How Justin Trudeau can win—and lose—in Washington

Evan Solomon talks to pollster Nik Nanos about Trudeau’s soaring polling numbers—and what he can deliver in D.C.


Justin Trudeau goes to Washington, D.C., riding a media wave and polling numbers that make previous governments’ “honeymoon” periods look like divorces. As Nik Nanos, chair of Nanos Research tells Evan Solomon, that matters in the United States, where mustering attention for Canadian issues is never easy.

But after the ball gowns and tuxedos are sent back to the dry cleaners, how do we measure what is a win for Trudeau and what is a loss on this big trip south of the border? Nanos offers his view.

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How Justin Trudeau can win—and lose—in Washington

  1. We are a nation so divided at this time, I cannot recall anything similar in my 81 years.
    The Prime Minister is so far out of touch with the reality of Canada I highly doubt he will ever understand how this country functions.
    The background of Trudeau is such he has never in his entire lifetime completed anything of any substance. He has no knowledge of what is required to raise a family, earn a living, complete education, hold a job, or for that matter how to exist day to day in a so called free enterprise society.
    The shallowness of Trudeau is so obvious to anyone with the capacity to observe his stupidity. lack of common sense together with his immature approach to governance.
    He places gender above intelligence, immigrants above citizens, colour above common sense with his general lack of understanding the world today.
    I am very concerned for our country. We are at a point of no return if this mental cripple is allowed to continue his anti canadian pro muslim attitude. I am so disappointed in the minority of the voters that elected him and his pack that look more like a coffee break at the UN than a federal cabinet of Canada.

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