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What will Donald Trump do for the ‘lock her up’ crowd?

Demands to jail Hillary Clinton rang loudly and unchallenged through Trump’s campaign rallies. Now that he’s president-elect, will he carry it out?

Donald Trump, left, and Hillary Clinton give their respective victory speeches on Super Tuesday. (AP)

Donald Trump, left, and Hillary Clinton give their respective victory speeches on Super Tuesday. (AP)

Jason Markusoff is working to provide answers to some of the most burning questions in the wake of Donald Trump’s historic win to become president-elect of the United States. Read more of his FAQs here.

With the percussive simplicity of a high school football team repeating “go Hawks go,” Trump believers’ chants of “lock her up” rang through rally after rally. Supporters recited the incantation in the New York Hilton ballroom as they awaited Trump’s victory speech. According to CNBC, some Wall Street traders even shouted it as they watched Hillary Clinton’s morning-after concession. But by Thursday, Trump allies had begun to douse those partisan flames.

“Politics are over now. People have spoken. Time to move to uniting the country,” Chris Christie told NBC. “If [the evidence] isn’t as bad as some of the exaggerators think it is, then maybe the best thing to do is forget about it and move on,” Rudy Giuliani said on CNN. One of those back-pedallers could become Trump’s attorney-general, the official that Trump had said he’d instruct to sic a special prosecutor on Clinton over her email saga and what he alleged were “so many lies, so much deception.”

There are two things to remember about this. In the history of post-election recriminations, this is unheard of; this witch hunt would be the most egregious use of special prosecutors since Richard Nixon unsuccessfully tapped one to exonerate his team in Watergate. (Republicans with long memories might recall Obama’s 2009 prosecutor probe of Bush-era CIA interrogations, leading to no charges.) But what’s also unheard of is the fact that a presidential candidate was under an FBI investigation in the middle of a campaign—let alone that the agency would publicly muse about resurrecting its probe in the campaign’s final days. FBI director James Comey would eventually conclude (twice) that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring charges, which means a Trump-appointed prosecutor would likely have to find something Comey’s agency didn’t.

Trump, too, told 60 Minutes he has bigger priorities than proving the Clintons were “crooked.” He didn’t rule it out, but added: “I don’t want to hurt them. They’re good people.”

Congressional Republicans will bid to sate bloodthirsty Trump fans by continuing various investigations. Their committees can name her, shame her, and drag her back to Capitol Hill to testify. But lock her up? They can’t.


What will Donald Trump do for the ‘lock her up’ crowd?

  1. What he said about prosecution and ‘locking her up’ is an impeachable offence in itself…..so I doubt he’ll be trying anything.

    • No it’s not.

    • Emilyone is obviously suffering from a fulminating case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, and is therefore not responsible for her ridiculous comment.

      • Yes, actually it is

        You cannot use the presidency or any other govt position to attack an American citizen just because you don’t like them. Sorry

        You know, you could just look this stuff up

  2. I watched him on 60 minutes. He was trying so hard to be good. But he speaks like a child and not a president. I mean he starts out by trying to sound presidential……saying he has bigger priorities than proving the Clintons were “crooked.” ….but then resorts to his normal speech patterns by adding: “I don’t want to hurt them. They’re good people.”
    Presidents don’t get to opine on someone’s guilt or innocence without knowing the facts (or has he digested all of the FBI files in such a short time) and certainly don’t get to proffer their wish for special treatment for friends.

  3. Don’t forget that the Obama’s despise the Clinton’s passionately. A presidential pardon right about New Year’s Eve would be a powerful condemnation disguised as a favor. Presidential pardons apply even when someone has not been charged yet.
    IIRC, Congress retains the right to overrule pre-emotive pardons, but only in extraordinary circumstances. Should any of the remaining 4 investigations the FBI (plus an IRS probe into the Clinton Foundation) bear fruit after Trump’s inauguration, it will fall upon Congress to deal with it or not.

  4. This is out of Trump’s hands. The whole investigation has gone quiet till the closet islamist is out of office so there is no possibility of a pardon. There is no way in hell the FBI went through 650,000 emails in 8 days. That is reading one every second. NYPD said they were shocked with what they found, they made a copy for the FBI and told them if they didn’t do something they would…….then it got real quiet. Hang in there folks, this is going to get real interesting.

  5. After he is sworn in, President Trump should have his Attorney-General appoint a non-political universally-respected Special Prosecutor. The Special Prosecutor should then convene a Grand Jury to investigate the charges and evidence against Hillary Clinton. If the Grand Jury investigation concludes there is a sufficient case for prosecution, then an indictment should be handed down and Hillary Clinton should stand trial.
    This scenario assumes that she does not receive a Presidential pardon from President Obama before he leaves office.

  6. During President Obama’s 2008 campaign, I recall hearing the chant “kill him!” at Senator McCains rallies. I think the far-right in the U.S. has gone soft.

    • Then perhaps the far-right should take Viagra or Cialis.