Netanyahu says Israel faces prolonged campaign against Hamas

‘What is coming will be worse,’ Israeli military tells Hamas


GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is warning his country faces a prolonged campaign against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

That’s as the Israeli military urges residents in parts of the embattled territory to evacuate ahead of what appears to be a broadening of the three-week war.

The military is leaving phone messages targeting Gaza militants saying that quote: “What is coming will be worse.”

The fighting has already killed at least one-thousand and 50 Palestinians, 52 Israeli soldiers and three civilians on the Israeli side.

A Hamas spokesman struck a defiant tone in response to Netanyahu’s warnings — saying the threats do not scare Hamas or the Palestinian people.

Earlier today, the United Nations called for an “immediate” cease-fire, but the two sides remain far apart.

Hamas wants Israel to ease a crippling blockade, while Israel wants to see the Gaza Strip demilitarized and Hamas stripped of its rocket firing abilities.

The Israeli military reports nine soldiers died today in two incidents.

A strike on a Gaza park killed 10 people today, nine of them children.

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Netanyahu says Israel faces prolonged campaign against Hamas

  1. Israel is going to be very sorry it thought this was a good idea.

  2. yeah yeah…we know Emily.

    Israel bad….terrorist good.

    Glad to see you picked up something at University.

  3. Yes, I agree, the Israeli PM should go after Hamas, and stop this massacre of innocent children, I am a white non-Jewish Canadian who doesn’t see the world through rose colored glasses . It really bothers me whenever I see an adult body on the news in a conflict zone with its head blown off, but it really, really bothers me when I see innocent young children suffer the same insane fate. When are the liberals going to step up and start speaking of these atrocities. The opposition parties may end up being on the wrong side of history on this one, after the dust settles, and if it settles, their may be possibilities of war crimes committed here. Harper can dig his own mess, I don’t care as long as he don’t take Canada with him, but I would really like to hear a more balanced approach from progressives on this conflict.