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10 most famous pieces of footwear in the Bata Shoe Museum

From Marilyn Monroe to Elton John, these stars have had their shoes saved for the ages


Justin Bieber's sneakers (Darren Calabrese/CP Photo)

One of Canada’s unique institutions, the shoe museum grew out of the private collection of Sonya Bata, whose husband, Thomas, oversaw what at one time was the largest shoe company in the world. Sonya first started collecting traditional and famous footwear in the 1940s. Here are some of the most remarkable items visitors can see.

1. Marilyn Monroe’s red leather stiletto shoes
, c.1957

2. John Lennon’s single Chelsea boot, c.1962

3. Terry Fox’s single Adidas running shoe, c.1980

4. Queen Victoria’s silk slippers, c.1840

5. Napoleon Bonaparte’s silk socks, c.1821

6. Madonna’s platform Dolce & Gabbana shoes, c.1992

7. Elton John’s silver and red, high platform boots, c.1975

8. Justin Bieber’s maroon sneakers, c.2010

9. Dalai Lama’s flip-flops, c.1990s (not confirmed)

10. Elvis Presley’s loafers, c.1972-1977

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10 most famous pieces of footwear in the Bata Shoe Museum

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