10 memorable but cheesy hockey player product pitches

Messier can’t stop eating Lays, while Sundin’s mom wants to make sure he eats his Chunky Soup.


1. Wayne Gretzky: Pro Stars. At the height of his stardom, the Great One had his very own cereal, which he plugged on Late Night with David Letterman. More recently, he has been pitching his own line of Bigelow green tea—“one great tea.”

2. 1979 New York Rangers Phil Esposito, Ron Duguay, Anders Hedberg and Dave Maloney: Sasson Jeans. The teammates perform a painfully unsexy on-ice dance routine, in overly tight jeans, while singing: “Ooh la la, Sasson.”

3. Alexander Ovechkin: Eastern Motors. “At Eastern Motors, your job, your credit,” sings the gap-toothed star, in flip-flops and shorts, for
a local Washington car dealership. “It’s going to be on YouTube for sure.” Correct.

4. Maurice Richard: Grecian Formula 16 hair dye
. “The change was so gradual and so natural, no one even noticed,” the retired legend says. The infamous kicker? A referee opens the penalty box door saying: “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

5. Ron Hextall: Canada Dry ginger ale
. A simple message from the tough-guy goalie and MVP: “You don’t have to be sweet to be good.”

6. Mark Messier: Lays potato chips. In a long-running series of ads, Messier flashes both his familiar grin and scowl, while driving home the message, “Betcha can’t eat just one.”

7. Doug Gilmour: Head & Shoulders. He doesn’t “score points for how my
hair looks.” But after the game, “when the cameras are just inches away and millions of fans are watching, my hair has to look great.”

8. Billy Smith: Steelback beer. Smith and other former NHL greats make locker-room chat with Steelback’s CEO, while generally looking like they’d rather be anywhere else in the world.

9. Sidney Crosby: Dempster’s. The superstar pitches his favourite sandwich: “Dempster’s WholeGrains and turkey sandwich.” Awkward smiles abound.

10. Mats Sundin: Chunky soup. The beloved Maple Leaf surely took plenty of on-ice abuse for the memorable Campbell’s Soup ad featuring his mother yelling, “Mats, did you eat your Chunky Soup?”

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10 memorable but cheesy hockey player product pitches

    • There was an Eddie Shack (or was it John Ferguson) ad when I was a kid (Seventies) for patterned sheets — he wants to wake up on patterned sheets because if he wakes up on white sheets, he thinks he’s in the hospital. Can’t find it on youtube — anyone remember that one?

  1. The best/worst hockey player ad was in about 1972 and it was Yvan Cournoyer, in an English-language spot, for Psst dry shampoo. I loved the guy, but he was awful in the ad.

    • “They’re enough to turn a lion… into a pussy cat… hahah… MEEEOW!”

      Awesome – that’s the one I was trying to remember – the best, hands down.

      The Sassoon jeans one is pretty “good” too, I just never saw it back in the day.

      • Whata Dork you are hmcse, get a life.

  2. More recently, he has been pitching his own line of Bigelow green tea—“one great tea.”

    His daughter, not to be outdone, is also helping out, promoting two great teas and one great A of her own.

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

    But for hockey player ads, nobody beats Sergei Puck-Goes-In

    • Creepy, john g.

  3. Sorry guys but this creepy lemiuex ad trumps them all

  4. You need the Penguins car dealer commercials, there were about 3, the latter two building on Max Talbot’s “SuperStar” nickname that came from the first. Best line is Gonchar throwing Geno keys and saying “Geno, you take the Jag”.

  5. Curses! The Mats Sundin soup ad gets mentioned, but is still not on YouTube! I’ve been looking for this ad for years (sad but true), and it’s just nowhere.

  6. what about Eddie Shack (“Sweet Daddy Shacky for the Pop Shoppe”) on the 70’s Toronto HNIC telecasts for a local beverage franchise….beyond painful.

  7. All of them are just greedy manipulated people who do not have a shred of ethics. Who needs this crap from the advertisers…I never buy their crummy products on principle.