Donald Trump’s ongoing struggle to distinguish female faces

Can you tell the difference between Sophie Grégoire and Jacinda Ardern? Trump can’t.


During the APEC summit in Vietnam earlier this month, Donald Trump was reportedly confused “for a good amount of time” about who exactly Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand prime minister, was. Indeed, it’s unusual to see a woman—and one under 40, at that—at the helm of a country. One can only imagine that, in Trump’s mind, it made more sense that Ardern was Justin Trudeau’s wife. After all, they speak the same language (Trump could easily have mistaken Ardern’s Kiwi phonemics for a thick Quebecois accent), and are roughly the same age. Never mind that Trump has met Sophie Grégoire, Trudeau’s actual wife, who bears little resemblance to Ardern.

This isn’t the first time Trump has blundered women’s identities. In a press conference in Finland last August he tried to curb a question from a female reporter he thought was monopolizing his time. “Again?” Trump protested when the reporter started her questioning, thinking he had just addressed her when in fact the earlier questions had come from a different woman. “We have a lot of blonde women in Finland,” one of the reporters noted.

WATCH: Trump confuses two female reporters from Finland

Back in January Trump accidentally tweeted his praises for a woman named Ivanka Majic, a council worker and Labour Party member in England, thinking it was his daughter. And then, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in Florida, Trump mistook the whereabouts of his own wife, telling reporters “Melania really wanted to be with us” as she stood by his side.

Jacinda Ardern claims that Trump’s mistake over her identity was simply an observation made by a friend of her’s. But given his track record, it’s not a stretch to believe the mix up occurred. In case there’s still any confusion over whether Ardern and Grégoire are the same person, please see above.



Donald Trump’s ongoing struggle to distinguish female faces

  1. Well, you know……all blacks look alike, all Chinese look alike, all women look……

    Plus, all women sound ‘shrill’….have you noticed that?.

    Hey, while in the woods a lot of men can’t tell a moose from their buddy apparently.

  2. Enough with these articles disparaging Trump I want stories by those two crack reporters you have on staff Stephen “Robo-Calls” Maher and Tabatha “Mrs Foley” Southery..

    • LOL

      Nice hijab Joe…it suits you

    • Oh no. I did not know Maher and Southey are on staff at MacLeans. I was thinking of subscribing, but now have to seriously rethink. Neither is what you would call an objective or insightful journalist.

  3. Yes — yes — yes.
    Obama got the Saudi Royals names incorrect, the Afghan president’s name incorrect and even the mayor of Buffalo’s name incorrect. Did it make the Maclean’s print???

    • Cuz it didn’t happen.

      • Exactly my point Emily. Obama’s name mixing is undisputed, and I only gave a few examples (check all the YouTube video) — but Maclean’s never wrote a story on it. You’re right – Maclean’s didn’t make it happen.

        • HHokum….ho hum

  4. Some people have a bad memory for faces, and I expect that Trump, as the US President, really has to keep track of a lot of people. This does seem like a pretty petty complaint.

    • He has advisers for such things.

      Plus it’s a symptom of autism.

  5. “….Trudeau’s actual wife, who bears little resemblance to Ardern.” Come on now-there both about the same vintage, they both have the same length and colour of hair, the both have similar skin tone, they both have fake eye lashes, and they both have perpetually glued on smiles. So, unless you are prone to stare at and remember what a woman’s teeth look like, this would be an easy and forgivable mistake.

    • Men even drres alike, but Trump doesn’t have a problem with them.

      • My comment HAD NOTHING to do with the way these two ladies were dressed!!

        • Your comments never have anything to do with reality, so mostly I ignore them. LOL

          • You sure spend a lot of time responding to my comments with really stupid rebuttals. LOL When you can’t win your point, you’re like the little kid who stomps her feet and call her parents names.

  6. Fake news.

    Both this article and the linked BBC news story contain substantial contradictions and hearsay.

  7. This story has been debunked. Why is Macleans publishing urban legends?

  8. The bigger reason is that Junior’s wife is a nobody as is the New Zealand’s PM. Trump pays attention to those who count.

  9. Perhaps Trump needs to stare at certain anatomical parts in order to distinguish women? It would be reveiling of how considerate he is to women. But, he did say that nobody is more respectful to women than he is. I guess we can just take his word for it… very likely on the part of a con arti… sorry, businessman. ;)