How healthy are you?

Take the quiz and find out


Fill out Scienta’s Symptom Profiler survey and you could be eligible to win a cardiometabolic evaluation. You will learn about some of your risk factors which can lead to cardiovascular disease and diabetes using leading edge biomarkers not readily available as part of your routine annual check up. Be coached on how to lower your disease risks by physician, Dr. Elaine Chin and naturopathic doctor, Dr. Shelley Burns of Scienta Health Centre, Toronto, Canada’s leaders in preventative healthcare. It includes a blood analysis of cardiometabolic biomarkers which can be completed at your local lab.

Coaching sessions with Drs. Chin and Burns will be done in person or via teleconferencing for 6 months—3 sessions in total. Travel expenses to Scienta Health Centre or lab are not included. Prize is valued at $2,500. Contest opens September 15, 2011 and closes December 15, 2011. One entry per person. Scienta Health Centre Inc. reserves the right to determine the medical suitability of the prize winner with a confidential phone consultation with Dr. Chin before the prize is awarded. See contest rules on the contest site.


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Vegetarians: Beware the carbs and cheese
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How healthy are you?

  1. An ad masquerading as an article?  Not cool.

  2. Yes, let’s share a whole bunch of personal health information with a for-profit company for the low statistical liklihood of getting a scientifically dubious service.

    Not cool at all, Macleans.

  3. And under ‘Most Read’?  Sneaky way to get people to read this.

  4. And if you actually take the test, it will tell you that you’re at risk of premature death and have a poor quality of life unless you’re a vegetarian Olympic swimmer who’s never had a headache or runny nose in your life.

  5. Ad? Well, I would become unhealthy if I check myself in hospital.

  6. For a more authentic health self-assessment, you should visit http://www.BestLifeRewarded.com  They have partnered with some of Canada’s leading health orgs to provide learning modules and health tracking tools that you can use to inform yourself.  The best part is that you get points for doing so, that can then be redeemed for free healthy products. 



  9. If this is a good analysis for health, it is proof that
    1) our universal ‘health’ care system is indeed an illness system
    2) the prize is not worth $2500 (travel not included)
    3) did anyone get an elevated heart rate from reading this?  Did you hesitate when you checked off the box for that question?

    Please let me give YOU a #

    Every comment below is accurate, though some are crude.
    I will never read a Macleans again.  Come to think of it, haven’t read one for years, mostly found in doctor and dentist offices, the filthiest places in the world…I found this one in a restaurant, and I had forgotten my book.  I bet it was less germy
    The other article I read was an ad for Steven Harper…sorry I took the test, I should have known better.

  10. considering that I am a former national-level powerlifter with a 303 lb deadlift and a 270 lb squat at a body weight of a 117 lbs, still work out 4 days a week and run 5K daily, and I drink on weekends – enjoy my bottle of wine (or beer) eat chips, cheezies, chocolate, burgers, etc and am an Xbox junkie, I’d have to say I don’t quite fit into any of their ridiculous catagories for health, yet I’m probably a helluva lot healthier than the person who wrote the quiz!

    • Did you manage to blow enough smoke up your own butt or do you need more paragraphs?

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