12 Canadian microbrews with odd names

We’ve got Barking Squirrel, Thirsty Beaver and No Chance With Miranda on tap



1. Barking Squirrel Lager (Hop City Brewing Co., Brampton, Ont.)

2. Dark Snout Bacon Stout (R&B Brewing Co., Vancouver)

3. Dude Where’s My Czar? Imperial Stout (Great Lakes Brewing Co., Toronto)

4. Highballer Pumpkin Ale (Grand River Brewing Co., Cambridge, Ont.)

5. Mad Tom IPA (Muskoka Brewery, Bracebridge, Ont.)

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6. Megadestroyer Imperial Licorice Stout (Howe Sound Brewing Co., Squamish, B.C.)

7. No Chance With Miranda (Great Lakes Brewing Co., Toronto)

8. Ol’ Fog Burner Barrel Aged Strong Beer (Garrison Brewing Co., Halifax)

9. Thirsty Beaver Amber Ale (Tree Brewing Co., Kelowna, B.C.)

10. Sap Sucker Maple Porter (Fernie Brewing Co., Fernie, B.C.)

11. Sir John A’s Honey Wheat (Prince Edward Island Brewing Co., Charlottetown)

12. Woolly Bugger Barleywine (Howe Sound Brewing Co., Squamish, B.C.)

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12 Canadian microbrews with odd names

  1. Half Pints Brewing Company in Winnipeg has a seasonal beer that comes out in spring called Pothole Porter. It’s quite a good beer, not just a novelty. Their flagship stout ale, called Stir Stick Stout is also noteworthy for its name and its flavours. http://www.halfpintsbrewing.com/brew.php

  2. How is a Honey Wheat beer named after Sir John A Macdonald by a brewery in PEI considered “odd”? I’d say it’s quite appropriate considering the fact that Sir John A lead the Charlottetown Conference there to found this great nation …

    Just sayin’ …

  3. Here’s a couple more:

    Le Trou du Diable Shawinigan Handshake

    Amsterdam De Wallen Sour Framboise

    Indie Ale House Cockpuncher IPA

    Kensington Brewing Fish Eye PA

    Double Trouble Brewing Hops and Robbers IPA

    Bellwoods Brewery Grandma’s Boy Omerta Blood Orange Pale Ale

  4. There is Naughty Otter and Train Wreck by the Gananoque Brew Company. Also Hobgoblin and Flying Monkey.

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