10 countries with the highest homicide rates

How do Canada and the U.S. compare to the world’s homicide hot spots?


siezed guns, Jamaica - David McFadden/AP Photo

Murders per 100,000 population:

 1.    Honduras    82.1

 2.    El Salvador    66

 3.    Ivory Coast    56.9

 4.    Jamaica    52.1

 5.    Venezuela    49

 6.    Belize    41.7

 7.    Guatemala    41.4

 8.    St. Kitts and Nevis    38.2

9.    Zambia    38

 10.    Uganda    36.3

103.    United States of America    5

150.    Canada    1.8
Note: Top 10 excludes dependencies and territories
Source: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
(2010 data or latest year available, released in 2011)

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10 countries with the highest homicide rates

  1. Here are some interesting stats:

    OECD public social spending rank (%GDP):

    Austria #3, Germany #6, Norway #13, Canada #23, US #25

    US homicide rate:

    3X Canada’s; 6X Germany’s; 7X Norway’s; 8X Austria’s

    Infant mortality ranking:

    Austria #14, Germany #12, Norway #6, Canada #24, US #34 (twice the rate of the top 6; Cuba #33)

    Inequality (Gini index):

    Austria #13, Germany #9, Norway #5, Canada #32, US #88

  2. Remember when we used to compare ourselves to the best countries, not the worst?

  3. They should run this same list with a 0-5 level of gun control rating. Jamaica (and I bet most in the top 10) has had a virtual gun prohibition for decades

  4. i am from venezuela, although i don’t remember it much, my cousins and old friends speak of murders and kidnappings as if it is normal, and for them it is. It’s really horrible when you have no good words to say your origins, and i can’t even visit anymore.

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