Where are they now? C-4, the omnibus budget bill

This fall’s implementation act went (relatively) quietly


C-4, the Harper government’s latest omnibus budget bill (see previous reference here and here), passed the House of Commons rather quietly on Monday night. It will now pass the Senate before the upper chamber rises for the Christmas break, but it will apparently then be challenged in court by public sector unions.

The bill was studied by the finance committee, human resources committee, justice committee and immigration committee.


Where are they now? C-4, the omnibus budget bill

  1. *Sigh* Stupid unions, they’ll challenge a democratically passed budget, and lose, just costing the government even more in legal fees. Union’s only care about Canada as much as they can bleed out of this great country.

    • Nonsense. I think that all of us who don’t have any workplace pension whatsoever should be extremely happy about having our tax dollars fund the defined benefit pension plans of unionized government employees. And if we complain about that, then we’re just stupid evil far-right Conbots.