White House uses Quebec mosque attack to justify travel ban

“It’s a terrible reminder of why we must remain vigilant,” says press secretary


WASHINGTON — The White House is using the Quebec City mosque killings to make a political defence of President Donald Trump’s controversial national-security approach.

Though the shooting involved exclusively Muslim victims, a spokesman for the U.S. president used the event to argue in favour of the plan limiting travel from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Sean Spicer began today’s daily White House briefing by saying the president called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, during which he offered prayers, condolences, and any law-enforcement help Canada might request.

Spicer then made this point: “It’s a terrible reminder of why we must remain vigilant. And why the president is taking steps to be proactive, not reactive.”

Later in the news conference, he made it clear he was talking about the executive order on travel.

Spicer was asked about the executive order of a clampdown on travel from seven Muslim-majority countries and he went back to his earlier remark: “As I said in the statement, the president is going to be very proactive in protecting this country.”

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White House uses Quebec mosque attack to justify travel ban

  1. What a dick! Muslims killed by an anti-immigrant Trump supporter (if coverage in other media is correct) who likely saw Trump’s ban as the “green light” to carry out his own plans – and Spicer uses this as a reason why the ban is important?

    The White House may well have Canadian blood on its hands.

  2. They were killed by a white Frenchman. The only way Trumps Policies would work is if we implemented them 150 years ago against white Christians.

    We don’t know his reason, but it is safe to assume the target was Muslims as he targeted the Mosque during prayer time.

    • Oh I get it, he made the comment when he thought it was Muslim on Muslim violence (because they took a person named Mohammed into custody but he was actually a witness). What an idiot. Obviously, he never heard the saying about making assumptions….making an a** out of u and me….

  3. There are alternate facts and then there is straight out bullsh*t. How could the murder of Muslims by a white Canadian Christian validate Trump’s so-called extreme vetting of Muslims from seven countries outside of North America? Sean Spicer is sharing a delusion with Trump. That actually was at one time a psychotic illness in the DSM.