Marriage does a man’s body good

Midnight shifts, on the other hand, appear to have harmful results


Canadian women are less healthy than Canadian males, according to the results of a survey conducted by Scienta Health for Maclean’s. Last year, nearly 30,000 Canadians took the survey, which asked respondents about the frequency and intensity of approximately 150 symptoms associated with discomfort, disease and emotional stress. (Take this year’s survey here.) While some of the results shouldn’t come as a surprise, others are more likely to raise eyebrows.


Marriage does a man’s body good

  1. Too often for many couples marriage is a convenience for men while women take on the responsibility of contraception,housework,childcare. Men can simply enjoy the pleasures of a clean house, meals prepared,sex on demand and the choice to watch the sports network on week-ends instead of childcare.

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