Paul Wells in Conversation: Tim Hudak

Maclean’s video: Paul Wells interviews the Ontario PC leader


If Tim Hudak is elected on June 12, he plans to set an example for municipalities by trimming his cabinet. “I’m going to start right at the top,” he told Maclean’s Political Editor Paul Wells of his pledge to cut 100,000 public sector jobs. “I’ll shrink the size of my cabinet down from 27 to 16.”

In this video, the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives breaks down the numbers behind his million jobs plan.

“I’m confident that we can lead North American jobs like we did in the 1990s,”


Paul Wells in Conversation: Tim Hudak

  1. To balance a short term budget by destroying 1/10 of a million tax producing, economy sustaining family building jobs should be illegal, who do these clowns think they are?

    It has been said that the definition of stupidity is to continue doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

    Job cuts to balance budgets has been an ongoing scenario since the 70s, yet deficits have climbed steadily since the 70s. DING DING! Anyone home?

    Job cuts are nothing more than thinly disguised sabotage of the economy, is that the real intent of a politician?

    • Right Cleargreen, why don’t we go all the way then, and have everyone in the whole province work for the gov’t?

      Reducing gov’t size and spend is an absolute must, and this guy (Hudak) is the only one even trying to achieve that.

      You say…

      “Job cuts to balance budgets has been an ongoing scenario since the 70s, yet deficits have climbed steadily since the 70s. DING DING! Anyone home?”

      …but the fact is there have been no job cuts in Ontario, just more and more gov’t spending…it has to stop.

    • Cleargreen:

      You should update your knowledge of basic economics, and how a government works before you post such drivel. Cleary, you are a net beneficiary of the tax system.

      As for tim Hudak…..sorry timmy. McGinty and Wynne have sold the province to the unions and enviro-weenies. It is going to take longer, and be far more difficult to fix than you are admitting.

  2. Thanks. He didn’t answer the question about how budget cutting will affect municipalities beyond saying they’ll have to make the choices and then reciting his talking point about a smaller cabinet. But clearly the broader public sector includes building inspectors, transit workers, water treatment operators, and others paid out of municipal budgets.

    Methinks there are a lot of details missing in the plan.

    • Don’t you understand that not giving Cabinet positions to 11 members of his caucus is going to be hard for Tim Hudak? And if he can do that then surely municipalities can make major reductions to their workforces!

  3. Is anyone other than Hudak and conservative trolls saying that electricity rates will drop (in any significant way) with the end of subsidies to wind and solar power producers? This seems like a pretty big assumption on which to base his premise that he will lead the revitalization of Ontario’s manufacturing sector.

  4. So that was the hot seat at Macleans!!

    You got em all trembling now Paul. “I’ll face an interview with anybody but please not Paul Wells in the Macleans hot seat. No! No!”

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