Tories drop criminal-employer ban in foreign-worker rules, baffle stakeholders


OTTAWA – Labour and business stakeholders say they’re baffled by the Conservative government’s recent removal of provisions from its Temporary Foreign Worker Program that would have barred criminal employers from participating.

In a notice published New Year’s Day, the government said its original proposals aimed at employers convicted of human trafficking, sexually assaulting an employee or causing the death of a worker were too rigid and cumbersome.

And so it removed them from its crackdown on those who violate the program, saying other measures will achieve the same end — a safe workplace free of abuse.

The changes, meantime, have left stakeholders scratching their heads.

The head of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business said his organization supported the original measures and weren’t behind the removal.

An official at the Canadian Labour Congress called the move bizarre.

A spokesperson for the Employment and Social Development Department wasn’t immediately available to comment.


Tories drop criminal-employer ban in foreign-worker rules, baffle stakeholders

  1. Whenever Harper Federal CON CON gov. does something that baffles somebody, to figure it out the easiest thing to do is to look to see which rich corporation / company has donated a lot of money to the Con Party; whatever rule is being messed with usually interferes with their obsene profit making.

    TRUE STORY #cdnpoli

  2. Quite simple, if they would have left it in then conservatives wouldn’t be able to hire TFW’s.

  3. Strike one Dimitri.

    • Hehehe . . . perhaps he has some interesting connections in Montreal and Laval . ..

      • And Toronto’s gansta mayor.

  4. Who do you think donates to the Harper Party – it isn’t the legitimate or honest. They are just looking after their own and ensuring the war chest remains full.

  5. I guess some prominent Conservatives fall in “criminal employers” class.

  6. What do you expect when your role model is Vito Rizzutto. Our leader knows organized crime pays. Just look at Rob Ford.

  7. “……causing the death of a worker were too rigid and cumbersome.”

    So, according to the tories, it is okay for a company to kill or injure an employee and then still apply for another TFW! I guess their law and order agenda only applies to Canadian workers and not companies.

    • “it is okay for a company to kill or injure an employee” ??
      What kind of sick individual are you?

      • Did you actually read the whole statement? I think it is the government letting companies out of responsibilities.

  8. Well, now we know why Harper brought in more than half-a-million immigrants, give or take ?, (mostly uneducated) since he first got elected. In fact he’s brought in more than all the immigrants just after after WW2-(atleast that, at that time, was understandable.).
    He has brought in more immigrants than any Gov’t before him.

    First, Harper brought all these in to get their “Votes”.
    The 2nd reason is laid bare here now. Most of these multitude of immigrants nowadays are cheap expendable labour, for all of his “lobbyist”-emplyer/industry buddies, … hence his “looseness” on any Employer reforms,…
    -how sick is that ?

    “…Employment and Social Development Department wasn’t immediately available to comment….”
    -how convenient is that ?
    Oh, and let me guess, the “Ministry of Labour”,…, were also all UNavilable for comment as well? -except for maybe a “scratch a le tete”?

    How many have been employed, only to be let go exactly 3 months later?.
    You see, Harper allows this for Canadian corps/companies, so that “they” can get out of paying any decent benefits,… for those said “temprary”, (starvation-waged), employee’s. There is nothing in place, to protect them at all.
    At the same time, this all makes Harper’s “magic” UNemployement record, that we all read about, look shiny and new, all the time. – mmm, ???

    Was / Is there NOT enough “existing” Canadians out of work ?!

    Harper was, and still is, very unfair to Canadians. He himself is the real culprit of “human trafficing” of many of these poorer immigrants -synonymous with “slave-labour”.
    Harper is therefore a “fenian”, a traitor to our “Constitutional” Canada, or atleast the respected “Canada”, that I was born , brought up, and schooled in.