Obama readies sanctions against Russia

‘We are considering a whole series of steps,’ president warns Putin

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

President Barack Obama said the Russian president faces diplomatic and economic isolation unless he ceases his his violation of Ukrainian sovereignty, and vowed to make Russia’s military incursion into the Crimea “a costly proposition for Russia” through sanctions.

“If in fact they continue on the current trajectory they are on, we are considering a whole series of steps – economic and diplomatic – that will isolate Russia and have a negative impact on Russia’s economy and its status in the word,” said Obama this afternoon after a meeting in the Oval Office with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Secretary of State John Kerry and Vice President Jo Biden were also present.

Potential economic sanctions include freezing assets of Russian individuals, revoking visas for foreign travel, and suspending forms of economic cooperation. Already, the U.S., Canada and other G-7 countries have cancelled their preparations for a G-8 Summit that was to the be held in Sochi, Russia “He is not going to have a Sochi G-8,” said Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday. “He may not even remain in the G-8 if this continues.

Obama said today that if Putin is sincerely concerned about the rights of ethnic Russians and Russian speakers in Ukraine, he should not send troops into the country, but instead enlist the assistance of monitors from international organizations such as the United Nations or the  Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, to ensure “that Russian speakers, Russian nationals are not in any way harmed, abused or discriminated against.”

Obama said he delivered that message personally to Putin in a telephone conversation.

“What cannot be done is for Russia with impunity to put its soldiers on the ground and violate basic principles that are recognized around the world,” said Obama. “I think that the strong condemnation that it has received from countries around the world indicates the degree to which Russia is on the wrong side of history on this.”

The president also said the U.S. would offer a package of economic assistance to the Ukrainian government which is facing an economic crisis. Kerry is scheduled to travel to Kiev Tuesday to meet with Ukrainian leaders and to offer “specific and concrete packages of economics aid – because one of the things we are worried about is stabilizing the economy in the midst of this crises.”

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Obama also called on the U.S. Congress to make authorization of aid to the Ukraine its “first order of business” when it returns after a snow day this week.“There should be unanimity among Democrats and Republicans that when it comes to preserving the principle that no country has the right to send in troops to another country unprovoked,” Obama said.

In Kiev, Kerry plans to meet with senior representatives of Ukraine’s new government, leaders of the country’s parliament, and members of civil society, according to the State Department. The Secretary will reaffirm “the United States’ strong support for Ukrainian sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, and the right of the Ukrainian people to determine their own future, without outside interference or provocation.”

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said sanctions are “likely” unless Russia removes its troops from Crimea. “It is likely that we will put those in place, and we are preparing that right now. So we have a broad range of options available. As you know, we’re looking at the best way to hold people accountable,” she told reporters today.

The U.S. is encouraging Putin to back down before the situation escalates, she said. “President Obama has made clear to President Putin – that even as we reject and condemn the action they have taken, that there is way out of this situation. The way out of this situation is through direct dialogue with the sovereign government of Ukraine, the pull back of forces, the restoration of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and to make use of the tools of international organizations like the UN, like the OSCE, to address any concerns that anyone may have with regard to the current situation in Ukraine.”

Meanwhile, there was debate in Washington among members of the U.S.  Congress about how far or quickly the U.S. should move.

Republican senator John McCain blamed the Obama administration of emboldening Putin as it cut back U.S. military spending, and stood back from other international hotspots such as Syria and the Arab Spring.
“This is the ultimate result of a feckless foreign policy where no one believes in America’s strength any more,” McCain said over the weekend. He said Putin was attempting a “return of the Cold War” and to “restore the Russian empire.”

He reiterated the point today. “What kind of a message are we sending when are slashing our military?” McCain said on CNN today. He called for sanctions against top individuals in the Russian government, and to reinvigorate military cooperation with countries along Russia’s borders. “When people say we can’t do much, I don’t agree,” he said.

Meanwhile, the top Democrat in the senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid, struck a more cautious not, saying the U.S. should move slowly and only in concert with the Europeans. Reid said Congress should let the situation play out for “a while” before trying to impose any new sanctions on Russia.

“The most important thing is for us – the United States – to make sure that we don’t go off without the European community,” Reid told Politico. “We have to work with them. Their interests are really paramount if we are going to do sanctions of some kind. We have to have them on board with us.”

With Washington, DC in the grip of a snowstorm Monday, U.S. government offices were closed in the capital, votes were cancelled on Capitol Hill, and most lawmakers stayed home.

In Ottawa, Putin has managed to unite the House of Commons:

The government had shunned opposition parties from its official delegation to Ukraine as that country faces Russian intervention and possible conflict in Crimea. But today, as the western world reacts in haste to Putin’s military intervention, the House stood together.

Maclean’s correspondent Michael Petrou is in Kyiv and filed this report earlier today:


Obama readies sanctions against Russia

  1. LOLOL that Obama and Kerry can even say such things with a straight face……

    • Arrogance of power corrupts Obama/Kerry. Hopeful their terms end before they cause a war to hide their debt fraud.

      Pumping the war drums happens every time someone wants to look at the trillion dollar debt spend on NSA+CIA+military.

      • Afghanistan, Iraq…..Obama is trying to get the US out of war

        • Yup…and what were the US finances after Clinton?
          …a hell of a lot better then today…a hell of a lot better then when the Conservatives…sorry Republicans, I get confused easily…hard to keep them apart.

          But oh my god…he got a bj…Conservatives are still jealous…except that our right wing boys swing the other way…hmmm….still jealous.

          Conservatives run up debt…Liberals pay it down…and try to fix the mess.
          History always repeats itself.

          • Cons and Repubs are very big on sex….who, what, when, where and how many times?? LOL

            They don’t seem to think about the economy, hunger, war or vets living on the street….just sex. Weird.

            Maybe they don’t get any, so they talk about it a lot.

          • Totally agree…but if you look at their leadership…old, white, out of shape bitter men.
            Jack Layton pulled the same stunt…small dick syndrome.

            I believe Paul Martin’s legalizing same sex marriages is one of the best things Canada has ever done. (I have a beautiful wife and 2 sons). But…and this is a huge but…
            The world is conservative…Harper and Kenney try to woo the conservative immigrants.

            But yet many of our Ministers are gay…it boggles the mind. Thats cool….but what do you think Putin thinks of them….of the Canadian gov’t….SFA. Realpolitik.

          • Yes… I’m tired of the world being run solely by angry ole white guys. US Sunday talk shows are majority white male….yet only 31% of the US population is white male.

            I don’t think the world is conservative….not by a long shot. We’d never have had any revolutions or new inventions and ideas otherwise

            Yeah, many Con ministers are gay…..I’m guessing a lot of SoCons haven’t figured that out…..I mean some of the things SoCons SAY are mind-boggling in their ignorance and naivety

            Putin likes Canadians on the whole…..calls us ‘the people across the lake’ [Arctic ocean] but he doesn’t like Harper….apparently scandalized Harp some years ago with his dogs.

            Actually we could have a great relationship with Russia….we’re both big, northern, white, hockey players with oil, gas and lots of other resources…but nooooo, we act like the Cold War never ended. Peter Mackay even shrieked, and had to be calmed down!

          • I totally agree…let the attacks begin.
            Sadly I understand Putin more then Stephen Harper.

            Obama has done all he can…to screw our Tea Party…the rest is up to us.

          • True….I don’t know what the Repubs were thinking of to let the Tea Party have any say in things…..but Canada can’t talk, as our original conservatives let the nutbar Reform party take over.

            Birds of a feather…..!

          • Hmmm…but yet the Ukraine crisis is a perfect diversion from the “Fair Elections Act”

            John Baird brings the Nazis up. Excellent. Harper really stepped in it now.

            So now…all Nazi comparisons are fair game.

            Ok…Enabling Act of Germany 1933…all bureaucrats lose power…power transferred to Minsters. Sound familiar? Do some research on Goebbels..and what he preached.

            Here we are…

          • Baird has obviously never heard about Godwin’s Law.

            People we’d like to do business with….deal amicably with over Arctic oil….and Baird is comparing them to Nazis! Russians lost over 20M people to the Nazis!

            I don’t know where the rightwing ever got it’s reputation from for business and economics….they haven’t a clue about it.

          • Yes they have….please understand…that is the right wing way. Accuse others of precisely what you are doing is their raison d’etre. Canada needs to understand many of the posters on our sites are American Republicans….gotta go…ciau.

          • Kay……good talking to ya. Ciao.

          • If Reformers ever took the religious crap out of their party, I would have supported them more.

            Conservatives need to find real conservatism without the religious dogma.

          • Well Reform was purely religious dogma….still is.

            They’re very big on smiting.

          • Putin has more public support than does Harper. I agree with you, Putin is a true nationalist, Harper is a statism corporate/union/bank welfare puppet tot he back room.

            Even this 38 year conservative has turned his back to the Conservatives. Nothing really conservative about former Young Liberal of Canada Harper.

          • They all run up debt. And now since Obama its out of control as Obama, but he end of his last term is on track to have debt spent more than all presidents before him combined.

            A perfect way to destroy America from the inside out.

        • How come after over 5 years we are still there? 5+ years of talk and no action.

          I don’t judge politicians on how their lips move, I watch how they walk. It was a wise quip from my grandfather, and so true. Never take a politicians cheap talk and lies as what they are up to.

          If Obama really wanted them out, it is one signature away from happening. But hey, its about BSing the people. Reality is Putin has far more public support of his constituents than does Obama with his constituents.

          Obama just talks too much and does so little. His feet do not follow his words. Lets just home Obama isn’t insane enough to stoke this up to WW III.

        • Been over 5 years Obama talked but hasn’t delivered on getting out of Afghanistan and Iraq. How long does it take for Obama supporters to realize Obama is a false promise kind of guy?

          • He is withdrawing Dave….it takes time. Lots of equipment to be packed up and shipped out……and you can’t have all those troops arrive home at the same time. Give it a rest Dave….the man has had 5 years packed with problems to fix.

            Blame Dubya for causing all of them….but give Obama a break.

  2. obama will be remembered for his telephone calls and red lines, but no action

    • It might take a few years, but Obama will be remembered in time as the largest debt spending president in history having debt-spend all those presidents before him combined.

      A war of convenience to cover this up might be what Obama wants.

      • Simply not true.

      • You are a fool.
        Obama has cut the Bush deficit in half.

        At what point does one ask if your hatred…and others…of Barack Obama is because he is black?
        Your economics comments are bullshite…so which is it smart guy?

        • Smoke some crack. While true Bush started the bailout bonanza, it was well under a trillion, and the day Bush left Office the national debt was $9.7 billion. Today, its closer to $18 billion. Will have doubled before Obama leaves office.

  3. “What cannot be done is for Russia with impunity to put its soldiers on the ground and violate basic principles that are recognized around the world,” said Obama

    I guess Obama hasn’t been paying attention, because what he’s stating “can’t be done” has in fact already been done.

    Reid said Congress should let the situation play out for “a while” before trying to impose any new sanctions on Russia.

    Sure, take your time. No hurry or anything. It’s not like McCain is exactly right and that Putin will just see that as further weakness. And heck, if the Europeans are willing to abandon the Ukraine in their time of need, why shouldn’t America do the same?

    It seems to me that Obama’s long term strategy for world peace is to surrender everyone and everything until there’s nothing left to fight for.

    • And if you sat behind the big desk in the Oval Office, what would you do?

      • Find a young intern.

        • Yep, Bill wants a second crack at it so Hilary might run.

      • 1) Slash NSA/CIA/military spending in half this year, and more to cut later. No reason to spend more than the other 25 nations combined.

        2) Every department and employee will need to jstify their jobs in real tangible value or make the job redundant. Target is to downsize government by 50%. You don’t need 27 separate housing departments, collapse to one. Big rationalization toward effective, efficiency and economy going to be added to DC lingo.

        3) Move troupes out of Afghanistan and Iraq, time to learn to stand on their own or fall back into medieval times. Forget adding PTSD to so many for nations of ignorance.

        4) Start a dialog with Russia and China, designed to eliminate terrorism with a world wide plan and in a way that isn’t politicized but is actually effective. Give them no place to hide.

        5) Make for more open government. Want something “top secret”, better have a good reason that goes beyond cover ups, waste, and deception. Would probably open up 99% of government files, uncensored, wide open, anything older than 5 years. No 50+ year waits.

        6) All programs must show tangible needs and tangible results or they get canceled with the rest of the money for no results programs of dependency that have accumulated for over 50 years.

        7) With all the cost reductions above, can lower taxes so people have more money to spend on each others jobs.

        But I likely would be shot first, but I would try. Going up against a trillion dollar/year NSA/CIA/military will take courage, perseverance and honesty. Like peeling a rotten onion, one layer at a time.

        • Did Ricky O. deputize you to speak for him?

    • Good…finally a responsible politician.
      Go screw Cuba some more if you need to be a tough guy.

      Leave the rest of the world to adults.

      • We in the west have been brainwashed by US politics. Here is a real summary that isn’t politically corrupt enough to make it to American text books on history.

        USA with DC support let mafia run Cuba. Mafia didn’t pay taxes for schools, water, sewer nada, used Cubans like salves, including their women. Made the locals so disenchanted with America, mafia and its corruption they had a revolution to the opposite extremes.

        Kicked the mafia out and Las Vegas was created. Mafia operated there for years before any LE was arresting anyone, probably exits there today to some degree. Yep, Las Vegan town of sin city was created because Cubans kicked them out.

        Cuba vulcanized to its Castro as corrupt DC politicians persecuted Cuba for booting out American/mafia interests. Placed santions in place today even though almost everyone from the era is dead of old age. Bay of Pigs too, another US invasion of other countries for greed and corruption. Russia offered them a hand for decades, and they took it.

        I am no socialist/statism supporter, but I sure can see why Cuba did what it did. Even I rather live under Casto-socialism than a corrupt mafia statism slave rule as I know my daughter would not be used like a sex slave. US should have never let Cuba be so abused as it wasn’t “American” soils the whole mess could have been avoided.

        Really, there is a more correct viewpoint that isn’t “American” about what really drove the Cuba situation. And its more correct than the American political view.

    • Obama isn’t a clear honest thinker. Obama’s fame comes form having the golden mouth a yapping. All talk, no action.

      Too bad Obama wouldn’t declare war on deficit-debt spending and mean it. He could fix America’s problems if he tried.

  4. Freezing assets is a good start and hits the only people that have any influence in Russia. Governments should move on this quickly before the kleptocrats have a chance to liquidate and move more of their money to Dubai.

    • Not really. USA/IMF has blackmailed enough that they just are ticking off a lot of countries. No trade with enough of the world wills ink USA for sure.

      Good for Canada though, American business will just operate out of Canada and employ us. My first job out of college was driven by this. Was able to get a home down-payment large enough o avoid CHMC fees in no time.

      US would probably block trade with Asia if they could politically get away with it. But imagine a Government Union Electronics manufacturer selling a inferior $7000 iPad or $10,000 PC? No more cheap goods would have citizens in a bad way towards government politics.

      Media doesn’t disclose it but USD is rapidly losing its “world reserve currency” clout. Many countries no exchange without using USD and carry reserves in larger amounts in Asia/Chinese Yuan that is a much more stable currency. More wealth is now denominated in Yuan than USD. Asia is now the largest trade block int he world, and will not be long before the Chinese economy is larger than the USA.

      USA is a failing empire, slowly depreciating economy from bailouts, debt, corruption and wastes. A US currency chart, and note the currency interest rate fraud and money print for debt no one buys preceds the Great Debt Fraud Depression of 2006-20xx.


      Yes, I just said the US Fed and US Treasury debt/currency fraud caused the depression/recession. But its not politically corrupt enough to sell the truths.

  5. Obama will do what Eisenhower did in 1956 when Hungary was invaded…..nothing

    Obama will do what LBJ did in 1968 when Czechoslovakia was invaded……nothing.

    • EmilyOne

      2 months ago

      ???? The stock market has done nothing but rise this last year, all
      wars are deflating, Repubs are shooting themselves…..Obama is doing
      just fine.

      • Yup….and the stock market will go up again. Think of this as a ‘buying opportunity’

        Obama is doing just fine

        • You should move to Moscow and become a full time Putin cheerleader.

          • LOL 7 billion people in the world Billy Bob….get over yourself.

          • The world is overpopulated emilynone.

            Don’t add to the problem.

        • Yep, but driven by money inflation. A good aprt isn’t really a value gain, but value retention. Fiat money is a depreciating asset and has no guaranteed value, its value is NOT immutable over time.

          If real inflation goes up 11%, you get 1% taxable income from a mutual/bond or other money fund, then you lost at least 10% value even though you made money.

          This is a negative value tax inflated economy of debt fraud. It is going to fail someday, just not today. As an investor, I do watch for signs this bubble is going to pop….

          Think, 10 cent lower value money from par is (1.00 / 0.90) 11% inflation to you, next lettuce from California will cost 11% more, as will all foods, appliances, building materials, GST/PST, autos, Bombardier aircraft engines, Heinz tomatoes and sugar, Kelloggs feed stock and other companies laying people off.

          But hey, as a society we love ignoring reality. Reality always wins in investing. If you have an accurate perception, you win. You dream on economics types have to work for wages as your irrational ignore reality skills do not serve you well.

          • Do you ever think of anything else but money?

      • Driving gains with currency depreciation isn’t a value gain. GDP up 2% and the value of money down 10% is faux gain.

        People are well conditioned to think money has immutable value. Makes it easy deceive them. Its why a relative jobless recovery and a low worker participation rates to make unemployment look better than it really is.

        Isn’t to say I don’t invest, in fact I do. Even offshore. Best way to preserve wealth is not stick aropund too much money to depreciate like the CAD has, depreciated (1.00 / 0.90 ) 11% on the USD in the last year, and (6.10 / 5.53) 10.3%



        Pretty bad when a Mexican peso gains value on the CAD too.

        1000 ounces of gold for $35,000 in 1971 is worth 1000 ounces of gold at $1,500,000 CAD and gold is gold, unchanged, but money so devalued as a inflation tax we love to ignore.

        Fiat money is a depreciating asset. With interest rates below inflation, Canada and USA are negative value return economies of debt. Its why Ottawa worries about offshore accounts, you get better VALUE returns elsewhere.

    • I was there when the russian tanks rolled past our cottage.
      The parallels are erie. Czech land was about to go democratic…then the Soviets could not allow that…such thoughts and actions could spill over to the home country.

      As it is today…in the Ukraine.

      • The US invaded Iraq….does that mean they’ll invade Canada next?

        • There is no fear of us becoming democratic…so no, we should be safe.

          • LOL well they’ve invaded us 5X before, so I don’t trust them.

        • No need too. NSA has all the dirty information needed to control our political system. Its why we so dogmatically stick with the defective F35 program when even the US Navy isn’t going to sue F35s any time soon.

          There is more than one way to control a country. If US-UN-Saudi can’t convince you, US-IMF will turn the debt screws on you, if that doesn’t work US-NATO will try to bomb you or CIA will support terrorism to upset you.

          Fact is Canada is a sub-nation of USA. Imagine the hurt we would have if USA banned Canadian imports?

    • Just look at the countries USA has bombed, covertly screwed up with CIA, killed and turned upside down since Korea.

      Vietnam, Bosnia, Somalia, Libya, Syria (terrorist support), Afghanistan (Russian occupation terrorism, occupation today), Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Rwanda (and do nothing for 800,000 genocide), Congo, Sudan….and who initially trained the al Queda and Taliban? USA of course. Russia/China never lost focus on who the terrorists were.

      Biggest source of terrorism money in the world is from Saudi and UAE. Yet USA protects them.

      And USA Obama is upset as Russia moved into Ukraine to install peace and didn’t use the CIA or bombs?

      Forgive me if I refuse the gulp of BS propaganda Kool-aid coming from Obama, or is that Adolph?

      • I agree the US has a long murderous history. They have always been at war with somebody…..sometimes it was us.

        And yes, it’s absurd for them to complain about Ukraine after all that

        But things have changed if people even notice that!!…..so don’t go blaming Obama’s 5 years with over 200 years of American history…..and don’t be comparing him to Adolph. That’s just silly.

  6. LOL…US’s bombing of IRAQ
    to smithereens, killing hundreds of thousands, under false pretences, thousands
    of miles away – then turning to Russia and telling it “you violated
    International Law”…

    • And what did “so damn insane” do before that in Kuwait?

      And to his own people?

      And what about the Kurds who were attacked with nerve gas?

    • “false pretences” (sic)?

      Did you miss the 1991 Iraq invasion of Kuwait?

      • But yet Saddam was America’s favorite dictator for a decade.
        Where do you think he bought the toys to gas the Kurds with?
        Hypocrisy has no bounds…and that is why the US has no credibility left.

        • And that’s your justification for Putin’s actions now, in Syria(gas) and propping up Iran?

          Putin promotes terrorism.

          • No…I was responding to Scot.
            Justification? I don’t have or need any.

            Syrian gas…? Proof the Russia had anything to do with it?

            Russia promotes terrorism?
            So does America…the coup in Ukraine was a terrorist act.

          • Move to Moscow with Emily.

          • Such a witty comeback.
            McCain has been mentally unstable for years. Him and Vlad would get along great.
            I would do the exact opposite of whatever he states.

            Putin needs us to get sucked into it…like most Republicans, he needs a boogieman. The Russian economy is a mess, he is desperate for a distraction…I hope we don’t give him one. Let him flail about on his own.

          • If it were not so cold and my wife would too, I would consider it. Lived in 4 countries so far.

            Once you have lived out of Canada long enough, you know what kind of sad joke our governemtn influenced media has on us. Macleans isn’t as bad as they often have more facts and less political messaging, but CBC is a dripping wet propaganda machine.

            Sorry Canadians, the earth doesn’t’ rotate around Baird and Canada. There are 200 times as many people outside of Canada most do not have input to our media.

          • The coup in Ukraine was a terrorist act?

            Right, the regime of the former president jailed political opponents, committed murder and stole billions from the Ukraine.

          • All true, so what?
            We killed 200, 000 in Iraq.
            We destroyed Lybia, and helped establish the fanatics.
            We helped overthrow the democratically elected gov’t in Egypt.
            But yup, Vladimir Putin is the antichrist.

          • …and I am not defending Putin…but the sanctimonious hypocrisy of some makes me ill.

          • You made me throw up in my mouth, a little.

          • Especially from our politicians who like bombs more than people.

          • Prove it.

            All you’ve done is post your uninformed opinion.

          • Any reading of the news would show that 100s of thousands have been killed in Iraq, Libya is a mess and AQ fanatics are infiltrating the country. An election was held in Egypt and the West did undermine that government by supporting its opponents, just as the West undermined the democratically elected president of the Ukraine in recent weeks. These are all easily verifiable facts and should be known to anyone wishing to make an informed comment on this topic.

          • Makes me wonder if CIA has operatives in Ukraine?

          • I wouldn’t doubt it.
            The funding to some of the very nasty right wing groups that formed part of the coalition that overthrew the previous corrupt bunch has to have channels to get there. If it isn’t Langley then it’s probably Langley via Millbank.

          • Libyans THEMSELVES were BEGGING for western intervention.

            Remember that?

            Show me where the west supported the Muslim brotherhood.

            How did the west ‘undermine’ the Ukrainian president?

            “hese are all easily verifiable facts and should be known to anyone wishing to make an informed comment on this topic.”?

            Spoken like someone backed in to a corner.

            If it’s SO easy to verify, then provide that ‘verification’.
            If you come back a dn say ‘Do it yourself”, then I’ve BUSTED you and you’re squirming to get out of it.

            Will you ever stop blaming the west for EVERY problem in the world?

          • SOME Libyans were begging for help I’ll agree, just as some Iraqis were begging the West to invade and that in no way explains away the fact that both countries are a mess. They are and fundamentalist groups are more powerful now than prior to our “HELP.”

            As for the last little ranty part, you are not exactly Mr Current Affairs are you Captain Capitals?

            “It was confirmed by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland that key organizations in Ukraine including the neo-Nazi party Svoboda were generously supported by Washington. And I quote Victoria Nuland: “We have invested more than $5 billion to help Ukraine to achieve this and other goals.” That refers to a period extending from the 2004 Color Revolution to the present. And there is ample evidence of Western support – both covert support through intelligence ops as well as diplomatic support through the US State Department and the EU of course.”


            That’s one source are you needing more?

          • So which is it?

            Crucify the west for intervening (Libya), or crucify the west for NOT intervening (Syria)?

            Explain why the Middle East is ALWAYS a mess?

            Are you going to blame it on the West?

            That’s awfully convenient.

            And not the least bit over-simplistic.

            Compared, to you, YES, I am “Mr. Current Affairs”.
            I’m also “Mr.Historical Reference”.

            You should try reading up on the past events of the region.
            It’ll give you the proper perspective.

            Global Research?


            You should vet your sources….

            I need something credible.

          • But that regime was democratically elected. Using your logic all those who disagree with current corrupt regime ruling by diktat and closure in Ottawa could be thrown out, should enough people gather on parliament hill.

            After all anger at the debt they have racked up and the perversion of the Elections system to ensure they remain in office is pretty rife amongst a majority of the population. Not to mention the supporting of lieing in the house and the corruption of the Senate.

            Careful about the precedent you wish to set there… wingnutz never think long term.

          • LOL!

            Are you actually saying that Russia, Syria’s ONLY ally and supplier of arms, not to mention the location of Russia’s ONLY naval base outside of Russia, didn’t assist Syrian in making CW’s?

            “…the coup in Ukraine was a terrorist act.”?

            Prove it.

            Using your flawed logic, then the ‘coups’ in Algeria, Egypt, Syria, etc. were ALL terrorist acts.


          • Yep, and terrorists needs guns and money. The main sources are Saudi Arabia/UAE and US CIA.

            Last I checked, terrorists don’t make AK-47 and M16 munitions and guns. Take the guns parachuted into Libya, then the show up in Algeria, Congo and Kenya terrorism.

            Note how media NEVER reports who funds them and who supplied the weapons when terrorism occurs.

            You really want to save lives, maybe we need government gun control. After all, most of the worlds murders and killings from guns are made for governments.

            But media is often about propaganda. One think I love about a free and open Internet is the truths do tend to leak out even if it takes years….. Its harder to suppress the truth today than it was 50 years ago.

          • Wrong again dave000.

            You’re confusing the Syrian rebels who started the revolution, and the terrorists who crept in.

            When was the ‘last time you checked’?


            NOTE, you’re not reading the proper information sources, if you only rely on ‘the media’.

            “Government gun control”?

            What in the world is THAT?

            You’re confusing nation gun control with international arms dealing.

            “One think I love about a free and open Internet is the truths do tend to leak out even if it takes years….”?

            Is that what you thing the internet provides?

            That’s sad to hear.

          • Actually the gas came form American protected Saudi Arabia and UAE. There are videos out there if you want to look past the western political propganda.

        • So? Times change.

          We used to be enemies with Eastern Europe, and now they’re NATO allies.

          He did NOT buy “toys to gas the Kurds” from the Yanks.

          If you bothered to do some research, you’d know it was dual use technology and materials that the Iraqis bought.
          Even then, most of it was purchased from France and Germany.
          A fertilizer plant can be changed over to make phosgene and mustard gas, within days.

          Hypocrisy has no bounds, and it looks like ignorance has the same quality.

          The US is fine. It’s Obummer that has no credibility.

          • Your Obummer comment shows your mental capacity.
            As you would say, prove it. Your comments are your opinion…nothing else.

            Crimea is exactly what the US of A did in Cuba.
            Man, this winter sucks…blame Obama.

            Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Iran, Egypt, Chile, Cuba, Iraq…just a few examples where the great US of A destroyed countries and set up death squads to back their puppet dictator.
            Hypocrisy…that be your mirror pal.

          • Yes, it does.

            You’re jealous that my ‘mental capacity’ is far, far larger than yours, as I always demonstrate.

            Take a history class.
            You’re muddling the facts.

            Go read up on Fidel Castro and the Cuban Missile Crisis, teh Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Hungary and Czechoslovakia.
            Then move on the the South African war in Angola.

            Ignorance….that be your mirror pal.

        • So was Osama Bin Laden like Saddam … USA trained. Osama was even Harvard educated like Obama, as was many of the Bin Laden family who were or are Harvard benefactors.

          So are Syria terrorists. And USA defends the source of most of the worlds terrorism money, Saudi and UAE.

          In Russia’s occupation of Afghanistan, USA trained the terrorists.

          In USA’s occupation of Afghanistan Russia has been hands off.

          So much hypocrisy in Obama it isn’t funny. But then Obama never did get American history until he was 14 or so.

      • Or Vietnam, Syria CIA terrorism support, Libya, rant on Iran with no nukes while Pakistan has 110 and making more. Lets not forget Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda, Congo, Cuba, Bosnia and its sex trade and more.

        USA is like a wolf crying about not eating a chicken.

        • LMAO!


          Do some research.

          That was the French and Indochina conflict, for starters.



          The west was supporting the rebels and it was only the later infestation of terrorists that muddied the picture.


          You mention a country and yet say NOTHING about them.

          Ever hear of the Tanker War?

          The Iranian support of Hamas/Hezbollah and supply of rockets and UAV’s?

          Pakistan has 110 nukes and are making more?

          Prove it.

          “Lets not forget Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda, Congo, Cuba, Bosnia and its sex trade and more.”

          Let’s have you say something about them, instead of merely listing off names of countries and mentioning ‘sex trade’.

          You’re all crust and no filling.

    • The US mistook itself for the world’s policeman….nobody else is allowed to do that though. LOL

      • Oh, emilnone….. Who does the world turn to, when things go to hell?

        Who’s the FIRST country that’s called when a disaster hits?

        That’s right, the United States of America.

        No one else has done more to help when it’s needed.

        You’re America hating is amusing to ridicule. LOL!

        • You hate America just as much…since you will not support your President in times of crisis.
          By attacking Obama…you support Putin. Nice.

          • No, wrong country, and wrong again.

            Where did I say I hate America and support Putin?

            Put up, or shut up.

  7. In an exclusive interview with Newsmax on Sunday, the Illinois
    Republican, a two-term congressman and member of the House Foreign
    Affairs Committee, said he planned to ask Congress to take a variety of
    steps to punish the Putin regime for the Crimean invasion on Saturday.

    “We are looking at every option now and just how to do this properly,”
    Kinzinger said. Some steps include resolutions passed by Congress, in
    addition to encouraging other nations to join with the United States in
    taking action against Moscow.

    “And I see strong bipartisan support for any measure that comes before
    Congress on this issue once [Congress] returns to Washington,” Kinzinger
    said. “I don’t see anyone defending Putin right now.”

    Most significantly, Kinzinger said he wants Congress to urge other
    countries to freeze Putin’s personal assets immediately. That action was
    taken over the weekend against deposed Ukrainian President Viktor
    Yanukovych by the governments of Austria and Switzerland, both of which
    froze his holdings in their countries.

    “Everybody knows of the corrupt money that has gone through Putin’s hands,” Kinzinger said. “It’s time to freeze him out.”

  8. From Reuters;

    Both sides have so far avoided
    bloodshed, but the market turmoil highlighted damage the crisis could
    wreak on Russia’s vulnerable economy, making it harder to balance the budget and potentially undermining business and public support for Putin.

    Deputy Economy Minister Andrei Klepach said market “hysteria” would
    subside but strains with Brussels and Washington – which has threatened
    visa bans, asset freezes and trade curbs – would continue to weigh on
    the economy.

  9. The West is pretty impotent in this situation.

    1) Europe and particularly Germany is dependent on Russian natural gas and oil. And energy price spike reignites the Great Recession.

    1a) Freezing the accounts of Russians will collapse the property markets in London, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and probably Toronto.

    2) Ukrainian industry sells almost all of their production to Russia.

    3) The EU deal didn’t offer complete market access for Ukrainian goods, and are not established markets for Ukrainian goods.

    4) Ukraine is not a small country. It will cost the West tens of billions per year to support the Ukraine.

    This is basically mutually assured economic destruction, so Putin is going to win, or more accurately, lose far less than the West.

    That is the realpoliticks.

    The West and the EU miscalculated. Everybody pays now. Ukraine loses the most, but everybody loses.

    • On the whole, I agree with you. But Russia will have Sevastopol

      • Russia has always had it.

        • No, but now they do again they’re not about to lose it.

          • Wrong again, emilynone.

            Sevastopol has always been the home of the Russian navy’s Black Sea fleet.

            Do some research.

    • Yes, all the hot asian money in Canada is coming from Russia. Are you totally delusional? Russia is economically irrelevant to Canada.

        • Nothing in that article contradicts my point that Russia is economically insignificant to Canada. Brazil matters more, and they barely figure into our geopolitical thinking.

          • LOL yes it does…..you’re just bragging about your ignorance

          • There isn’t a single number to quantify the economic relationship between Canada and Russia. That’s because it is vanishingly small. They are not even in the top ten of our trading partners (they are 21st):

          • Everyone….including us….is involved with BRIC

            Don’t go by Harpo….he’s a fool

          • Instead of spewing drivel, let’s see you prove him wrong.

            Try posting a link to FACTS that refute his claim.

          • You’re having an argument with someone who can’t be reasoned with.

          • It’s argument as performance art. Emily can be devil’s advocate for my reasoned argument. I don’t expect the devil to change her mind but those observing can evaluate each side’s arguments on their merits and make their own conclusions.

          • Hate to say it, but she’s an uninformed opinion, from what I see.

            She can’t even differentiate between an admiral or a ship defection.
            It was an admiral, not a ship, as she vehemently argues.

            Not much credibility, on her part.

          • Don’t worry, when it comes to ignorance, you are still the champ.

            Prove him wrong.

        • Anyone who posts wrong-i-pedia links as a reference is begging for ridicule.

    • The Central Bank First Deputy Governor Ksenia
      Yudaeyva said the bank may boost its presence in the market further and
      that it still has “big room” to raise interest rates.

      now, the central bank seems well-equipped to defend the currency, with
      $493.4 billion in gold and foreign exchange reserves at its disposal,
      but Monday’s estimated $10 billion spend added up to a 2 percent splurge
      in one day.

      Traders said that if
      it weren’t for the central bank intervention, the ruble could have
      weakened to as far as 37.5 rubles per dollar. Credit Suisse sees the
      ruble weakening beyond 37 rubles per dollar in coming days.

      privately run exchange booths, where the spread between buying and
      selling dollars increased up to tenfold from an average of 20 kopecks
      over the weekend, ran out of the greenback, with Russians rushing to
      exchange their rubles.

      “We were
      not ready for this, we have not stocked up,” said a teller at a small
      exchange, adding that her booth, which is open 24 hours a day, ran out
      of dollars by Sunday morning.

      • None of that matters.

        • Your opinion doesn’t matter.

      • What? The ruble is crashing!? I better go find me some rubles, it’s bound to go back up at some point.

        • Ya, and budgets balance themselves.

      • It’s very difficult to support a currency. Russia will blow through its forex reserves. Jacking up interest rates will just crater domestic demand and cause a recession.

  10. “said Obama. “I think that the strong condemnation that it has received from countries around the world indicates the degree to which Russia is on the wrong side of history on this.”
    Yeah, it was just like that other country that spied on literally everyone, including the leader of allied countries! That sure made everyone angry, and it’s good to see Obama and the USA aren’t on the wrong side of history, and….oh, wait….

  11. …mmm, I wonder what China is thinking about all this ?

    • China is allied with Russia, and has recently signed several huge trade bills.

    • MOSCOW—Russia’s foreign ministry says China
      agrees with the Kremlin about Moscow’s military action in Ukraine. But
      China’s foreign ministry differs with that assessment.

      describing a phone call between the foreign ministers of Russia and
      China, the Russian ministry said Monday that “there was a broad
      convergence of views between Russia and China in connection to the
      situation in Ukraine and around it.”

      The statement was broadcast by Russian media outlets as proof Russia doesn’t stand alone on Ukraine.

      China’s foreign ministry spokesman,

      Qin Gang,

      gave a somewhat different take on China’s position during the
      past two days: “It is China’s longstanding position not to interfere in
      others’ internal affairs. We respect the independence, sovereignty and
      territorial integrity of Ukraine,” he said, according to a statement
      posted on the Chinese ministry’s website on Sunday.

    • I know you’re frantic Billy Bob….but those were routine war games.

      All war games are publically scheduled so people are aware of them

      • Routine war games??????????????????

        • Putin blinks? Your are insane.
          As Emily says…routine war games…she is insane.

          Both of you are on crack.

          Putin has accomplished everything he set out to do.

          Send the west a message.
          Take Crimea.
          Increase the price of oil.

          Who will pay the $35 billion debt Ukraine owes.
          Russia offered to pay half of it.
          Are you willing to see your taxes go up to help Ukrainians? No I didn’t think so.

      • To go along with their routine invasion of Ukraine?

        • We participate in war games all the time. Recently off the coast of China.

          • Yes. War games might be routine. But war games that coincide with the invasion of another country are not routine.

          • No point trying to reason with the insane.

          • We are not going to war over this Billy Bob, so you can stop being silly.

          • I was talking about you…….you’re insane, get help.

          • Western arrogance is going to wipe us out BB so stop while you still can

          • Bound to happen.

          • The balance of probabilities suggest it is not coincidental.

          • War games happen all the time….they are scheduled years ahead.

            Do the math.

          • This invasion was not planned years in advance, however. Do the math.

          • No, the games were planned in advance. The Russian military base is already there.

            Do the math.

    • Obama: Russia can’t violate principles

      Over our 22 years of
      Ukrainian independence, fears of language or ethnic persecution have
      never come true. But they were kept alive by Russian propaganda. We
      understand that Putin is trying to escalate tension and provoke civil
      war in Ukraine right now. He can’t afford for a free Ukraine to succeed:
      His own people might get an idea that it’s possible to overthrow a
      tyrant and build a prosperous country.

      Russia: Our actions are ‘appropriate’

      U.N. Security Council meets to discuss Ukraine crisis

      Putin won’t succeed.
      Ukrainians are wiser than that and won’t kill each other over the
      nonexistent problem of language. To demonstrate that, last week, people
      in Lviv (traditionally Ukrainian-speaking) spoke only Russian all day,
      and in response, those in Donetsk (traditionally Russian-speaking) spoke

      No civil war in Ukraine,
      Mr. Putin! It must be getting harder to justify the presence of
      military force to “protect” people when nobody is in danger.

      I just talked to my friends in Crimea.

      Yuri in Simferopol told
      me that it’s a handful of pro-Russian extremists in the streets trying
      to make a scene for Russian video cameras — they are showing that these
      are the Russians who request protection!

      Meanwhile, the rest of
      the city is terrified by the presence of Russian military forces and are
      evacuating their families to central or western Ukraine.

      I got a similar report
      from Luda in Kharkov. She said that a large group of Russians were
      brought across the border by buses, and they were the ones inspiring and
      instigating unrest that resulted in putting a Russian flag on a
      municipal building.

      The amount of propaganda
      Russia has poured onto Ukraine is hard to comprehend. Putting troops on
      Ukrainian land is going to bring the very opposite result from what
      Putin expected: I believe it’s uniting Ukraine.

  12. Too bad Obama wouldn’t declare war on his own debt fraud and stop bombing and invading countries.

    Should also be noted Putin has much more public support from his people than does Obama from his people.

      • The Kremlin’s own pollster released a survey
        on Monday that showed 73% of Russians reject it.

        At home, this intervention looks to be one of the most unpopular decisions Putin has ever made. The Kremlin’s own pollster released a survey
        on Monday that showed 73% of Russians reject it. In phrasing its
        question posed in early February to 1,600 respondents across the
        country, the state-funded sociologists at WCIOM were clearly trying to
        get as much support for the intervention as possible: “Should Russia
        react to the overthrow of the legally elected authorities in Ukraine?”
        they asked. Only 15% said yes — hardly a national consensus.

        • Russia’s next parliamentary election is scheduled for December 2016, and would be followed by a presidential election in March 2018

          Will Putin last that long?

        • I’ve been wondering about his domestic support. Thanks for this.

  13. Yes he is right they have right on democracy leave them to sort out there own problems get out or face the consequences putin .

  14. USA is a angry bankrupt debtor looking for a way out to hide the real problems.

    Just propaganda as USA spends about a trillion a year on NSA+CIA+military, more than the other top 25 nations combined. Obama is on schedule to have debt-spent more than all presidents before him combined, as if at war with the world.

    Russia rolls into Ukraine without bombs to keep the peace, and that is bad. USA rolls into Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and others,,,,blowing people up….and supplies terrorism with Russia’s Afghanistan, Saudi in Syria and Iran.

    Who is the bully again?