What are Canada's most popular party policies?

What are Canada’s most popular party policies?

Our Policy Face-off machine gives us our readers’ top picks


When we created the Maclean’s Policy Face-off Machine during the dog days of summer, a tool that pits two party policies against each other and forces readers to choose between them, we knew our readers would immerse themselves. But we never thought so many of you would spend so much time parsing party policy. Your four million choices, and counting, prove that ideas matter on the campaign trail. We’ve tallied the most (and least) popular ideas so far. The interactive below measures the ideas that prevailed most when put to participating readers. Click on bubbles to Mobile readers should view horizontally for optimal experience.

Party policies that won the most (and least) face-offs


What are Canada’s most popular party policies?

  1. I wish someone would mention the deathly silence from Muslim men on the subject of the niqab.

    I believe that a public discussion, solely between Muslim men, would be much too embarrassing for them. For example, should the conclusion of such a discussion result in “We will allow our wives to do whatever they wish.” then, this will ‘backfire’ as the wives take them at their word because, away from public ears, will be the response, “You know that in public, we must lie”.

    Where are the investigative journalists when we need them?

  2. Talk is cheap, they all are about preying on us, using fear, false home, lies and illusions to use tax man to rip us off. And no media has the guts to examine how ineffective and wasteful our governance is.

    We do not want our women subjugated with Niqabs, Burkas or rights to their womb. We want governance neutral of religion in fact, in presentation and freedom from religion dogmatisms. Kind of rules out all parties as a moral choice.

    We want financial prudence as to not tax us like slaves, debt to the unborn…mentality of governments. We want our freedoms, and government to be effective, efficient, economical and do their jobs with existing laws and no use terrorism as a tool to remove our rights. We want terrorists locked up even though CBC Islam wants them loose. Many of us are tired of media programming us.

    We do not want our wallets used for uncommon good (corrupt) bank, corporate, union and buddy bailout schemes. We do not want a bloated over paid ineffective civil service. What would be news is a section of government that actually works right. So what do we do? Add more marionette MP seats to parliament to increase the bloat.

    Democracy, its a farce, a ruse, all lobby bought puppet MPs dancing to the strings of lobbyists. Our only choice is which party will tax people in hidden and real taxes making less, to support their corrupt corporations, unions and government statism bloat. Hardly democracy, as there are no options that really represent me or my family. I need inflated income to live in tax inflated Canada, and lost jobs too it. Then they devalue our money and pensions, as they screw us over like slaves.

    Canada is not too big to fail, its too damned morally corrupt to save. We are so tax greedy, so brainwashed, we tariff tax healthy food, essential cloths to screw families, poor, working poor, retired and disabled. Sad to say, most Canadian disabled would be better off as refugees.

    So I will spoil my ballot:

    [x] I need better choices.