Trudeau says Liberal culture has changed -

Trudeau says Liberal culture has changed

Too much navel-gazing to blame for the party’s drop in support, says Trudeau


VICTORIAVILLE, Que. – Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says the party’s drop in support in the last 10 years or so can be put down to too much navel-gazing.

Speaking at a party meeting in Quebec today, Trudeau said the Liberals were more concerned during that time with their own fate rather than that of Canadians.

He says that attitude illustrates why the party has gone from 172 seats in 2000 to its current 35-member caucus.

He told reporters he believes he has changed that culture since becoming leader in April 2013.

The party has only eight of the 75 seats in Quebec and Trudeau acknowledged the Liberals have bridges to rebuild in the province.

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Trudeau says Liberal culture has changed

  1. JT will be the final nail in the coffin of the once “natural ruling party”.

    • That’s PM Trudeau to you.

      • JT will never be PM, he only gets to play leader of “da turd pardi”.

        • Yeah, the natural ruling one.

          Nite Billy Bob