Earth smashes heat record for 16th month in a row -

Earth smashes heat record for 16th month in a row

NOAA monitoring chief Deke Arndt: ‘The needle has been shoved all the way over into the red by greenhouse gases’

A scenic view at twilight of Sunset Beach on the West End's waterfront, English Bay, Vancouver, B.C. (Bayne Stanley/CP)

A scenic view at twilight of Sunset Beach on the West End’s waterfront, English Bay, Vancouver, B.C. (Bayne Stanley/CP)

WASHINGTON — Another month, another global heat record smashed.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Tuesday said August’s temperature of 61.74 degrees was .09 degrees warmer than the old August record set last year, and was the 16th consecutive month of record-breaking heat. NOAA monitoring chief Deke Arndt said it was also the hottest summer, with 2016 on pace to smash last year’s record for the hottest year.

August 2016 was also 1.66 degrees warmer than the 20th-century average. It was the fifth hottest month of any kind recorded, going back to 1880. Six of the 17 hottest months on record have been the summer months of 2015 and 2016.

The June-through-August summer was 2.18 degrees (1.21 Celsius) warmer than the 20th-century average and beat the old summer heat record, set last year, by one-fifth of a degree (0.11 Celsius), NOAA said.

“The needle has been shoved all the way over into the red by greenhouse gases,” Arndt said.

NOAA’s announcement came on a day when 375 members of the National Academy of Sciences, including Stephen Hawking and 30 Nobel laureates, released an open letter urging American leaders not to pull out of an international agreement to curb global warming.

Organizer and MIT climate scientist Kerry Emanuel said the scientists wrote the letter in response to the Republican party platform that rejects the Paris climate agreement reached last December. The letter said presidential nominee Donald Trump’s advocacy of withdrawing from that agreement would “send a clear signal to the rest of the world: The United States does not care about the global problem of human-caused climate change.”

Pulling out of the Paris accord, Emanuel said, “will accelerate our head-long plunge into a riskier and riskier climate.”

“Everywhere we look we see signs that the climate really is changing,” Emanuel said. “We’re getting wake-up calls more frequently and we really have to do something about this.”



Earth smashes heat record for 16th month in a row

  1. Utter and complete nonsense. First, the ‘data’ from these government agencies have been so manipulated and altered to be meaningless.

    Secondly, the ‘earth’ was the hottest? Hardly – certain spots on the earth may have been hotter than in previous years, but that is all. The earth is a huge, huge surface area with many, many different temperatures – so saying the earth is hotter is just silly. I know for my own location, there have be few if any heat records broken – I think I saw one or two during the summer. But most of the hottest days were still in the early 1900s and mid-1930s.

    This is fodder for gullible journalists who have no science background and little if any math backgrounds, but need something to write to fill their quota for the day.

    • Extraordinary claims of data manipulation (by all major government agencies and scientific bodies, no less) require extraordinary evidence. Plus: its not just the temperatures – the signal of global warming is in ocean heat content, sea level rise, Arctic sea ice, glaciers, and snow cover (to name just a few).

      And mean global surface temperature is the metric being examined here. With credit to John Oliver, basing your conclusions about global warming on temperatures in your neck of the woods is like saying that “world hunger is over because I just ate”.


        Science operates on hypotheses. There are often consensus. There was a consensus on what caused ulcers until a lone Australian physician suggested a bacteria called H. Pylori was the culprit. He was laughed at and demeaned because he was a lone wolf. They his hypotheses was proven correct. Scientists should always invite alternate theories and the opportunity to test there own theory. They should invite curiosity. Why was it raining every day in Calgary this summer, breaking records while there was a drought in Halifax? Can we hope to do anything to really stop this warming when the biggest emitters on the planet (and I don’t mean per capita) are ramping up and we use 5000 products made from petroleum including every medication on the planet, your sneakers, your computer keyboard, our PM’s kayak and canoe. Australian scientists are saying human-caused global warming began 150 years ago with the industrial revolution. We have to stop treating people who are curious as poison, stupid and foolish. Science is all about curiosity. It is right to ask questions. It is also alright to be sceptical of pat answers and ask more questions. We just found out that the information they gave us about the correct diet to follow….low fat and low protein was incorrect due to a mistake in reading the data and led to an epidemic of obesity. We also learned that Tylenol is not really that safe of a medication and they are intending on lowering the recommended daily dose because of liver damage. People are very sceptical of big pharma but not of big science. Science is a money making business as well. Consultants are very well paid. True science is an ever changing phenomenon as new knowledge through testing and studies. We know this because of how the technology advances in the gadgets we all love. Most of those gadgets are made with petroleum. Will people give them up? It is funny how they blame the providers of fossil fuels but don’t see themselves, the consumers of the products as driving the demand.

        • There’s no evidence that man can do anything to stop global warming trends (man-made or otherwise), yet that doesn’t stop people from advocating for carbon pricing and further economically crippling sanctions. These people think they are saving the world, but we will see just how strong their conviction is when they lose their jobs.