Why the Ontario Premier won’t meet with Mayor Rob Ford

A tale of a city with two mayors


Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has flatly denied Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s request for an “urgent meeting” to talk about provincial compensation for clean up costs after the city’s December ice storm.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday morning, Wynne reiterated a message from her press secretary the day before, telling reporters she would meet with Toronto Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, and not Ford. “I really don’t have time to meet with everyone,” the premier said. “So I need to be strategic about the meetings that I take.”

Wynne went on to say that it’s her responsibility to meet with the person who has the leadership authority on council. That person, she said, is Kelly.

Wynne’s response will certainly add fuel to the fire as the 2014 civic election looms and Ford attempts to establish his place as the legitimate Toronto leader, despite the crack-cocaine scandal and city council’s subsequent decision to strip the mayor of many of his powers during a chaotic meeting in November.

Ford’s initial request to meet one-on-one with the premier came Tuesday afternoon, after a two-day council meeting to decide whether to ask the provincial and federal governments for storm cleanup money. In the end, council voted unanimously to ask for $144 million, but not before a two-day debate over who was really in charge during the December ice storm.

“As the elected head of council and the official representative of the City of Toronto, I have reached out to the premier this afternoon for an urgent meeting,” Ford told reporters Tuesday. “The ball now, is in the province’s court. I am very confident now that they will support the people of Toronto, and the GTA, during this challenging time.”

The city estimates it will cost approximately $106 million to clean up from the ice storm and another $65.2 million to clean up from a heavy rains in July, which caused severe flooding in parts of the city.

Ford’s office responded to the premier’s decision not to meet with the mayor by circulating a portion of the City of Toronto Act that says “the Mayor is the head of Council” and it is the mayor’s role to “uphold and promote the purposes of the city…Council cannot take it away.”

This isn’t the first time Wynne has met with Kelly and shunned Ford. In early December, the premier met with Kelly to talk transit and housing strategies. After that meeting, Wynne used similar messaging, telling reporters that Kelly, not Ford, is now the head of council, so she will meet with him.

Ford, not Kelly, is representing Toronto at a meeting with all GTA mayors in Mississauga on Friday to discuss a unified request for funding after the ice storm. In short: this won’t be the end of the issue.


Why the Ontario Premier won’t meet with Mayor Rob Ford

  1. Well, you can say all kinds of things about Wynne and the Liberals, but you sure can’t accuse them of seeking support from Ford Nation!

    • Yep, Ford opposes waste and corruption. He hasn’t stolen from the people. Real reason they want Ford out is they do not want loose cannons in the dirty deal meetings.

      • Only reason I want him out is that he’s a criminal. He’s also incompetent, but that’s secondary.

        • Do you smoke marijuana.Take drugs…….if so..your a criminal..just saying

  2. Awesome. Unelected premier whose office is under OPP investigation refuses to meet with elected mayor.

    • You mean, crackhead and drunkard mayor.

      • I don’t think Ford is a crackhead….he just tried it when he was drunk. I think he does have issues with booze…however.
        After all…has anyone ever seen a fat crackhead?

        • Ford is a chronic liar who skirts the rules all the time. Council was clearly within their rights to strip him of his powers. Those who don’t like it should lobby the province for legislative changes.

          • You just described 99% of all politicians.

        • Errr…yes. Many people trying to curtail their use of substances like crack, coke, meth, use sugary treats, instead. So being fat? Indicative of nothing, except a resounding inability to curb ones appetites.

        • Thats what Im saying…lmaoooooooooooooooooooo . Not your business if hes a alckie..long as he gets job done.All I care

      • I would rather have a drunk honest mayor…

        … than a sober mayor doing dirty deals.

        Its why back room Wynne and others want Ford gone. No one in the back room wants an honest mayor that might stop corruption and dirty deals.

        • In what universe is Ford “honest” or above “dirty deals”? He lies more than every other politician combined. If he weren’t the son of a rich man who donated a lot of money to conservatives, he’d be in prison where he belongs. The only difference between Ford and others is that his lies (“I’ll stop the gravy train! I’m not a crackhead!”) are simplistic enough that some voters are stupid enough to believe them.

          • why would he be in prison he isnt charged with anything so why

          • He isn’t charged with anything because he’s rich and powerful. Again, I promise you, if I went out and announced that I had been committing crimes (i.e., purchasing crack), I would be arrested for it. Purchasing crack is illegal. He has admitted to doing it. I’m extremely disappointed in the police who seem inclined to let this one slide.

          • ummm…when did he admit ‘purchasing crack’? he admitted to using crack.
            the fact he’s rich and powerful is a reason ‘for’ the police to arrest him, if they had a case against him. he would serve as a great lesson to all that no one is above the law…however, that little word ‘evidence’ keeps creeping back in.

        • Yer funny.

          How about a criminal-consorting, crack-house financing, crack-house using, self-dealing. self-unaware,self-aggrandizing, blustering, ineffectual, lying, lying, oh, and lying too many times to make it to the ‘magical three’, dumb, ignorant, tax-increasing, city-dividing. drunk-driving – was lying mentioned? -, addiction-enabled, police-surveilled, pothole-gazing, small-picture, self-worth-deficient, bigoted, small-minded….

          What? My comma and dash quotient has been exhausted?


          Well, if such an individual existed. you still in?

    • I agree that it’s wrong for her not to meet with Ford. But your elected/unelected comparison isn’t fair, in that we don’t elect Premiers.

    • “Unelected premier”.

      Other “unelected” premiers in Canadian history:

      – Ralph Klein
      – Ernest Manning
      – Don Getty,
      – Ed Stelmach
      – Alison Redford
      – Bill Davis
      – Ernie Eves
      – Frank Miller
      – David Peterson
      – Cathy Dunderdale
      – Brian Tobin…and many, many other usurpers of democracy.

      In fact, 15 of the total 25 Ontario Premiers were what is officially designated as “nter-election appointments”.

      So, next time you use that term, you’ll do it knowing how ridiculous it is. And don’t worry, someone will likely remind you.

      • We only elect MPPs and MLAs and MPs, so actually no Premier or Prime Minister has ever been directly elected anywhere in Canada.

      • Wow, that’s quite the list. You mind if I re-post when the opportunity presents itself on the SUN :)

        • Feel free. It took me about 5 minutes to compile.

      • I noticed a trend in the modern day Alberta premiers who were “inter-election appointments”. Klein, Getty and Redford all went to the polls within 5 to 9 months after being appointed premier to get a mandate to govern from the people of the province . Do you think Wynne will go to call an election?

        • Your premise is as flawed as the “unelected premier” concept, because he party in power already has a “mandate to govern” because they are, in fact, governing. That’s the system.

          • It was not a “premise” but merely a comment regarding what happened in Alberta when premiers retired and new party leaders were elected.

      • No, actually, you are the idiot.

        All of those leaders who implemented major policies were eventually elected.

        Presenting ‘Ralph Klein’ as ‘unelected’ is ridiculously stupid.

        Ralph had long and popular mandate, and was elected many times over.

    • Wynne was elected, but I guess Rob Ford supporters shouldn’t be expected to have an IQ over 40.

      • She was elected as an ordinary MPP. She was chosen Premier by her party, just like every Premier and Prime Minister in Canadian history. No Premier or Prime Minister is directly elected by the people, only ordinary Members of Parliament or MPPs or MLAs or MNAs.

      • She was not elected as the head of her party – your stupid technicalities belittle the rationalization.

        Wynne is *not elected* to her position, this is a fact.

        • From her biography on the Ontario Liberal Party site…

          Kathleen Wynne was elected Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party on
          January 26, 2013. She was sworn in as the 25th Premier on February 11,
          2013, becoming the first woman to hold the position in Ontario’s

          Go smoke some more crack

    • John, nice to meet you! I have questioned who this chick is running around saying she is a premiere…when did the election take place is my question.
      you hit the nail with the sweet spot!

  3. First, meet with police, then meet with Premier.

    • How would meeting with the police help Ford’s re-election campaign? It won’t so he won’t do it.

    • Maybe Wynne and Ford can meet at the police station. They both have ample reason to be there.

      • Wynne has already met with the OPP, and invited them into her office. Ford has been ducking the cops since last may. Slight difference. But you already knew that.

    • for what

  4. It would be extremely disrespectful to Toronto Council and citizens if she were to pander to Rob Ford. Our elected Council was clear. There were consequences to Fords lies and bad behaviour. She has to respect those consequences even if the Fords remain in denial.

    • ford was ELECTED mayor by the people of Toronto not by council and he is still the mayor like it or not

      • Valid point I suppose that goes to bigger issues of how our city is governed.

  5. Whether one believes in Rob Ford’s agenda for Toronto or not…….the fact remains, the guy is not FIT to be the Mayor.
    For my fellow Conservatives…….we need to apply the same standards across the board. If David Miller did what Ford has done, we would be calling for his head on a platter. The only difference of course, is that if Miller had acted like Ford, the media would have ignored it for the most part.
    Doesn’t change the fact that such behaviour has occurred.

    • If David Miller had done what Ford has done, Rob Ford never would have been elected in the first place because the city would have been under competent management. Instead Miller spent like a drunk fool deranged socialist (apparently a drunken fool is most fiscally competent than David Miller), and the people were forced to vote for Rob Ford if they wanted the city run properly.

      • So domestic abuse and crack addiction are completely fine as long as you also blurt out occasional incoherent lies about how well you’re running the city? Taxes are still going up. He hasn’t saved the city one penny. Even before the proof of his crack, we knew enough about his history of domestic abuse, driving under the influence, etc., that he should have been in prison long before he was elected mayor. Thankfully, I don’t think anyone who’s dumb enough to think that Rob Ford is fit to be mayor is also smart enough to vote for him again. You have to be literate, make an X, etc.

  6. Just more evidence of what a twisted person Rob Ford is, to try an “turn the tables” on Wynne/Liberals by making her out to be the bad guy in this issue. Clearly, he is slimy and underhanded to the nth degree, trying to win public sympathy over this ice storm tragedy, the very same one where he felt 300,000+ people left without power in the freezing dark right at the Christmas season was not an emergency, because she has the class and dignity not to meet with his vulgar personage since the large majority of council has made it abundantly clear he is not fit to lead or represent them. Why the emergency now?

    I hope the province refuses altogether or says something to the effect that as it wasn’t an emergency, they’ll need to think about it, but would first like to see the city of TO cough up that 50 million Ford says he can find “no problem” before considering the request at all.

    • It does not concern that a ‘council’ has the right to strip a duly elected official of his/her powers. I may have missed something, but, I don’t recall a legal statute wherein he was deemed incompetent/incapable of running city, within the bounds of the Mayors powers.
      You do realize this will actually allow for more freedoms and stacking of a council. Essentially it could lead to a council being made up of ‘the in crowd’ and any who object to the collective will be terminated.

  7. 100% behind the premier on this. If Rob Ford wants to be treated like a Mayor, he should have acted like one. Too bad, so sad. Consequences Rob. Something you should have been taught a long time ago.

    • Wynne is unelected.

      She has no business running the province.

    • Ontario does not have a Premiere.

      • No, it has a democratically elected Premier. It seems Ford nation is extremely slow both mentally and physically. The original comment was posted three weeks ago. Try to keep up.

  8. Is Wynne meeting with Joe Fontana, the Liberal Mayor of London, ON who’s under investigation for defrauding taxpayers? Oh, right. They’re both Liberals under criminal investigation. They probably have a weekly standing meeting.

    • a., what “criminal investigation” is Wynne under?
      b., there’s just no comparison between Fontana, who’s under investigation, and Cracky, who cheerfully admits to having committed various crimes.

      If anything, Wynne is playing politics and pandering to Ford’s moron supporters by letting him remain in office in even a titular fashion. If I held a press conference to admit to crimes, I’d be imprisoned, as Ford ought to be, but the premier doesn’t want to offend the handful of people stupid enough to want a crack addict as mayor, so she sits on her hands. Remember when Mike Harris spent the ’90s randomly ordering school board trustees’ power usurped just because he didn’t like their politics? Wynne easily could, and should, remove Ford, but she’s trying too hard to be conciliatory, and she’s sending the message that crimes like Ford’s are okay.

      • Oh yes, how noble of Wynne to “allow” for the democratically elected mayor of Toronto to stay in office.

      • holy yogurt…I really have to question where you get some of your disinformation and how it is you have allowed yourself to believe it. you truly are one of the peoples who believe, like the press, that a person is guilty until proven innocent. in the same manner that our judicial system must look at each case from the standpoint of letting the ‘evidence’ lead you to the conclusions, the press start with a theory/conclusion and rework everything to fit the foregone conclusion.
        Wow…Mike Harris even…dude, you really do need to get out from behind blogs and look at ‘actual events’, not interpretation.

  9. Wouldn’t it be easier to make a list of who IS willing to meet with Rob Ford?

    • Check the police blotter.

      • A meeting with Rob is easy to arrange. There is a park with a tree where he likes to pee.

  10. Is there a major bridge somewhere in Toronto that Wynne can have blocked off?

  11. It’s simple. The reason Wynne won’t meet with Ford is because she’s more interested in playing politics than she is with actually helping Torontonians.

    Ask yourself this: would it be possible to meet with both Ford and Kelly at the same time? Why doesn’t she propose just that? Because she’s playing politics is why.

    • If she were “playing politics”, she’d meet with both. (why risk offending the dunderheads of Ford Nation, who, presumably, vote?) However, any smart, busy business person doesn’t waste their time meeting with flunkies, who have no power to make decisions.

  12. Sounds more like Ford is to honest for Wynne NWO governemtn bloat.

    Got money for politicians and union wages increases, but no money for honest poloticians that do not steal from the people.

    Ontario needs to find a better parties than statism placatory Lib/NDP/PC Part idiots. None of them represent the people. Tax you like slave, then they do not want to give even a bit in return.

    The ruse of democracy.

    • So you’ve never attended a school, seen a doctor, walked on a road, or had water come out of your taps? Poor Dave, getting nothing – not even a bit! – from the government. Clearly, the only solution to this is to put more crackheads in power.

    • Thanks for using “NWO” so early in your post. Saved me the bother of having to read further.

  13. Lessee … Mr. Harper meets Mr. Ford … mmmm … Ms. Wynne
    won’t meet Mr. Ford … mmmm .. Mr. Harper won’t meet Ms. Wynne ..
    well, mebbee if Ms. Wynne meets Mr. Ford, MR. Harper will meet
    Ms. Wynne.
    Maybe Neil Young will invite everybody to the high school prom, eh …

  14. I was hoping this article would be more informative and I’ll probably catch help for saying this as I did earlier today when I put the question to a few people–is it possible Wynne is acting out of spite given Ford’s repeated blowing off of the pride parade? I think deep down that has to play a part in her obvious dislike towards Ford. She can give all kinds of high-minded excuses why she won’t meet Ford but I really don’t believe any of it. Given that Wynne is a McGinty Liberal and Ford is a moron these two so deserve to hang out with each other.

    • Yes, I’m sure. A smart, powerful, competent woman is being mean to Mr Ford, because he didn’t come to a parade.
      Because refusing to waste her time with someone who doesn’t have the power to make any decisions, is just crazy and unbelievable, right?
      Good gawd…what are you? 12?

  15. I don’t think we have to worry about Toronto getting the money it needs for their clean up because there is no by election in any Toronto riding!

  16. Perhaps the money will clean up his nose and increase LCBO sales as oppose to cleaning up the streets – Wynn has an issue with that!! I personally think a full scale revenue audits needs to be done that there is no misappropriation of City of Toronto’s funds and if that’s clean perhaps the Mayor can stay in the office – look at all the issues the Mayor has?
    Again with the major ice storm does the Mayor really want to clean up the City or does he want to go Skiing in the SNOW? Pun intended!

  17. Given that Wynne spent a lot of time from that perv from OISE (same organization she belonged to) you would think meeting a guy who only hurts himself wouldn’t be such a big deal.
    What’s worse….getting drunk, and smoking crack….then lying about it…
    Being the guy in charged with teaching our kids, and getting caught making, distributing, and engaging in child porn? (If you want to see the perv’s intentions for kids….just look at the current curriculum, or the curriculum that McGinty had to cancel due to the outrage of parents. It’s the same curriculum, that Wynne wants to bring back.)
    If that is a hard question….there is something wrong with you.

    • Better hope your anonymity holds, there, James. You’ve just produced a textbook example of libel.

      The fellow you’re referring to has yet to have a day in court, and you’ve convicted him. Best hope he doesn’t notice you.

      • The truth is a defence against libel….
        And I think the reams of evidence the RCMP currently hold will be my defence. The fact he hasn’t been in court yet is of little importance.
        Unless of course, the RCMP just go around making stuff like this up. In that case, I would certainly apologize….but so then, should SUNTV, the CBC, CTV, and global…who have all reported on it.

        • They’ve all reported on it. Go read the storied. See the words “alleged’ peppered through them. Bow read your post. Your choice of language has him convicted before trial. That’s because they understand the law in this case, and you don’t.

          And truth is only a defence in a libel trial if YOU can prove it, at the time you made the claim. You don’t get to stand up in court and say ‘See! I was right” if he’s convicted. That’s really, really not how it works.

          Good lord man, you can’t actually be this stupid.


          • Oh…I think I get it now.
            If it is someone who leans Conservative, whether a Senator, MP, or a Prime Minister…..the word of the media is enough for a conviction, and people are entitled to write about it.
            If however, the perp is a Liberal, or a Liberal Connected friend….we have to wait until a Conviction.
            Thanks for clearing that up.

          • No. Libel doesn’t have a political party.

            Not even a good try.

      • Please note……..
        I did not include any names…so who have I libelled?
        Care to provide a name to the person who my comment describes….I can’t recall it offhand.

        • Please note…you keep changing what your defence is. Won’t work. Also, you don’t have to convince me. You may have to convince a civil court judge.

          • Any judge worthy of wearing the robe would throw it out well before it saw a courtroom. I don’t see any name attached to any comment…..so my defence hasn’t changed a whit. I’ve simply made a few MORE points..that you still ignore. Because you made yourself look like an idiot….you are trying to change the tone of your posts.
            As most judges, unlike you, are looking for an actual instance of libel….. I’ll ask you again;
            What is the NAME of the person, my post above describes?
            (can’t do it can you? but at least you know why)

  18. Taxes are going up, Ontario!

  19. One of those two leaders is elected.

    The other is not.

  20. Ummmmm…did I miss something??? When was there an election??? When did Ontario get a Premiere??? Last I remember, McGuilty quit.!!.??.. Am I wrong? There has not been an election since McGuilty quit, so why is the headline stating something about the premiere of Ontario?