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5 easily forgotten provincial slogans

It’s Manitoba time!!!


A slogan is meant to be catchy and creative. What do you make of these five for your licence plate?

The Maclean's Book of Lists, Volume 2

1. B.C.: Splendour without diminishment (current and official slogan)

2. Alberta: Freedom to create; spirit to achieve (2009-11)

3. Manitoba: It’s Manitoba time (2011-current)

4. P.E.I.: Seat belts save (1976-80)

5. Newfoundland: The mighty Churchill (1969)

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5 easily forgotten provincial slogans

  1. Whoever thought any of those up…..should be fired.

    Canadians suck at marketing.

    • Presumably the person who came up with “Splendor Sine Occasu” is dead. The Coat of Arms of British Columbia (and accompanying motto) were adopted in 1906 apparently.

      • I know….Ontario’s is ‘Loyal She Began, Loyal She Remains’….also drivelly.

        They’re not meant to be catchy tourist slogans….but somebody should have thought of the future.

        • I guess I just figure that one SHOULDN’T be coming up with catchy tourist slogans or “thinking of the future” per se when coming up with a state’s official motto. If we need a catchy tourist slogan we can just use something else.

          I don’t know if people like this any better, but one example would be the fact that having an official model didn’t prevent Ontario from using “Yours to discover” when wanting to promote the province in terms of tourism/travel. Personally, I’ve always kinda liked that one. Maybe it’s a bit cheesy, but I think that’s just the nature of touristy slogans. They’re always going to sound a bit cheesy, imho.

          • We don’t actually need mottos….or coats of arms, or official animals….or any other tribal symbols anymore.

  2. Definitely arrived at by a committee. “Splendour without diminishment” is laughably ridiculous. Currently, Saskatchewan is “Land of Living Skies.”

    • To be fair, it is actually “Splendor Sine Occasu”, the latin inscription in the Coat of Arms from over 100 years ago. I’m not aware of it being used anywhere else as a slogan or motto for BC.

  3. Interesting that the at B.C. Facts page uses the translation “Splendour without diminishment” given that the B.C. Protocol page says “brilliance without setting”. The second seems to fit more with the presumed meaning of the motto – a reference to the sun never setting on the British Empire.

    • And we have the setting sun on our ghastly flag.

      • Does suck doesn’t it.

  4. http://bcslogan.wordpress.com/2009/02/20/canadas-provincial-and-territorial-slogans/

    This is kinda fun.

    The best by far in my not so humble opinion is QC’s – i remember. It’s wonderful.
    Sk’s is pretty fine too – Strength from many peoples.

    Worst has by far has got to be BC. Man that must have sucked even back in the day.
    I’m disappointed in the lack of imagination shown on the rock too.

    • You talking about the one in the article? That was in 1969, when the Churchill Falls hydro development was under development and thought to be a harbinger of a much better future. A short-lived one.
      Official provincial motto is: Quærite prime regnum Dei (Seek ye first the Kingdom of God). Arguably also lacking in imagination, though many NLers will tell you they live in Paradise (literally, if referring to the suburb of St. John’s). I like Memorial University of Newfoundland’s motto better: Provehito in altum (Launch into the deep).
      http://listsofallkinds.wordpress.com/2009/04/25/canadian-provincial-mottos-and-license-plate-slogans/ for all of the provincial & territorial motos and licence plate slogans.

      • It was the official one I was talking about. Surprising as NL in general has a wealth of wonderful place names – how can you top come by chance? It’s priceless.
        Launch into the deep isn’t too bad.

  5. If you can read this, you are following too closely!

    • That’s a plate? I’m found of , Vegetarian – Aboriginal word for lousy hunter.

      A native guy i know had a cool one on Facebook.
      A picture of Harper on the back of his truck. The legend ran: does this asshole make my truck look fat?