! – he should shave – he really should !

    • WTF is wrong with a beard??

      You don’t want any show of masculinity?

      • you need to research history a bit – if you want Tommmy boy to win he is going to have to shave –
        Not since Mackenzie Bowell in 1894 have Canadians had a bearded prime minister, and Bowell managed the feat without actually running for the office. The Conservative senator got the nod when then-prime minister John Thompson suddenly died.
        Bowell may not be an inspirational figure for Mulcair. Apart from his dramatic, spadelike facial hair, Bowell’s two-year reign was notable for him being the only prime minister to be forced to resign by members of his own cabinet, which he labelled “a nest of traitors.”
        Charles Tupper’s massive mutton chops almost qualify him as a bearded leader, but his brief 10-week tenure as prime minister in 1896 just wasn’t enough for him to try the full grizzly.
        Robert Borden’s regal moustache during almost a decade in office from 1911 to 1920 marks the last time a prime minister rose to power while sporting whiskers.
        William Taft was the last U.S. president with facial hair, and his single, moustachioed term ended in 1913.
        Pierre Trudeau briefly grew a beard following an Arctic trek during his few months in opposition in 1979, but the lesson he took from that experience won’t comfort Mulcair.
        Trudeau once told an interviewer that philosopher Marshall McLuhan — who famously coined the maxim, “the medium is the message” — had written to him about the beard, providing what Trudeau felt was counterintuitive advice.
        “He said, ‘You’ve cooled your image several degrees’ — which is what I wanted, I suppose, subconsciously because I was in opposition and I was trying to keep a low profile,” Trudeau told the CBC in November 1980.
        “I would have thought a beard attracted more interest, but (McLuhan) had reached the contrary conclusion. And I think he probably was right, because he went on to say: ‘And you can keep that in mind if ever you want to hot up your image again.’”
        It worked, Trudeau recounted.
        “In effect, when I cut my beard off people say, ‘Oh my gosh, Trudeau’s back in politics.’ I was no longer retiring, just because I’d cut my beard off.”
        A clean-shaven Trudeau was swept back into office in February 1980.

        • Men have always worn beards….it is the ultimate in masculinity.

          People don’t vote on the basis of facial hair you nummy, now or in the past.

          • I wonder how hard the Canadian voters will laugh when uncle Tom will shut down the oilsands!

            That will be interesting, bearded or not.

          • Geez, there isn’t one politician running on shutting down The Sands, and that includes Lizzie May of the Green Party! Get with the program.

          • Mulcair will shut down the oilsands if he gets the chance!

            Lizzy doesn’t have a chance.

          • Did you read the above history on the subject? Several History professors have confirmed this is true – leaders in the Western world rarely get elected Prime Minister or President if they have facial hair.

          • Irrelevant, and you know it.

        • But .. but .. what if disappearing the beard takes
          the “angry” with it ? What then, huh?
          The meedja’s all gonna have to re-program the
          whole complete-the-sentence stuff in the word
          processors …

        • Ha! The beard meme is a distraction. Did you happen to notice that most of those bearded leaders never drove a car either?

  3. The “angry” Tom propaganda of the Grits and tories isn’t working!

    • Looks the NDP has been coaching Mulcair to keep his temper under control.

  4. Tom Mulcair looked pretty angry in Question Period today. He was off his game and looked furious that Harper brought up the fact that Mulcair was offered an envelope by the Mayor of Laval which he declined to report for nearly 2 decades. Not a fan of Harper, but Mulcair looked very upset.

    • I think he, like most Canadians, was frustrated.
      Frustrated with a bunch of corrupt liars trying to get away without explaining their actions. Frustrated that people who shouldn’t be trusted to run a lemonade stand have dragged this great country down into the sewer. We’re deep in debt, ignored on the world stage and our PM is regarded as a petulant child.

      While I’m not a party person, I can understand his frustration.

      • “Frustrated with a bunch of corrupt liars trying to get away without explaining their actions” Why would Mulcair be frustrated with himself? He was the one who chose to lie about the bribe for 15 years.

        And I wouldn’t say Mulcair is incapable of running a lemonade stand just because he mortgaged his house 8 times. I would say he’s incapable of running a sovereign nations economy, however.

        • Hah
          Gotta love it when a shill bowls along all offended. There is nothing that Mulcair could do that would damage us as much as the current bunch of crooks and liars that I have seen yet.
          The Harper regime has made promises it had no intention of keeping, lied about every one of its major policy initiatives and deflected or distracted when caught out. Usually this has been achieved with the co-operation of the corporate media.
          This time it’s been too much for even the jackals to stand and the only ones who don’t mind the smell of corruption and desolation are the water carriers.

          • “the current bunch of crooks and liars that I have seen yet.”

            Sums it up nicely, you’re battling imaginary crooks and liars.

          • They’re only imaginary to their mum’s and shills it appears.

  5. Wasn’t the angry stuff based on one incident well over a decade ago where he blurted something out and was sued for defamation. Unfortunate to be sure, but to try to construct his entire public persona around it seems thin.

  6. The facial cues associated with Intensity are often confused with “anger”. I’ve occasionally been told I look “angry” when, in fact, that isn’t the affect I’m feeling at all.

  7. rare execption, hes usually pissed quebec is not its own country

    • He is a former Québec Liberal and a staunch federalist and even attacked personally (and honestly, viciously… one of them had a dying wife) some PQ ministers.

      Either you are confusing him with someone else or you think all people from Québec are alike. That’s called racism.

  8. If it’s anger being perceived, it is clearly justified, because the Conservative government is doing a terrible job.

  9. I propose that whatever the outcome of the next federal election – if Liz May retains her seat, that she be given the environment minister portfolio. Then we can see if the Greens are really up to snuff.