Dear McDonald’s


You’re planning to air a commercial other than the one where your workers make and serve a lady’s meal through the magic of interpretive dance, acute over-smiling and jazz hands, right?


Because these Games go on for, like, two+ weeks and after 13,459 airings we’re already pretty weary of the fry guy’s Mr. Roboto moves. At this point, we’d even prefer to watch 30 seconds of Senator Mike Duffy licking his fingers clean of Big Mac juice. I HOPE THIS CONVEYS HOW DESPERATE WE ARE.

Also, that Swiss Mushroom Melt thingy looks a little gross.




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Dear McDonald’s

  1. Like times 1 million

  2. RBC Bowler Hat Guy has got to go. (“RBC: Like you, we miss the days when bankers were all white, male, and creepy…”) Maybe the McD’s dancers could do a spot where they boogie him into the kitchen, feed him into a meat grinder, and render him into McWASP sandwiches of some sort.

    • If it was the Winter Olympics, someone with animation software & too much free time could render him into a bobsled accident. (Okay, almost as bad taste as the one left by the Swiss Mushroom thingey.)

      I suspect ranting about Olympic advertising could at least qualify as an exhibition sport if it didn`t interfere with the ca$h flow. Slower dumber lower or something.

      Also, someone needs to tell Rona that if you put a skillsaw in a board, lock it in the “on” position & let go, it will go BACKWARDS. Not to mention, the belt sander is the most commonly raced power tool. Rona: “Out of touch with our own products & proudly supporting Canadian athletes & the official broadcaster.” Or maybe “Underpaying our employees, understaffing our stores & proudly spending money on Olympic advertising.”

  3. I do like the Rona commercial, in which a screwdriver is transported from coast to coast. My ten year old daughter cracks up at the punchline every time.


  5. Cute commercial, but so repetitive. Make a few dozen and spread them around – not repeating one until the other ones had been run through.

  6. Not to mention that they are molesting said food with ungloved hands… ick

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