Kate’s best and worst royal fashions from down under

What worked and what didn’t? Rating Kate’s style on tour in Australia and New Zealand


For three weeks as Kate, duchess of Cambridge toured New Zealand and Australia with her husband, Prince William, and their nine-month-old son, George, she’s kept the world fascinated with an ever-changing parade of dresses, coats and hats. Such was the interest that reporters and royal bloggers combined forces to hunt down the designers and specific outfits she wore, often tweeting the answers even before royal officials released the information. Of the three-dozen-odd outfits, this royal watcher has picked the 10 most interesting ones: eight that were best in show, and two that crashed to the bottom of the list.

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Kate’s best and worst royal fashions from down under

  1. I give her a pass on the red coat/dress ensemble. It was a lovely outfit. Maybe they could have/should have allowed for wind (if it’s always windy there), but really, weather is weather, and we all get caught in it.

    The previous stringy-sleeved dress was just unattractive, period.

  2. Thanks,
    now I more fully understand the importance of drees-code for the fashionably Royal.

  3. Your comments about the dresses Kate has worn before are inane. If she spent all that money on dresses she only wore once those who claim the monarchy should be abolished would be ranting about the waste. I strongly dislike the arrogance of fashion critics to begin with but your comments here lack any imaginative creative writing whatsoever.

    • I agree. The author is being overly critical. Kate looked great in all the outfits.

      • Kate did NOT look great in all the outfits. Ok, we have the non weighted red skirt (thigh flashing) episode. Then the anorexia-camoflaging green zippered house dress from the 1950s. Finish it off with the inappropriately low-cut pink V necked (breast flashing) disaster of a dress. Need I go on and also include the too tight shabby looking navy jeans with the wobbly wedgie heels? And the failed Baywatch cotton dress of eyelit lace which would have suited a 12 year old going forward for first communion? Kate needs to to seriously eat more and also hire a private tailor to design garments/make them over for her engagements. The senior Royals do buy and make quality garments but they use them and re-use them for years (Princess Anne, The Queen, and Countess Sophie all come to mind.) Kate, by buying all new garments at outrageous prices is acting like a noveau-rich starving starlet rather than a frugal and sensible Royal. Her days are numbered in the Monarchy and it is not inconceivable that Prince William might remarry in due course.

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