Canada’s Top 10 cities for weather

The warmest, coldest, wettest … snowiest cities in the country

Senior climatologist David Phillips of Environment Canada crowns the cities with the best, or worst, weather conditions:

Weather condition city* annual average

1. Warmest year-round: Chilliwack, B.C. 10.5° C

2. Coldest year-round: Iqaluit -9.8° C

3. Lowest snowfall: Victoria 44 cm

4. Fewest freezing days: Vancouver 46 days

5. Wettest: Prince Rupert, B.C. 2,594 mm rain

6. Driest: Whitehorse 267 mm rain

7. Most thunderstorms: Windsor, Ont. 33 days

8. Least fog: Penticton, B.C. 2 days

9. Windiest: St. John’s, Nfld. 23 km/h

10. Most sunny days: Calgary 333 days

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Canada’s Top 10 cities for weather

  1. That’s it, I’m moving to Windsor. Lowest snowfall is nice, but I miss thunderstorms out here.

    • Yup….rain means warmer weather too….

  2. I don’t need to move… I’m # 1

  3. Guess I’m moving to Chilliwack …. oh, wait, Yarrow is in the District of Chilliwack

    • they got rid of the district and became a city a long time ago

    • No room in Chilliwack ,were to busy

  4. I think they made a mistake about the snowfall for Victoria. I lived there most of my life…there is no way they get 44 cm of snow a year…must be 4.4 cm or 44 mm.

  5. 333 days of sunshine in Calgary…..stay away!……We are full!!

  6. How about Stewart BC for the biggest snowfalls ?

  7. Lived in Prince Rupert for 49 years and have webbed feet to prove it. Spoke to a Rupertite the other day and asked him why he left and he responded by saying that he did not like living in a car wash. Don’t get me wrong, Rupert is a wonderful place to live. I love. Prince Rupert !


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