Watching the Games and Listening to That Damn Song

I believe that together we’ll fly/I believe in the pow-ow-er … Perhaps you’ve heard this song before?


It’s 4 a.m. on the nose and I’m up to watch the very beginning of coverage of the very first day of competition at the 2012 Summer Games. “We are ready to get this party started!” host Dave Randorf enthuses.

But Dave Randorf is a liar. They are not quite ready to get this party started. What they are ready to get started is a montage of highlights from last night’s Opening Ceremonies. The montage is set to a song. Perhaps you’ve heard this song before? It’s a song called I Believe.

I belieeeeeve in the power that comes/From a world brought together as one

I believe that together we’ll fly/I believe in the pow-ow-er of you and I

Somewhere along the way, there must have been a meeting at CTV about whether to use this song for a second Olympic Games. Here’s how that meeting must have gone:


So then we all agree we should commission a new song for the 2012 Games?

– Absolutely.

– For sure.

Although… I’ll tell you this: People sure liked that I Believe song from 2010.

– What they really enjoyed was how frequently we played it.

– It’s true: Our research showed that by the end of the Vancouver Games, 103% of the Canadian population knew every single word in the song.

­103%? I thought 100% was the maximum possible number.

– The lyrics had also been memorized by several dogs and most parrots.

You know what I liked best about the song? When all was said and done, there weren’t that many suicides directly attributable to it.

– Personally, I still think we need a new song. I mean, this is the Summer Games. This is the moment we’ve dreamed of all our lives.

I think we’ve agreed we’re keeping the song.

– Sometimes I feel I’ve had enough and I feel like giving up.

Now you’re just saying words from the song.

– What? I believe you’re wrong. I believe, I believe, I believe in, I believe, I believe… [drifts off, staring into space, drooling…]

I think the key this time around is not to overdo it with the song. Let’s use it for a montage every now and then. And we’ll play little snippets of it when we go to commercial and also when we come back from commercial. And when we introduce a video feature. And every eight minutes for no particular reason, and also every time one of our hosts stops to take a breath.

– Moderation!

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Watching the Games and Listening to That Damn Song

  1. I’ve had it up to here with that song. And it really should be, “I believe in the power of you and me” (object of the preposition uses the objective case.)

  2. The song is just fine. Yes overplayed, but nothing wrong with it.

  3. “I Believe.”

    Man, and I thought “The Power of the Dream” sucked chunks.

  4. I love the song, it’s been making me grin every time I hear it. It reminds me of all the great moments from the Vancouver Olympics, and it’s something I now automatically associate with Canadian Olympic victory. I’m sure I’ll be sick of it by the time the games are over, but hey – after that I don’t need to hear it for another four years, so I can deal with it.

    Think of it as like Christmas carols, except it’s only played incessantly for two weeks rather than two months.

  5. Well its a darn sight better than that droning trumpet fanfare the US has been playing on all their network coverage for decades. John Williams just has to walk to his mail box to pickup his cheques – We can only hope our talented Alan Frew (composer) is doing the same. Let’s campion that, although we didn’t stick with David Foster Calgary theme. Let’s feel good about a good song….not the usual ‘Canadian” ultra-critical stuff….for shame! Besides Oh Canada, what else do we have??…I like IT!

  6. Every time I hear this song makes me miss CBC’s Olympic coverage that much more. The CBC Olympic music was an excellent fanfare, in my opinion.

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