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Lakehead University | Thunder Bay, Ont. | Founded 1965

Lakehead University student holding bug

THUNDER BAY, ON – October 9th – 2011 – Second-year biology students in an introductory ecology lab collect samples from the McIntyre River and Lake Tamblyn on Lakehead’s Thunder Bay campus. The introductory ecology course helps students understand the interrelationships of plants and animals with the environment.


Lakehead University offers a broad range of degree and diploma programs across 10 faculties. “If you’re looking for an exceptional and unconventional university experience that includes small classes, experiential learning and lots of interaction with your professors, then Lakehead University is your university,” says president Brian Stevenson. The main campus in Thunder Bay is home to the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, as well as Ontario’s newest law school; there are programs designed to meet the needs of its Aboriginal population. Sightings of foxes, beavers and deer are common, while, at the centre of campus, man-made Lake Tamblyn offers a prime fishing spot in spring and fall and a skating rink in winter. A tunnel system that connects most buildings comes in handy on cold winter days. Thunder Bay is somewhat isolated from big cities, but affordable flights connect it to Toronto, Winnipeg and beyond. Lakehead’s Orillia campus, a 90-minute drive north of Toronto, offers a unique interdisciplinary arts and science program with majors in criminology, environmental sustainability and media studies.

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Standout Programs
Environmental Sustainability: A relatively new offering at the Orillia campus, this four-year program has courses in both arts and science, from environmental philosophy to conservation geography. Research opportunities and co-op work placements are available.
Business: The business program at Lakehead can be combined with other programs, such as computer science, a co-op placement, or a certificate in business information technology. This lets students prepare for work in specific industries.
Health and Behavioural Sciences: With this program, Lakehead has partnered with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine to include community placements and research initiatives in the fields of nursing, kinesiology, social work and psychology.

Cool Courses
• Cardiac Rehabilitation Apprenticeship: This kinesiology course draws on observation and apprenticeship, in addition to lectures and readings, to enhance students’ understanding of the range of therapies used to treat cardiovascular disease.
• Ancient DNA Internship: This intensive three-week, laboratory-based DNA course provides training in the latest DNA technologies; designed to teach the fundamentals of DNA extraction, amplification using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), sequencing and interpretation.

Minimum entering grades Tuition Average class size Undergraduate students Residence spaces Graduation and retention rates
Engineering: 70%
Arts: 70%
Science: 70%
Commerce: 70%
$7,049 1st & 2nd year: 43.8
3rd & 4th year: 26.6
Full-time: 6,235
Part-time: 1,484
1,207 (505 reserved for first years) Graduation: 79.6%
Retention: 83.2%

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