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Will soy make my son gay?

People are panicking about what’s been dubbed a ‘superfood’


Will soy make my son gay?

A three-inch-long green bean is polarizing health food advocates and terrorizing North American consumers. The soybean, used in making tofu, soy sauce and soy milk, was once viewed as a “superfood,” says soy expert Dr. Mark Messina. Now the protein-rich legume is provoking raging debates. Does it boost brain power or cause dementia? Does it fight cancer or shrink penises? Should boys drink it or will it turn them gay?

A vegan cookbook author on B.C.’s Denman Island is so fed up assuaging fears she’s using her website to post people’s panic-filled questions along with links to scientific papers. Bryanna Clark Grogan makes her own soy milk at home. “I’m getting the same questions over and over again,” she says, questions like, “I read that soy kills sperm. Can soy affect menstruation? Is it true tofu gives you Alzheimer’s?” Last week, she says, a girl asked, “I really want to use soy but how do you handle the hair loss thing?” Grogan is 60. Her hair reaches down her back. She sent the girl a photo of herself. “There are so many crazy stories going around,” she says. “I’ve gone to the health food store and had one of the owners come up and ask me if it was all right to give soy to her son because she was worrying about his penis getting too small.”

Canadian biochemist Richard Béliveau holds the Chair in Prevention and Treatment of Cancer at the Université du Québec. “You’re probably touching on the most complicated subject in relation to food and cancer, which is soy,” he says. Scientists got interested in soy after it was noticed that breast cancer in Asia is low compared to North America. “Among the things identified in the lifestyle of Japanese and Chinese women is that they eat soy on a regular basis,” says Béliveau. “In soy, you have a class of molecules called phytoestrogens that are very similar to estrogens, the female sex hormone.” Béliveau believes “phytoestrogens are able to prevent estrogens from interacting with breast cells.”

Menopause guru Dr. Christiane Northrup tells thousands of women to eat soy. “Soy may be helpful for conditions associated with hot flashes, vaginal dryness, night sweats, and mood swings.” Still, “every day I receive letters from individuals who have heard that soy is dangerous.”

Online searches frustrate Grogan. “Every time I search soy, it’s negative.” SoyOnlineService, for instance, states: “Myth: Soy estrogens are good for you. Truth: At dietary levels, they can prevent ovulation and stimulate the growth of cancer cells.” In an article titled “Soy is making kids ‘gay,’ ” Jim Rutz writes, “I have nothing against an occasional soy snack. Unfortunately, when you eat or drink a lot of soy, you’re getting substantial quantities of estrogens. Soy is feminizing, and frequently leads to a decrease in the size of the penis, sexual confusion and homosexuality.”

In July, the BBC reported a Harvard study found “a regular diet of even modest amounts of food containing soy may halve sperm concentrations.” Soy advocate Mark Messina lambastes the findings: “It was an absolute terrible study. It shouldn’t have been published.” The study involved 99 men from fertility clinics. “Most of the reduction of sperm concentration was because ejaculate volume increased. If anything, that’s a cool finding. But I don’t think soy increases ejaculate volume, and there have been four clinical studies where you feed soy and look at sperm and you don’t see anything. But the Harvard study got 900,000 hits! There’s just so much misinformation about soy,” laments Messina, from his home in Washington state. “It’s just a mess.” He blames a group called the Western A. Price Foundation, “whose main claim to fame is bashing soy.” To Messina, their most aggravating assertion is that Asians don’t eat much soy.

“Overall consumption of soy in Asia in surprisingly low,” explains the foundation’s website. “It is not a staple like rice, fish or pork. Soy is a condiment. No one would call mustard a staple in the American diet even though it is a very typical foodstuff.”

Yoshi Yoshihara moved to Canada from Japan and adamantly refutes the condiment claim. “No, no, no! It’s a main source of protein. Because my family didn’t eat meat, we relied on tofu. The tofu vendor came every other day on his bike. We bought several cakes of tofu a week,” he says. “I’ve heard about the anti-soy campaign. To me, it’s a very strange phenomenon, like the Flat Earth Society.”

“It’s very funny,” says Béliveau. “We eat junk food, we’re facing the biggest obesity problem in the history of mankind, and we question that soy could lead to a health problem. We’re very racist when it comes to food. Soy has been consumed for thousands of years by billions of people. If there was a health issue, we’d see it. It’s impossible.”

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Will soy make my son gay?

  1. My ain issue with soy is one that I rarely see discussed. Soy is one of the most powerful allergens. I have a family member very allergic to soy products and I must scour every food label for the signs of hidden soybean products. Take it from me, soy in some form is in nearly eveything.

    I’m not worried so much about estrogen levels in soy sauce as I am in it actually killing somebody close to me.

    • Soy is not a health food. Traditionally fermented soy foods like miso that have been fermented for 6 months to 2 years and consumed in minute amounts can be helpful, but none of this geneticall altered, industrially harvested, weird constitutes of soy. We do not need isolated soy protein, just like we do not need tampered and altered meat protein. Eat WHOLE FOODS.

      Soy is insanely cheap to produce. Why do you think everything except for the fruits and vegetables have soy in them somewhere. Every single packaged food has soy or something derived from soy (or corn), and all the mass produced meats, dairy, and so on, the animals have been fed soy, grains, and corn.

      We need to eat animals raised on pasture, farm fresh milk, bone broths, traditionally fermented foods, fresh organic vegetables and fruits. As well, as natural sweeteners, and unprocessed salt.

      • Many vegetarians in the USA, and Europe and Australia would think nothing of consuming 8 ounces (about 220 grams) of tofu and a couple of glasses of soy milk per day, two or three times a week. But this is well in excess of what Asians typically consume; they generally use small portions of soy to complement their meal. It should also be noted that soy is not the main source of dietary protein and that a regime of calcium-set tofu and soymilk bears little resemblance to the soy consumed traditionally in Asia.

        According to KC Chang, editor of Food in Chinese Culture, the total caloric intake due to soy in the Chinese diet in the 1930’s was only 1.5%, compared with 65% for pork.
        The chief concern we have about the consumption of large amounts of soy is that there is a risk of mega-dosing on isoflavones. If soy consumers follow the advice of Protein Technologies International (manufacturers of isolated soy protein) and consume 100 grams of soy protein per day, their daily genistein intake could easily exceed 200 milligrams per day. This level of genistein intake should definitely be avoided. For comparison, it should be noted that Japanese males consume, on average, less than 10 milligrams of genistein per day (Fukutake M, Takahashi M, Ishida K, Kawamura H, Sugimura T, Wakabayashi K; Food Chem Toxicol 1996, 34:457-61).

        Ernest Tso is credited with the development of the first soymilk diet that was able to sustain an infant for the first eight months of life. Writing in the Chinese Journal of Physiology in 1928, Tso noted that soybean milk is a native food used in certain parts of the country as a morning beverage but it is little used as part of the diet for children. Its nutritive properties as a food for young infants are practically unknown.

        Eight years later, Tso’s comments were still valid. Writing in the 1930’s, Dr RA Guy of the Department of Public Health of the Peiping Union Medical College found it ‘pertinent to note that we have never found soybean milk naturally used by Peiping women to feed their children. This beverage is not made in the home in Peiping, but is sold by street vendors, as a hot, very weak solution of soybean protein and is usually drunk by old people in place of tea. The milk, as reinforced for the feeding of young infants, is rather tedious and difficult to prepare. As dispensed recently by the various health stations, it is in demand, but is just as artificial in this community as cow’s milk’ (Guy RA. Chinese Med J. 1936; 50:434-442).

        In a later publication, Guy reported on the use of soybean milk as a food for infants. The whole purpose of this report was to comment on the possible use of soymilk to address the problem of feeding those infants without sufficient maternal milk in a country where cow’s milk was not native. He again noted that although a weak soy milk or ‘tofu chiang’ was ‘sold hot in Peking by street vendors and was taken by old people in place of tea’, that ‘contrary to Western notions’ it was not usual to feed soy milk to infants (Guy RA and Yeh KS. Chinese Med J. 1938; 54:1-30).

  2. What next? You know, we have been eating soy products for over 50 years. We had seven kids, none of them are homosexual, nor are any of their kids! Between my wife and I, we eat at least 450 gms of tofu per week, sometimes more, as I am heavy into Asian cuisine. I do all the cooking, my wife does the baking. In March coming, we will have been married 60 years….happily! I am also diabetic, and also see the garbage about Splenda! We have been using that product since 1990. Amazing, we are both still alive and well. We likely should be a dead, homosexual couple by this time. Huh! Perhaps we are and don’t know it!
    Cheers, old Doug in BC

  3. It’s pretty funny that this post is already on the “most read” list for Macleans blogs.

  4. There are a lot of substances has feminizing effects. Why stop at soy?
    Inhaling lavender scent too can make your son “gay”.
    Come on, every particle has some effects on human body. Just watch the dosage!

  5. That’s why my son and I only drink Jack Daniels with our estrogen-free imported beef.

    • Jack Daniels and estrogen-free imported beef makes no sense.   You should drink fresh distilled organic soybean alcohol from a home still.   If you drink enough you will not care if the beef is estrogen imported or not.

  6. I have read heaps of articles on soy – the number one interest I had in this subject was whether or not soy allowed weighloss. Or does it in fact prohibit your body’s metabolism?

    Notice for example that soy is contained in several ‘low fat’ and ‘fat free’ items on the grocerery store shelves. I’ve always been somewhat dubious about the whole notion of ‘fat free’ foods. In particular, those that contain dairy or are primarily cheese based in nature.

    I do believe that the general public has been somewhat duped by the claims of food manufacturers in this area. And oh gee…isn’t it amazing how the general public is fatter now than ever before??
    Interesting indeed.

  7. I believe reading this article on soy has turned me into a gay man. Nothing wrong with that, of course, and now I can eat soy with impunity.

    • As well I think that reading this article had made me gay as well. I suspect that is influenced by the couple of glasses of soy milk I drink each week. My husband will be sad, since we have a pretty good sex life, and our grown up kids will have a shock but whatever. LOL

  8. I won’t help.

  9. Being illiterate would eliminate most of our health concerns.

  10. Michael, it’s true that some people are very allergic to soy, but some people are very allergic to corn, wheat, and/or peanuts, as well as many other foods. This does not mean that non-allergic people should not have access to them, or that untruths about the safety of these foods should be bandied about.

    Charlotte, soy is not a fat-free food. Soy contains oil. But I have never heard of it being touted as a weight-loss product. Soy protein may be used in some “diet foods”, but that was mostly for the low-carb diet fad.

    Also, just because food manufacturers take advantage of the “latest discovery” and over-use it, or use it in a very refined form, or over-hype it, that doesn’t make the food itself “bad”. So, use it the way it’s supposed to be used (as a bean, as tofu, miso, tempeh, soy flour, etc.) and don’t eat so many packaged foods! It’s simple!

    People are not fat because they eat “diet foods”. They are fat because they a.) don’t get enough exercise, and b.) because they eat too many packaged or fast-food fat, salt and sugar-laden foods instead of home-cooked foods, and c.) because they eat over-large helpings. Then they get sucked into buying “diet foods” thinking that they can still eat packaged foods and be skinny. It doesn’t matter whether you are a meat-eater or a vegetarian, or whatever– you have to eat a little less, exercise (i.e. walk) more, and eat real food.

  11. Ironically, just before seeing this topic posted, It did occur to me (without my knowing any of the hype) that the soy milk my teenage son is drinking could be having some weird negative effect on him. I’m not a nutrition scientist, but it doesn’t seem illogical to be concerned, given that soy is indeed a phytoestrogen and is used to help women with menopause symptoms (…aren’t some prescription drugs, i.e. estrogen creams, for eg., derived from phytoestrogens?) So, rather than take chances, I think I’ll just keep the soy for me.

  12. Don’t panic, remember if soy turns your sons into gay men, the Catholic Church can send them to special camps to turn them back into straight men.

    More importantly, don’t lose sight of the good news story here! Straight couples who procreate & have gay children can now blame soy. Or a mix-up at the nursery. Or soy-filled baby bottles. or…..hmmm….oh well, one of these days, something will explain it….

  13. As a Chinese born Canadian I can assure you that we eat a lot of soy, especialy in the early years because of its high nutritional value. Instead of drinking milk i drank a cup of soymilk everyday and the most popular breakfast in my home province is a tofu soup. If soy makes people gay then there must be literaly a billion gay asians out there, guess what? there isnt.

  14. The lower incidence of breast cancer in asians is NOT because asians eat soy.
    It is because they traditionally DO NOT drink cow milk (See S. Wang’s comment above) and so avoid the hormones it contains.
    That is changing, and so are the statistics, so that we are now seeing statistically significant increases in prostate cancer in Japanese males consuming cow milk products.
    Hormones and an influence turning boys gay? Maybe. Study epigenetics and consider the influence of pre-natal ingestion of hormones in dairy foods by pregnant mothers. How do you study this in a politically correct fashion?

    • your completely wrong. Look at data from traditional european countries like Switzerland and France who eat a ton of milk and dairy products. All swiss cheese is unpasteurized. In the United States, a safe milk supply was once considered a matter of national security. There are numerous tribes in Kenya and elsewhere that consume diet of blood and milk, as well another than just consumes beef and milk. They do a diet where one day they will consume all milk (gallons of it), and a then another where it is just beef with all the fat.

      Certain Asian societies nowadays definitely eat more soy, but if you look traditionally, and as look at my posting above, soy was not a huge aspect of their diet at all. PORK WAS. Okinawans traditionally cooked practically everything in lard, and ate lots of pork as well.

      To say that soy is healthier is crap. We are all eating soy everyday and every single processed food we eat, as well as when we eat industrially raised animal products. They are fed corn, grains, and soybeans to fatten them up and give quick cheap energy. Get a little bit more in touch with reality and with actual farming and you will realize that we survived greatly off of milk and animals, and fermented foods.

      • Oh yeah, Switzerland has at least the second longest life expectancy. France is not far behind with all their so-called horrible saturated fat and cholesterol…mhmm those delicious goose livers and all that butter.

        You should all take your heads out of food conglomerates asses. When I was in University studying nutrition my professor showed us the stack of ads and “information” she received from good companies telling her why this and that, and their products were good for you. It’s all about cheap raw materials, and money.

        Think of it this way. The cost to produce food is a money pie, and if you take a bunch of that money out to advertise and have marketing campaigns, pay people off, etc. …well that means there is less money for the raw materials to actually make the food. Therefore, those raw materials have to become CHEAPER AND CHEAPER, with whatever means possible. Therefore, the product is probably shit. Why do you think they feed cows grains and soybeans and so on, and pump them with stuff to give more milk. All this while farmers receive the lowest price for their milk in history. It is less than $9 per hundred-weight. INSANE.

        • sorry not good companies…food companies

  15. Hmmm. I am a gay man. I was born gay. My mother never used soy products in large quantities if at all. I am vegetarian and eat a lot of soy products. Does this mean I’ll turn straight. I’ll stop immediately if so!
    It’s not soy that’s killing us it’s the billion and one man made toxic chemicals that are.

  16. Amen!

  17. A thorough study should be undertaken to prove that soy diminshes sexual instinct leading to impotency in males and bareness in females. It’s scandalous to panic people with half baked beans. Soy is good for heart. A thorough scientific study is necessary to clear the doubts among men. You cannot write a story in a jiffy!

  18. Wow, an article about soybeans but not one mention of the fact that almost 60% of the world’s soy crop is genetically modified. If anyone shoudl be concerned about soy, it should be for that reason. But then again Macleans would never want to say anything bad about Monsanto, if they the the CHRC is a tough opponent.

  19. I wonder if the Meat and Dairy industries have anything to do with the spread of misinformation? hmmmm

  20. Here, here. I remember sometime back that the dairy industry took a nose dive (in sales) and soon after followed the begiinning of the demise of soy products and how bad they were for us. I quit dairy when I found out I was lacrtose intolerant and have never gone back and at 50 I’m still a sexually active being.
    Although I probably won’t have children, ever, I guess that test will never be found out – whether or not I would produce a “homosexual” child. But then again there’s always the “genetic” factor involved.

    There was a very interesting article on Discovery a few weeks ago how the male species in general is in trouble due to the chemicals used from soaps to weed killers – how the testes are shrinking and that the male birth rate has dropped considerably since the 50’s.

    Maybe it’s all just part of the “big plan” conducted by Nature.

    Overall I think we are all f^*#ed anyway.
    Have a good day!

    • yep, you are right…f#$ed up anyway. My son is gay and I gave him soy. See it really is always the mother’s fault.

  21. Soy/Gay – similar sounding words, a coincidence? I should think not…

  22. That was just brilliant Justin and when Soy and Gay ever rhyme I’ll totally agree with you.

  23. I’ve been eating a lot of soy-based products for about a year as part of a weight loss regimen. Not only has it helped me lose 50-plus pounds (since it provides protein with far less calories than meat), I noticed that I have far fewer menopausal hot flashes than I did before. Whether the latter is due to the soy or simply the fact that I am slimmer, who knows? I love soy based products and certainly hope all the negative publicity is refuted.

  24. I didn’t realize homosexuality was a birth defect caused by foods. I’m not sure if the title of this piece was meant to be ironic or sensationalistic but either way it’s just wrong.
    I have just about given up on this “magazine”…

  25. Just to give a little prospective. Jim or whatever wrote that article for Worldnetdaily.com which is disgustingly conservative. Half of the current leading articles on the site are about if Obama is from America or not. It World Net Daily makes Fox News look like MSNBC.

    So for me at least I don’t trust anything on that website.

  26. Why do people always think the ‘meat or dairy boards’ are trying to slam soy, without considering the massive industry of soy, one of the biggest and dirtiest businesses in the world. We can’t blame the beef any longer for the disappearing rainforest.

    Here’s just a few of the errors/omissions/misconceptions in this article:

    Messina is indeed a ‘soy expert’. He’s at the top of the soy industry food chain. His interest in soy is massive, it’s called money.

    It’s not the Western A. Price Foundation, but the Weston A. Price Foundation. They are not paid by the meat or dairy board. Their main slant is not to knock soy, but to advocate traditional foods, including hormone-free, grass-fed, compassionately farmed meats, fats that are not rancid and artificially processed, and chemical free whole foods. The foundation follows the work of Weston Price, a dentist, who went around the world to study tooth decay and health, expecting to find vegetarian cultures that fit his paradigm of health. His studies of nutritional anthropology and modern health advocate whole and traditional foods, as does the foundation. Dr. Kaayla Daniel, who is a member of the foundation, wrote a book called The Whole Soy Story.

    This whole idea that soy is a health food comes from- the soy industry! But the roots of soy are deep and dirty. Soy’s big thrust here was as oil. Processed, poisonous ‘vegetable oil.’ You know, the stuff of margarine. Hydrogenated oil. Trans fat. Heart-healthy! the margarine companies chirped. For years we used the plastic on our food as a healthy alternate to butter. The cheap oil was used in all processed foods. Junk foods. As science came around, soy saw the bottom falling out of their market and began pumping another batch of health food stories. Think about it. Hydrogenated oil is one of the most toxic heart dangers, with ZERO as a safe limit. Why are the new ‘health’ products any different?

    The quote from the Asian girl about the flat earth was very cute and so on, and strategically used to make us think that anyone who thinks soy is dangerous is a lunatic. Recall that at first, EVERYONE thought the earth was flat because that’s what they were told. The insinuation is, if we are thinking soy is harmful, we are idiots. But considering the massive amounts of evidence against it, we are actually the first to stop believing in that flat earth and consider a wider science. I don’t know the measurement of soy products in Asia, and I am not Asian, and I do believe many Asians eat soy products. However, Asian cultures eat a lot of fish, raw fish, and vegetables, and less processed foods or wheat-based products. There are many many reasons why they don’t have our diseases. Also, Chinese cultures eat a lot of eggs and pork. I mean, A LOT. Maybe this is why they have less cancer? Finally, there was no mention of something very important: soy foods in Asia are fermented. The entire miso-making culture was about learning fermentation secrets. Why is this important? Because unfermented soyfoods are poison. Soy beans were used as fertilizer, and fermenting the bean made it edible to the people, all those years ago. Asians do not eat isolated soy protein or vegetarian soy and gluten patties. They eat pork, fish, vegetables, and traditionally fermented tofu. Tofu here, and most soyfoods, are not fermented. The fermenting process removes many of the toxins in the soy. Go ahead, ask a real Asian miso maker why they ferment the soy. They’ll tell you why.

    Finally, if the aim is to make soy dissidents feel like neanderthal redneck homophobes, whatever. I’m pretty in pink, believe me. But that doesn’t change the fact that hormone disruption is a dangerous thing. Artificial or natural, screwing with your hormone function is risky business. Plants are drugs, don’t forget. Chemical drugs are based on plant science. So it makes sense, just possibly, that estrogen might not be a good idea to feed either boys or girls. You have the estrogen you need already. It’s not about making anyone gay. It’s about girls menstruating before age ten and little boys growing moobs. It is happening out there. It makes sense to question the hormones in meat, the estrogen in plastics, and the estrogen in soy foods.

    Those are just a few of my thoughts. Those interested can read more, in my article on the great soy deception, Spilling the Beans, at Gremolata dot com.


    Trust me, if you have seven kids, one of them is gay. Or one of their kids. Just not from the soy.

  28. Funny, I always thought straight parents made kids gay.
    At least that’s been the case of 100% of the gay people I know.

  29. On a study of the bloggers on this website, It has been determined that soy changes your brainwaves into being hippie liberals.

  30. so, if I convince a couple of lesbian friends to eat massive amounts of soy, it’ll make ’em straight?? or will they turn completely into soybean plants? i mean, hey, sounds like these plant estrogens are mighty powerful!

    seriously, aren’t the super-strength hormones and antibiotics that are crammed into meat animals, in modern factory farming operations, of significantly greater concern than some weakened plant estrogen in a bean that’s been consumed for ages?

    it may be comforting and convenient to a contented-meat-eater to believe some hyped-up charges about soy because it helps them justify their current food choices. but really, learn more about where your meat comes from, the awful substances farm animals are fed, the disgusting living conditions, the slaughterhouse operations, and *then* decide which is scary – that piece of meat or a soybean!

    • The amount of estrogen in meat and dairy is tiny compared to the amount in soy, or other plants. The soybean is much scarier to me..sorry

  31. I think most of the “Soy Is Bad” propaganda comes from the meat and dairy industry.

    Think about it.

    What do you do if: A) people are eating less meat and more soy foods, B) people are drinking less milk and more soymilk and, C) the soybeans you feed to your cows and/or chickens are costing you more because other companies are turning them into soyfoods.

    And as was mentioned by another, what’s really worse for you a little soy or meat and dairy that’s been pumped full of hormones, anti-biotics, and other drugs?

    I read something once about how little girls in Puerto Rico were developing breasts and starting their periods at 3-5 years old. And that the boys were growing pubic hair because someone had fed too many hormones to the chickens there, but I think it was a fluke and they took care of it.

    I’ve also read that plastic has chemicals that mimic estrogen and so you should NEVER microwave your food in plastic or any kind. NO frozen food tray. NO Tupperware. NO Rubbermade. And that you shouldn’t leave plastic waterbottles in your car on hot sunny days or warm them in the microwave.

    And I’ve read that antibacterial soap mimics estrogen too because of the germicides they contain. It gets absorbed through the skin.

    As someone who has been a vegetarian in the past and hopes to be vegan in the future, I hate to admit that the most “realistic” diet for myself might be eating limited amounts of chicken and fish, but concentrating on getting more fruits, veggies & fiber in my diet.

    “Realistic” meaning more convenient and “doable.” I’m not currently vegetarian or vegan, but I usually limit the amount of meat that I consume.

    Also, if soy made you gay they probably wouldn’t have a billion people in China, would they?

    And eating meat & dairy increases impotence (and reduces penis size) by clogging the veins of the penis with plaque. OUCH!

    • I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these comments. Some were quite humorous! anyway, since the Asian diet and the influence of the meat and dairy industries were brought up a number of times, I can’t resist suggesting you all read “The China Study’.” This is a 2005 book by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., and his son, Thomas M. Campbell II.

  32. Oh please…I don’t think either of my parents ever touched soy (except as a normal food additive), and I was raised on meat and potatoes, and guess what? Have been gay since day 1! Only recently I went vegetarian, and eat a minimal amount of soy products. I guess if I have a day where I suddenly feel an urge to break out into a Liza Minnelli song, I’ll blame the soyburger I had for lunch.

  33. Soy is only ok when fermented, otherwise it is extremely unhealthy. You cant just say that the Japanese eat soy and are healthy, because they dont eat it like the americans, the Chinese and Japanese never ate soy untill they discovered fermentation techniques. So yes they have been eating it for hundreds of years, but never have they eaten it unfermented.

  34. And reading Macleans.ca helps you to become an idiot…

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  36. Common guys. Japanese and Koreans have been eating tofu for so many years and so much. They have it with soups, stews and on its own and as a desert. Because it is new to us does not mean it is any harmful.

  37. Really? I mean c’mon, so what if your son is gay??? And BTW no, soy will not make him that way anymore than eating steak every day will make me straight.

  38. You can’t “turn someone gay”. They either are or they aren’t. Secondly, not all gay men are feminine estrogen-ladden ‘girly boys’. Some of us are boxers, trainers, military, metalheads, martial artists, rockers and yes, even cage fighters. The ‘feminine gay man’ is a horrible stereotype that needs to be demolished. The people with the lack of common sense education is outstanding and very saddening.