Ann Romney: First Lady or trembling virgin?

She missed an opportunity at the Republican National Convention to connect with American women


The Republican National Convention is an opportunity for the GOP to close the gender gap, and convince women it cares more about restoring the economy than controlling their vaginas. Too bad it has already failed. Miserably. Not only because of its recent platform pledge to ban abortions, but because the party’s new matriarch—Ann Romney—gave a speech so old fashioned my grandmother would have gagged. To sum it up, Mitt is master of the universe. Ann would be dead without him. And her fragile teenaged body is a metaphor for the fragile state of the nation:

“He [Mitt] will take us to a better place just as he took me home safely from that dance.” (four score and seven years ago?)

By the end of it I felt less like she wanted us to elect her husband president, and more like she wanted us to marry him.

Thank God polygamy is illegal.

The only women I can imagine who were actually moved by Ann’s speech probably weren’t watching from home or on the Internet, but with her in the stadium. Which is unfortunate for the GOP, because this was supposed to be Ann’s big break; an opportunity to humanize her husband and most of all, connect with American women.

But times have changed, and unlike Mrs. Romney, most women can get along just fine without Mitt.


Ann Romney: First Lady or trembling virgin?

  1. This article is a complete waste of time – instead of spinning her speech, why not report on it? We’ve known for a decade that Mitt Romney (and Ann) are Mormons; which means they have a certain worldview that the author seems offended by. If you think their “old-fashioned” views somehow preclude good governance then explain why instead of just deriding them.

    • I assume it’s because it would give the GOP a patina of respect and attention they in no way deserve.

  2. Emma Teitel, you are a nasty little piece of work, aren’t you??? I assume this is an “opinion” piece and not a “news” piece.

    • just listened to the first 7 minutes – Teitel`s opinion seems pretty spot-on. I m feeling nauseous.. it`s sadly out of touch and overly concerned with establishing some `I m just like you poor people!` credibility. shucks!

  3. She giggled like a sorority girl through the first part… and when she finally settled into a confident rhythm – she lost me again with the nostalgic nonsense and patronizing ‘mom power’ BS!! As the kids say… Epic fail.

  4. Geez, Emma. You and Feschuk are rank amateurs when it comes to Republican H8.

    You’re doing all right on the #WarOnWomen narrative, but that’s just baby steps. I mean come on. How can you consider yourself a journalist without a single baseless accusation of racism?

    Not a single claim that the Romneys are happy to party while blacks are drowning?

    Time to up your game girl. You’ve got a long way to go if you want to earn Gwen Ifill’s respect.

  5. Tepid. Boring. No stage presence whatsoever. Yawn. Palin was a moron but at least she was fun to watch.

  6. Your polics stood out nothing you just came out as a Democrat Supporter BIASED above reproach. First and last contact between us. A Canadian subscriber