Donald Trump receives key endorsement from Sarah Palin -

Donald Trump receives key endorsement from Sarah Palin

Two Trump endorsements—one from Sen. John McCain’s former running mate, and one from Iowa’s governor—come just before the Iowa caucus



WASHINGTON – One of the most polarizing figures in American politics has helped obliterate any lingering chance that Donald Trump might recede to the background before the presidential nomination voting starts in two weeks.

The endorsement of the reality-TV-star-turned-politician by a politician-turned-reality-TV-star, Sarah Palin, was just one of several developments celebrated by the Trump camp Tuesday.

Trump not only won the support of the Tea party star. He also buttered up corn farmers in Iowa. He got what amounted to a de-facto endorsement from the governor of the earliest-voting state. He even got the backing of John Wayne’s daughter.

“No more pussyfootin’ around,” the ex-vice-presidential candidate told an Iowa rally.

“Are you ready for a commander-in-chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick ISIS ass?”

She ridiculed veteran politicians and applauded Trump’s private-sector past — “Can I get an hallelujah?” But her rambling address included applause lines that fell flat — like when she said Trump would use military might sparingly: “Jihadists… Let them duke it out and Allah sort it out.”

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Standing nearby was the Republican front-runner. Trump entertained the crowd at one point by making the pointing-finger-you-are-fired gesture from his old TV show “The Apprentice.”

The alliance of two such political celebrities all but ensures that Trump will continue to receive the bulk of attention heading into the Feb. 1 Iowa caucuses, drowning out the competition including his chief rival, Sen. Ted Cruz.

At face value, the Iowa vote is relatively insignificant. It’s been far likelier in the past to pick a Republican nomination loser like Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, than crown the eventual winner. It awards a small number of convention delegates.

But it would represent a huge burst of momentum for Trump. He’s already dominating polls in the second-voting state, New Hampshire. A win in Iowa, followed by another in New Hampshire, would give him a huge advantage entering a series of southern primaries. He’s now beaten out his neck-and-neck Iowa rival, Cruz, for Palin’s affection.

While derided as a gaffe-prone dimwit by late-night comedians and the mainstream media, Palin has used her standing within the party to draw attention to conservative causes and candidates.

One of her former pet causes — ironically — was Cruz. She campaigned for the firebrand right-winger in his successful 2012 outsider bid for a senate seat.

Some of Cruz’s aides grumbled that she’d betrayed conservative principles by backing a celebrity Manhattanite whose political positions have shifted with the prevailing populist winds.

But Cruz was gracious about it.

“I love (Palin),” the Canadian-born senator tweeted. “Without her support, I wouldn’t be in the Senate. Regardless of what she does in 2016, I will always be a big fan.”

He was less laudatory of the Iowa governor Tuesday. Terry Branstad said he wanted to see Cruz defeated. The reason: The Texas conservative opposes federal support for ethanol fuel.

“Ted Cruz is ahead right now,” Branstad said, according to the Des Moines Register.

“He’s heavily financed by Big Oil… (He) hasn’t supported renewable fuels, and I think it would be a big mistake for Iowa to support him.”

Cruz has cast his position as a courageous stand for free-market principles, against federal renewable-fuels standards that cost consumers and enrich Iowa farmers.

Trump is going all-in on ethanol. He called Tuesday for an increase in the minimum-ethanol content — which polls suggest is extremely popular in the state.

A conservative writer expressed exasperation that Palin would endorse a candidate with such anti-conservative policies.

But Charles C. W. Cooke noted something he’d written a year ago about Palin: that she was less like Ronald Reagan and more like Trump, less about conservative principles than about selling emotion and outrage.

“Fast-forward a year and she’s endorsing Donald Trump — who’s running around the country, rambling, not making a whole lot of sense, and selling outrage and emotion,” he told MSNBC. “I think they’re two peas in a pod.”

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Donald Trump receives key endorsement from Sarah Palin

  1. Laurel & Hardy in the White House. With Sarah Palin’s giant brain and Donald Trump’s big mouth, these two wackos will recreate comedy history! Sarah, a major one-time wanabee has never been able to shed her pathetic grasping of limelight. Donald, cannot live without it so between the two of them America can look forward to some major theatricals. If it was not such serious business, I would have to laugh out loud at the possibilities but right now it is not funny. With the nuclear power button so close to what would be a circus act in the White House, we should all stop and think of the consequences. Sarah and Donald together is a recipe for laughs on one hand but a recipe for disaster on the other.

  2. It’s going to be a riot watching the politically correct and the leftists squirm, squeal and writhe in agony as Trump Makes America Great Again.

  3. Not one of the cheering herd has asked ‘What you will replace Obamacare with once you repeal it?’
    To Sarah of the “remember when the militia lined up to surrender their muskets. Me either” I would like to say remember when muskets shot 500 rounds/min. Me either.
    What will other countries do when Trump no longer honours trade agreements?
    What will the middle eastern countries do when the USA bombs them into the stone age?
    What will the US consumers do when there is no one to work picking fruit or in the meat packing plants because they have all been deported? Americans deserve to have Trump elected president.


    There is a great deal going on in the Iowa Republican primary today. (1) The Governor of Iowa, Terry Branstad has told Iowa Republicans not to vote for Cruz, because Cruz opposes ethanol, an Iowa product that is important to Iowa farmers and jobs for the state. The Governor’s son has put together a radio campaign ad against Cruz, which means the governor has marshaled money and campaign workers against Cruz. (2) Shara Palin, the 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee, and essentially a rock-star in Iowa among evangelicals and Tea Party Republicans, has today endorsed Donald Trump. This too brings money and campaign workers to Donald Trump Iowa primary campaign.

    In Mid-December, only a month ago, Cruz was leading Trump by 10 points in polls for the Iowa Caucus. By January 1st, Cruz’s lead in Iowa had shrunk to 1 percentage point. Today, January 20th, Donald Trump now leads Cruz by 1.1% according to the average of Iowa polls. Its now 15 days from the Iowa Caucus. Governor Branstad in his announcement said these words, “I know he (Cruz) is ahead in the polls right now. But the only poll that counts is the one they take on caucus night. And I think it could change between now and then.”

    Yes, the Governor is right, accept for the Des Moines Register poll (and the Des Moines Register poll endorsed Cruz, so the Des Moines Register is not impartial in their polling), every other poll of Iowa voters now shows Trump back in the lead in Iowa. Neither Sarah Palin nor Governor Terry Branstad would be announcing their support against Cruz unless they thought he could be beaten. Two weeks from the actual election can seem for Ted Cruz like an eternity when his opponent Trump is rising in the polls and garnering valuable support. Winning is easy. Loosing is hard. But it can reveal the character of man who endures it. Possibly we shall now see the true character of Ted Cruz if he does in fact loose Iowa.

    Pastor Burt

  5. Everyones weak but the Donald
    The definition of soft is certainly one of opinion.
    Mr. Trumps girth is not the target of my observation.
    It’s that this man probably never does a thing for himself
    The power of the dollar allows him to point and it is done.
    Whisked from penthouse to elevator to limo to plane.
    Hairspray and pedicures Without servants helpless like a turtle on its back
    I guess Donalds version of tough is hate filled rhetoric.

    I bet that hairsprayed head couldn’t last five minutes in a prisoner of war prisoner camp.

  6. I understand why Trump would drag Palin out in Iowa since she represents the far right Tea Party leaning group within the Republican party. She may appeal to that small core but I just don’t think it will do him any favours nationally. I think Palin would be better served at this point tending to her grandchildren born out of wedlock and trying to get her son who just got arrested for assault with a firearm to make bail.