December 27, 2013

  1. If the picture of the Pope kissing the statuette of the baby Jesus is not idol worship would someone provide me with a definition of what is? Why would you kiss a statue of your deity if it didn’t have any significance? And if you believe it does, then that is the very definition I was brought up to believe as being idol worship. If he believes that by kissing the statue he is by symbolism kissing Christ, that too is idol worship and by definition is exactly what the Pagans used to do that the Church thought was so wrong. If the Church wants to move forward they have to rethink all their theology into modern times. The congregations are no longer the “uneducated” that take the word of their spiritual leaders unquestioned any longer. We are questioning theology and expect out spiritual leaders to do the same and address our concerns. If you don’t, you won’t have a Church left in a few decades. The highest new members to the Church are in 3rd world countries, why? Because education and literacy is lower. When they reach the levels of education that the rest of the world enjoys they too will question and will leave the Church if their concerns are not addressed. How can the Church be so blind to this fact when so many see the need for change, growth and evolution.

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