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Western University | London, Ont. | Founded 1878

Western University rugby practice

Varsity girls rugby practice

Built along the banks of the Thames River in the “forest city” of London, Ont., Western is one of the largest universities in the province. With more than 400 academic programs, 200 courses to choose from in first year alone and approximately 184 student clubs, it is more than just a regional powerhouse; increasingly, the school is building international recognition. After forging partnerships with universities abroad—in Germany and Belize—Western launched a joint Ph.D. program with the West China School of Medicine at Sichuan University. “Top students and faculty are extremely mobile,” says president Amit Chakma, “which puts us in a global competition, not only for the brightest minds, but also for providing the best international learning opportunities. This is why partnering with institutions abroad has become an essential ingredient in how Canadian universities educate global citizens, lead innovation and build our economy at home.” The campus’s traditional charm is mashed up with modern elements, such as the stone-and-glass home of the renowned Ivey Business School. Downtown London, just a quick bus ride away, is no bustling metropolis, but there’s plenty of entertainment on the weekends. Not to mention that Western boasts one of the largest—and perhaps most boisterous—homecoming weekends in Canada.

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Standout Programs
• Green Process Engineering: Using chemical engineering principles, students learn to design environmentally friendly processes and products. Waste reduction and alternative energy sources are explored.
• Ivey Honours Business Administration: Applies a dynamic learning environment featuring Ivey Case Learning, where students take on the role of the decision-maker by presenting real problems faced by companies.
Media and the Public Interest: The only undergraduate program in Canada that combines the study of media with social justice issues. The program features a service-learning course that provides an opportunity to volunteer in a community organization.

Cool Courses
Ethics for a Digital World: Discuss how being hyperconnected through digital media changes the ethical guidelines we use to conduct ourselves; examines real-life cases.
• The Search for Life in the Universe: Study the possibility of extraterrestrial life and intelligence by looking at how life evolved on Earth and the properties of extra-solar planets.

Minimum entering grades Tuition Average class size Undergraduate students Residence spaces Graduation and retention rates
Engineering: 88%
Arts: 85%
Science: 85%
Commerce: 87%
$7,526 1st & 2nd year: 84.3
3rd & 4th year: 31.4
Full-time: 28,162
Part-time: 2,833
7,171 (5,562 reserved for first years) Graduation: 85.8%
Retention: 92.5%

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