Trudeau slams political rivals on Senate reform

Harper and Mulcair are making dangerous promises to score political points, Trudeau said at the Liberal convention


MONTREAL – Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is accusing his political rivals of playing with fire on Senate reform.

Trudeau’s speech to the Liberal convention in Montreal today had scant specifics on economic policy as he instead took aim at the Senate issue, a sensitive spot for the Harper Conservatives.

He said Prime Minister Harper and NDP leader Tom Mulcair are making dangerous promises to try to score political points over public anger with the upper chamber.

Trudeau said Harper is still preaching the need for an elected Senate even though he knows it would require opening the constitution.

Trudeau said Mulcair has out and out promised to open the constitution to address Senate reform.

Trudeau says Senator Mike Duffy is not worth risking another Meech Lake-style constitutional crisis over.

Duffy, along with Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau, are three of the Senators who have been at the heart of the ongoing Senate expense scandal.

Trudeau highlighted the fact that they were all appointed by Harper and used it to counter Conservative attacks that he is too inexperience and lacks the judgement to be prime minister.

”Anyone who put Pamela Wallin, Mike Duffy and Pat Brazeau into the Senate might want to be careful about making judgement a campaign issue,” Trudeau said to loud cheers.

Trudeau initiated his own form of Senate reform this year by kicking out Liberal Senators from the Parliamentary caucus, a move that was decried by the Conservatives and New Democrats as a gimmick.

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Trudeau slams political rivals on Senate reform

  1. Justin forgot to mention Mac Harb, or the Lib senator in jail, or the one that spent years in the south while collecting his salary…Oh, sorry, forgot, there are no lib senators…just senate libs… great speech…full of billions of dollars of vague pipe dreams, promises of Utopia with no clue about how to pay for them…just makes me feel warm all over…lol

    • Actually, I am pretty sure he was referring to Harper’s judgment in appointing Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau, not the judgement of former liberal Prime Ministers who appointed the guys you are referring to and who never made promises of senate reform and then broke that promise by appointing a bunch of flunkies just because they go out and raise money for him.

    • You forgot mention Trudeau didn’t appoint Harb or any of the former Liberal senators. As for the lack of specific policies and how they will be implemented I would like to remind you the Liberals are not in an election period nor are they the governing party. I’m sure when the time is right they will be more than willing to share their platform with Canadians.

    • I’ll take his “billions of dollars of vague pipe dreams, promises of Utopia with no clue about how to pay for them” over Stevie’s billions of dollars of unproven F35s with no apparent clue how to acquire them. Thanks anyway.

    • Yep, he also forgot past broken promises like removing the GST cash grab, Senators with offshore accounts for the purposes of tax evasion, sponsorship scandal and that the Liberals paid Mulroney $2.1M and bought the Mulrouney-Airbus planes anyways with NDP union support.

      Lots of dirt on liberals if you are open minded to see it. You and I do but far too many have weak memories.

      Only results on how we vote is which set of back room buddies gets more of our money for doing less and less for common good. Not one option for less waste, less corruption, less buddy bailouts and inflated contracts….only solution Ottawa knows is more governemtn bloat, more inefficiency and of course more taxes. Just statism greed.

      They even add debt to unborn, something only governemtn can do, put your kids, grand kids in debt even before they are born. No morals, ethics or honor in this. Just statism greed to decieve people out of their money.

  2. Fact is they have been talking of senate reform since 1867 and not one shred of tangible good out of it.

    All say what the people want, but they never deliver. Politicians can lie their heads off for a vote, and will never be accountable to the people. To politicians, its about presenting illusions, deceptions lies for a vote, no skin in the game for their own lies….its all about giving the false perception that bloated governemtn, bailouts, inlfated contracts, money for nothing deals is good for us.

    They take so much from us, provide so little of common good, its all about getting peoples money and doing as little as possible for it. And back room money and media buy us into it….like sheep we vote for a corrupt placatory party that always results in the people who support this country getting less, while government and its bloat gets more.

    There is a reason they don’t teach true economics in school, they rely on people not looking too closely at how all their moneys are spent and collected.

    Want my vote? Give me someone better to vote for than the three corrupt placatory parties of Canada as none of them represent the people who make this country work.