Flames-Canucks line brawl draws cross-border ire

Fight-filled game ignites war of words across the border


Odds are, ESPN commentator Peter Gammons is about to get a whole lot less popular in Canada.

Gammons was just one of those who spoke out against the NHL and professional hockey in general after a heated Vancouver Canucks-Calgary Flames game that featured an all-skater fight within the first two seconds, an altercation involving notoriously feisty Vancouver head coach John Tortorella, and several more outbursts of violence throughout the eventual 3-2 Canucks shootout victory.

When the game was all said and done, more than 200 penalty minutes were doled out by the undoubtedly weary referees. Unsurprisingly, Tortorella has been called to the carpet for a hearing about his actions during the first intermission.

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Flames-Canucks line brawl draws cross-border ire

  1. Really too bad for a sport that used to have respect and made Canada proud . Not that way for a longtime now for many of us . Rodney was right when he quoted , ” went to a fight and a hockey game broke out ” . How true !

    • People have been saying that since before either of us was born

    • Enjoy your figure skating.

    • Seriously, that quote came from the 80’s. So what’s different now?

      • Nope, it goes back further than that G.C.

  2. the calgary coach sending out his 4th line goons is a very specific message to torts . we gonna fight . the calgary coach coaches like the old new west bruins coach PUNCH mclean . he is a 4th grade bully . he is the one who should be supended

  3. Hockey is a minor sport? How many times have you seen baseball in the Olympics? ?? Nuff said…bazzinga!!

      • And how many Olympic baseball games can you remember? It’s so exciting that it was voted out of the Olympics from 2012 on, in favor of golf and rugby sevens. It was the first sport tossed out of the Olympics since polo in 1936. Most boring team sport on the earth, closely followed by NFL cowball.

        • I wasn’t commenting on what is more exciting or whether it was better than hockey, but was responding to Michael’s comment about “how many times have you seen baseball in the Olympics?”

          The answer is plenty. Doesn’t matter if it was removed or not. I don’t care. But the fact is he spewed useless information thinking that his comment was a zinger!


          • oh oh
            looks like we have a pizzin’ contest that broke out here : P

          • Yeah, it wasn’t in the ‘zinger’ category.

          • Sorry.. I’ll use his chosen word then. BAZZINGA!
            Is that better?

      • In an ocean of people jumping at opportunity to take offense to something they have absolutely no reason to take personally in the first place, this was a beautifully rational comment. Kudos.

    • Baseball debuted at the Olympics 18 years before hockey

  4. Why does the league give out game misconducts like they’re candy? The rule should still be no GM until someone has 3 fights in a game. Bettman’s still trying to sell a weaker version to people who didn’t care in the first place while alienating the actual fans. No wonder the NHL’s gone from an exciting game to just background noise.

  5. It was a poor example of a hockey game, instigated by a poor example of a coach, Hartley. And compounded by a poor example of officiating, by handing out penalties and GM’s like smarties. It wasn’t even a rough game. If they just gave everyone fighting majors and let it go, there would have been a hockey game. Instead they go into crisis mode and fan the flames (pun intended). They should be doing things like tossing that dangerous goon Hanzal out for 5 games for his series of crosschecking assaults the other night. Now THAT is dangerous.
    And Gammons is a poor example of a journalist, commenting on an area he knows nothing about. If he wants to devote his life to a game that is as exciting as a tiddlywink tournament, but without the adrenaline and speed, good for him. If he can’t follow the puck, his loss. Now we should ignore him.

  6. The NHL game used to be fine until petulant, puerile “minor” minds (including hot-tempered coaches) ruined it. What role models… no wonder a street riot occurred in Vancouver. Money first, and to hell with the fans and having a good time. I get sick and tired hearing that hockey (meaning men’s hockey) is “our game”!! Well, it’s not mine anymore. Many of the players (puck-handling units) are merely overpaid goons.
    Women’s hockey is more enjoyable and highly skilled. Olympic hockey, I once enjoyed, for the same reasons. Today, I’d rather watch skilled kids play – at least they have fun… as long as their parents remain civilised, that is. Plus, the tickets are affordable for families.