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University of King’s College | Halifax, N.S. | Founded 1789



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King’s is one of Canada’s oldest and smallest universities, known for its interdisciplinary programs in the humanities and journalism. King’s campus is nestled on the northwest corner of Dalhousie University, with which it grants joint degrees. Resembling the campuses of Oxford and Cambridge, a central quadrangle is surrounded by an award-winning library, stone residences, a chapel and a gym. Many first-year students enroll in the unique Foundation Year Programme to prepare for upper-year courses, where they study the great works of Western thought—from Plato to Dante to Beckett—and take part in lectures and small-group tutorials. “At King’s, your education will transform you and sustain you for a lifetime,” says president William Lahey. “You will learn to discern, create and communicate meaning in a world where change is the only constant.” Another big draw is the school of journalism, which offers a four-year bachelor’s degree, an eight-month program for students who have an earlier degree, a 10-month masters of journalism and a two-year limited-residency master of fine arts in creative non-fiction. Extracurriculars include an impressive music scene, a theatrical society, one of the oldest college literary societies in North America and a renowned chapel choir.

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Standout Programs

Foundation Year Programme: Students trace the history of ideas through an interdisciplinary exploration of the seminal works of Western civilization; the philosophy, literature and art of each historical period are studied in an integrated fashion.

History of Science and Technology: Examines the historical, philosophical and sociological context of humans’ encounters with nature; includes historical studies of ancient science and technology, but also wrestles with contemporary concerns, such as bio-politics, the meaning of human nature, the rise of machines, and the interactions between science and religion.

Bachelor of Journalism: Students learn to conduct independent research, think critically about current affairs and tell stories to a range of audiences; final year includes concentrated workshops and internships.

Cool Courses

The Pirate and Piracy: Examines historical accounts of pirates, literary and cinematic representations of pirates, as well as piracy in the world today.

Creative Non-Fiction: Students look at the development of the genre, which includes literary journalism, memoirs and essays; they read some of the best examples of these works and develop skills in writing narrative non-fiction.

Minimum entering grades Tuition Number of students Residence spaces
Arts: 71.2%
Science: 79.4%
Arts: $7,292 ($8,575 out-of-province) Science: $8,261 ($9,544 out-of-province) Undergraduates: 959
Graduates: 47
273 (240 reserved for first years)

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