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10 most expensive cities for parking

Unless you live in Calgary, it could be much worse

Wanted: smarter cars

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Think parking is expensive in your community? Here are the average parking rates for an unreserved spot on a monthly basis:

City Average monthly rate

1. Calgary $456.75

The Maclean's Book of Lists, Volume 2

2. Montreal $330.96

3. Toronto $316.40

4. Edmonton $295.00

5. Vancouver $277.82

6. Ottawa $255.00

7. Victoria $184.80

8. Regina $182.50

9. Halifax $181.60

10. Winnipeg $159.86

Source: Colliers International (2012)

The Maclean’s Book of Lists, Vol. 2, is available at www.macleans.ca/bookoflists, in the iBookstore, and on newsstands now.

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10 most expensive cities for parking

  1. Glad I take the bus. I thought Ottawa was bad. Calgary looks insane.

  2. The more the better, get people out of the automobile.Jack them up higher, it would solve some of the traffic congestion problems

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