École technique et professionnelle

École technique et professionnelle, Université de Saint-Boniface
| Winnipeg, Man. | Founded 1975



The École technique et professionelle (ETP) is affiliated with the Université de Saint-Boniface, which is itself affiliated with the University of Manitoba. It is a technical and vocational school in Winnipeg with a focus on offering programs that feed directly into Manitoba’s labour market. To that end, all the courses have a strong focus on applied learning through workplace experience before graduation. ETP offers a four-year bachelor of nursing, as well as programs in tourism, business administration and multimedia communication. Suite and apartment-style residences are available on campus. 

Tuition (f/t degree) Tuition (f/t diploma) Tuition (f/t certificate) Residence spaces
$6,000 $2000 - $5100 $2,000 172


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