University of Saskatchewan

University of Saskatchewan | Saskatoon, Sask. | Founded 1907


University of Saskatchewan

In a province that has 41 per cent of Canada’s arable land, the University of Saskatchewan has traditionally been seen as a hotbed of agricultural research. But there’s much more on the go here: U of S has made a name for itself as the home of the Canadian Light Source—Canada’s national synchrotron research facility that can accelerate electrons close to the speed of light—and the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization, one of the world’s leading developers of vaccines and therapeutic technologies. The Health Sciences Centre, opened in 2014, integrates eight fields of health sciences. “The array of programs, along with the quality of our research, our facilities and our faculty, give our students the education they need to be successful in their chosen field,” says president Peter Stoicheff. Built on 750 hectares along the South Saskatchewan River, the campus is known for its beauty. Even new buildings display greystone facades that allow them to blend in with the older neo-Gothic structures. The Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre, designed by renowned architect Douglas Cardinal and opened just last year, is an intercultural gathering place that helps connect Aboriginal culture with the student body.

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Standout Programs

Toxicology: This four-year undergraduate program that examines how toxic substances affect humans and the environment is the only one of its kind in Western Canada. Elective courses can be taken from a number of the school’s science departments.

Accounting: This program has a long history, granting its first degree in 1914. In addition to business and accounting knowledge, students gain the communication, computer and interpersonal skills necessary to succeed as professional accountants.

Interactive Systems Design: A part of the computer science department, this interdisciplinary program examines how software systems interact with people. Students take courses in areas such as computer science, psychology and art history.

Cool Courses

Art of the Internet: Students examine how artists have incorporated, manipulated and subverted digital technology, such as computer programs and video games, to make it a part of their practice.

Bollywood and Popular Culture: An exploration of how Bollywood cinema has played multiple roles in India and the Indian diaspora: as entertainment, as a form of communication, and as a shaper of national identification.

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Minimum entering grades Tuition Average class size Number of students Residence spaces Graduation and retention rates
Engineering: 85%
Arts: 70%
Science: 70%
Commerce: 80%
$6,504 (arts); $6,713 (science) 1st & 2nd year: 57.1
3rd & 4th year: 28
Undergraduates: 16,871
Graduates: 3,166
2,276 (1,388 reserved for first years) Graduation: 65.8%
Retention: 89.1%

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