Twitter prepares for presidential debate

Round 1: Obama vs. Romney, as told by Twitter


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Twitter prepares for presidential debate

  1. Romney is avoisive about cutting the deficit, falling back on GDP growth. The problem is USA gov spending is already low, 1/2 of Europe. Europe has a high quality-of-life and good R+D. Romney isn’t getting some government spending helps present and also some spending helps longer term economic growth, thus forming a future tax base. A lot of services rich people’s kids can afford, are provided by government spending. A lot of future efficiencies too. Some USA military spending invented vast present civilian sectors. So can do more with less in theory. Romney’s private sectors are less labour intensive than Obama’s. I like his Obamacare cap on administrative costs; Hannity didn’t even mention. Romney’s GWB tax-cuts (Obama’s manufacturing subsidies-to-be are labour intensive) and support for coal are his downfall.
    No one knows when USA debt interest rates will rise.

    • I really wish we a had a day labourer in every city. I’m thinking I won’t be dating again. I don’t like Canada anymore. It turned into a GOP country of stupid rich people.

  2. …one of the biggest societal efficiencies is when poor parents have a bright child. Obama can get that kid, from The Ghetto, into society. Producing. Romney and Harper/PCs/CPCs make that child an angry young man someday….

  3. Romney: don’t kill Grover. Grover uses adult homour. I haven’t found my niche yet either.

  4. ….Obama benefitis from economies of scale and lesser administrative costs in making healthcare federal. Romney might believe States use lesser administrative costs, but isn’t true.

  5. ….I was lucky enough to live in a province that covered physiotherapy when I broke bones. This is why healthcare costs are important. There outta be a way to turn nurses into crappy docs, for cdn line-jumping, remote Indian Reserves, and for Americans with past quota-limited # of docs. They have too many specialists and not enough GPs. I like telerobotic and AI (robotic) pandemic treatments like respirators and ECO-machines for bird flu. This is R+D and manufacturing sectors. Not Romney or Harper’s strengths…unless you turn oil into plastic medical equipment.

  6. …Zinc Oxide nanoparticles, at least 12nm small, will last 10 washes in a pandemic, if your water utility isn’t using tough-to-maintain coal supply line. A lot of preparation is telling future China what to manufacture. IDK who is strongest here. Having MEMs manufacture recyclable thermoplastics components and fab methods….that can let the private market prepare for pandemics (usually people will underprocure until one happens).

  7. ….In South Dakota they did biosensor R+D, and Greece does thermoplastic lab-on-a-chip R+D. It would be nice for banks to have an avenue to fund this better. Maybe a risk-pooling instrument, or guaranteed gov procurement (say 1M biosensors floor for best of 10 R+D projects), or more R+D or more D. With biosensors, can learn better when these mini-pandemics happen. Tangential is medical diagnosis biosensors and some MEMs. Generally these aren’t the most profitable industries; manufacturing and R+D and education superior to corporate and income tax cuts. If you know when your CEO has high blood sugar, might want to delay merger talks for a day.

  8. …I was thinking about how leisure time is badly quantified. I thought I was good on 2-3 hrs sleep but am very good with 6 hrs. GDP change lobbyists just use a flat $16/hr to measure volunteer time which is brutal. It is more individual. Some people can take a soldier’s mentality, some have kids, some enjoy small biz and farming stress-free life-style. But Obama’s failed 2011 Jobs Act would’ve hit charities, and Romney’s funding deficit reduction out of economic growth; the latter will take away free time as Americans work longer hours. When I’ve worked two jobs I pay good for a few hours of sleep…there is a marginal curve…for me now my free time is worth more now that engineering is a little easier for me to learn.

  9. …Romney flustered by religion, Obama by healthcare. Romney, spoke of being a healthcare consultant, I wish he’d mention some specific cost-savings and best practises…

  10. Federal school curriculum is huge. It can make American students better than ours in theory. I’m sympathetic to riskier medical treatments for a few. That is more Romney’s position, but you have things like defective hip replacements….I think the problem is USA biz schools got rid of the chain of business. Profits while degrading your market or upstream clients are okay without biz ethics. The pro-manufacturing platform allusion by Obama is big to me. USA (and Germany) has materials science. Canada can’t build biosensors on tax policy alone but USA can.