West whips up Quebec trade battle over dessert toppings, other oilseed products

Saskatchewan accuses Quebec of imposing improper trade barrier


REGINA – The Western provinces are whipping up a trade battle with Quebec over dessert toppings and other products made by oilseed producers.

Saskatchewan says it is challenging Quebec’s restrictions that prevent certain margarine, coffee whiteners and dessert toppings from being sold in the Quebec market.

The challenge is to be heard Jan. 8 in Quebec City by a dispute resolution panel under the pan-Canadian Agreement on Internal Trade.

Saskatchewan’s challenge is being supported by the governments of Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia.

A ruling by the panel is expected by the end of March.

Saskatchewan Trade Minister Tim McMillan said Quebec’s trade restrictions are illegal under rules that prohibit governments from creating barriers to interprovincial trade.

“Saskatchewan believes in free trade, and our government is committed to knocking down barriers that harm our farmers,” McMillan said in a release Monday.

Statistics Canada said the 2013 canola harvest in mainly Western Canada reached nearly 18 million tonnes — the second record-breaking canola crop in three years.

Other oilseeds produced in Canada include soybeans, sunflowers and flax.

Sean McPhee, president of the Vegetable Oil Industry of Canada, said oilseed producers support the trade challenge.

“Our members look forward to the time when vegetable oil-based alternatives to dairy products can be manufactured and sold in all parts of Canada,” he said.

Quebec’s dairy industry organization, the Federation des producteurs de lait du Quebec, estimates its members make more than 42 per cent of Canada’s dairy products.

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West whips up Quebec trade battle over dessert toppings, other oilseed products

  1. The west has no understanding of either salesmanship or customer relations.

    • And you know this because …..?

      • she doesn’t, she just can’t help but spout off about things she knows nothing about.

    • Quebec has no understanding of open markets.

      • They’re not in one.

        • Exactly the problem here.

          • And they don’t want to be in one…..so threatening and insulting them is no solution.

          • The leadership wants them to be in an open market only in areas where that benefits them.

            But that’s an inherently evil attitude.

            And one that everyone needs to work toward changing.

          • Oh by all means tell potential customers they are ‘evil’.

            I’m sure that will encourage them to buy from you…..not.

          • It’s not the people, but the attitude, and it’s the attitude of the leadership, Emily, not the customers, just like I’ve said, were you to only read.

          • But it’s THEIR attitude….so you HAVE no customers

          • The attitude is that of the leadership, not that of the customers (potential or existing).

          • Who elected the leadership?

          • Who cares?

            They’re not the ones who should be making purchasing choices for the people.

            Surely you;re not naive enough to believe that the incentives and motives of the leadership are congruent with those of the populace?

          • Yes, actually they are.

          • I suppose I should not be surprised, then, at this naivete of yours.

          • Focus:

            In the article it says ‘“Saskatchewan believes in free trade, and our government is committed to
            knocking down barriers that harm our farmers,” McMillan said in a
            release Monday’

            Apparently this is permissible.

            But if Quebec says it doesn’t want to harm their farmers…then it’s not permissable?

            And you think this is going to work as a sales pitch? To anyone??

          • We were talking about the customers, Emily, who are always harmed by trade barriers.

          • That’s YOUR ideology……that doesn’t mean others support it.

            Perhaps they prefer ‘dairy’ to ‘edible oil’.

          • It’s not an ideology, just a reality.

            Not allowing people to buy other products than the monopoly (or oligarchy) ones always increases the costs to the consumer.

          • No, it’s not a ‘reality’…..people have enjoyed protectionism and the growth it produced for years….they aren’t going to toss it out just because some other province thinks they should.

            And again….the point is here….that the west sucks at selling anything. You can’t insult customers and win.

          • So when did you change your mind on free trade?

          • She doesn’t need to change her mind. She is perfectly comfortable espousing two diametrically opposing thoughts, often within the same thread. So we have Emily the free trader raging at a decision to block a takeover by a Chinese entity, and Emily the protectionist raging at the audacity of one province to criticize the trade barriers of another. Both messages are delivered with the same scolding “you’re so stupid” tone we’ve come to expect from her.

          • I find this one particularly hilarious.

          • I haven’t.

            What I said….numerous times now…. is…..don’t insult your customers.

            You guys get sooooo confused.

          • Got to call b.s. on that one. Nobody’s insulting customers. This is merely a request for a resolution under the AIT. SOP. It was a dead Monday and you were bored and you’d thought you’d get something going by throwing out a little dig at ‘The West’. You didn’t anticipate where it would go and now you’re forced to defend protectionism – after years of being a blind cheerleader for unqualified free trade. Well played!!! By the way, Mr. Wherry is away until mid January, so you had better find something to do other than this.

          • You call anything you like honey. Not my problem that none of you Cons can read.

          • Before you go all trailer trashy, don’t forget that everything you’ve said on this subject is a quick google away. I would you suggest you cut your losses.

          • LOL I’ve said don’t insult possible customers. I doubt Google covers that.

            I have also been pro-free trade….like forever. Your reading comprehension is the problem….as it is with most Cons.

          • The subject is removal of trade barriers between provinces, , which only recently you were chastising Canada for being so slow to remove . They have only slowed down our negotiations with the EU and others. The insulting customers was you’re little runaway lane that didn’t work for you. And stop calling me a Con – a quick look at my posting history proves that I am anything but that.

          • No dear….I said don’t insult your customers….and I said that’s something the west doesn’t understand.

            You’ve made up all the rest.

            And yes, you’re a Con. Either that or you’ve had a stroke. Notice your company recently? All Con.

          • If there’s been a stroke…

          • Then you have my sympathy.

          • As you always like to say to others – talk to your family. Just tell them you believe in protectionism now – that should be enough to get the ball rolling.

          • But I don’t dear….that’s your fantasy, not mine.

          • Filing a trade complaint is not insulting your customers. Stop being an idiot.

          • I suggest you read the article.

            A ‘complaint’ is not a ‘sales pitch’.

          • Nor is it an insult. Once again, I must insist that you stop being an idiot.

          • If you want to sell something to someone…..you don’t file a complaint.

            Since there is no more to be said….good night.

          • A. She’s never been a con. B. We, all of us, con or not, can read perfectly well. And you consistently contradict yourself, because you find it easier than to admit you are wrong. When we point out your blatant self-contradictions and basic errors in thought, you then take a swipe at our reading comprehension. If that fails, we are then picking on you because you are a woman. You are as predictable as the sunrise, but far less interesting. Take a break from the internet for a while hon. You desperately need it.

          • But getting a divorce and becoming the Republic of Western Canada and no more Ottawa equalization nonsense is a REAL solution.

          • Let’s keep it real, Dave.

          • Dave, if the West separated I’d be delighted.

          • I don’t know who’s dumber you or some of the good folks who argue with you. You’re just a waste of space. Provincial trade barriers are just as harmful to consumers as international ones. That’s my one and only comment on this subject.

          • I’m glad it’s your only comment, because it’s a dumb one.

            The topic here isn’t whether free trade is good or bad….it’s about not riling possible customers by filing a complaint on them.

          • Man, I’m new here and don’t know your history at all – and I can still see you’re a bumbling mess who’s efforts to cover her contradictions have turned illogical, juvenile, and embarrassing.

            I’m assuming this observation will make me an illiterate Con.

          • Mmm this is a variation on the old ‘Man I used to be a Liberal but after talking to you I’m turning Con’

            Old men, old gimmicks, old lines.

      • And why for 57 years they are still a equalization welfare province and not contributing to Canada. Thing too is unlike the west, Quebec can’t afford to leave confederation.

    • What a weird comment.

      • Yes, but considering the source…. wait! You’re new here, right?

        • LOL…

      • Compared to her more than 11,000 other weird comments? Stick around son. You’ll see weirdness emanating from EmilyOne soon enough.

      • Especially given the subject – she – up until today, been a rabid free trader. Her fav expression – One World!

        • Mmmm no, sorry.

          When you can only remember scraps….you just have…scraps.

        • In a toss up between defending free trade and bashing the West, which one do you think she would choose?

  2. You don’t insult potential customers. The west has no concept of business.

    The posts on here show they have no understanding of this.

    • There’s no insult here to the potential customers, only perhaps to the governmental leaders that are denying those folks the right to be customers.

      • The leaders are elected….and there is no push by Quebecois to be customers.

        • Being elected does in no way reduce their power over the options and choices available to those under their thrall.

          And to find out whether the quebeckers want to be customers we need only offer them the product to find out.

          Otherwise any attempts to claim knowledge about that question are fatuous.

          • Offer, yes. Threaten, no.

          • Heh heh heh… no quebecker is being threatened here.

            Except perhaps by the leadership they elected, and perhaps by the corrupt shadow leadership that seems all too often to have inordinate influence in Quebec policiking.

          • Keep up the insults…it’s the way to win friends and influence people I’m sure.

          • You do seem to have a problem with distinguishing insults from other remarks.

            Or maybe it’s just a propensity to imagine insults where none exist.

          • Am I trying to sell something to a customer? No.

            Are they? Yes.

          • You’d have to buy the Magazine.

          • Why?

          • So as a wine consumer I am really insulted that Ontario wants to be able to give me a better price on their wine. As a consumer I’m really in favour of either high tariffs or product exclusion for things I like to purchase? Give your head a shake.

          • Again, you’re off topic.

          • I’m sorry but you are the last person on earth who should lecture others on winning friends and influencing people. You’ve long ago become a joke on this site. Paul Wells told you as much a few months ago. Back at the 5000 comment mark.

    • What colour is your sky?

      • Blue….but then I’m on Earth.

  3. Just government tax greed as Ottawa has never spent the time to get a US like interstate commerce act that prevents trade barriers and corrupt protectionism.

    But just another reason why we need the independent Republic of Western Canada and get Quebec out of 57 years of provincial equalization welfare.

    We don’t need Quebec like Quebec needs us.

  4. Maybe time to tax and tariff Quebec products to Alberta and BC?

    Oh wait, Quebec only produces cries for free government, free educations and cradle to grave chicken coupe state.

    Maybe a divorce is a better option, support the Republic of Western Canada as to get more of your economic liberty back. We don’t need consumptive Quebec.