5 myths about Tim Hortons

Where are the most franchises per capita? And how do Timmies customers tend to vote?



1. The coffee has additives like nicotine to make it more addictive. This myth is so prevalent that the company’s website tackles it head-on: “Tim Hortons would like to clearly state that there is absolutely NO nicotine or MSG in our coffee.”

2. A muffin is healthier than a sugary doughnut. Guess again. Compared to a blueberry muffin, the decadent-sounding double chocolate doughnut has 1 g less fat (10 g) and just 75 per cent of the calories (250 kcals).

3. Tim Hortons customers vote Conservative. Not so. In 2010 the Globe and Mail analyzed the average number of Tim Hortons per riding. The NDP and Liberals tied for the most, with 11, while Tory ridings trailed with an average number of nine outlets.

4. The city with the most Tim Hortons per capita is Moncton. (Or is it Barrie? Ste. Catharines St. Catharines?) Widely believed, but inaccurate. An analysis by the Martin Prosperity Institute in 2011 found the city with the most Timmies for the population is Port Hope, Ont.

5. “Always Fresh.” Well, sort of. The doughnuts are partially baked at a central facility, “flash-frozen,” then trucked across the country to be reheated in-store. One executive has explained the freezing process “seals in the freshness.”

Source: Tim Hortons, Martin Prosperity Institute, news reports

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5 myths about Tim Hortons

  1. I thought everyone knew about the muffin vs. doughnut thing. It’s pretty common knowledge where I am. With some of those muffins you’d often be better off health-wise if you ate TWO doughnuts (depending upon the muffin and the doughnut of course). Most of those muffins are arguably the least healthy things on the menu.

    • Indeed. A lot of people still don’t realize it, but muffins are essentially big pieces of cake.

      • And loaded with oil.

  2. Sigh. Please learn to spell St. Catharines. Honestly, guys, you’re the National Magazine, yes?

    • I find it amusing that someone who doesn’t know how to write a proper sentence with the correct punctuation feels qualified enought to point out grammatical errors. Obviously you’re the bully in your workplace, have limited friends and opinions that people could care less about. Grow up.

      • OMG NO!! I spelled enough wrong…will feel the wrath of MostlyCivil??? Shudder…I best go and hide. lol

      • haha good one. I agree…people who notice flaws and HAVE to point them out like they are beyond perfect are usually the ones with the biggest self esteem issues. Sounds like a sentance coming from a sociopath.

  3. While it’s a nice place, at 16,500 people I’m not sure Port Hope should be considered a City. I vote to continue the urban legend that Moncton has the most Tims per capita.

    • ive mashed up in moncton so what your saying could never fit really

  4. I DO miss Tim Horton’s….but boy o boy the local mom and pop doughnut shops down here have the “flash frozen” crap beaten down pat.

  5. Maybe they say that because the coffee tastes like a dirty ashtray. Yech! And did you know that if you want a “small” coffee now, you have to ask for “extra small”?

    And isn’t it a myth that Tim Horton’s is a Canadian business?

    • nope tims was started by tim horton and ron joyce, ron bought out tim very early on. Ron then sold it to Wendys.

  6. maybe it should be Ste. Catharines – how many guys do you know named Catharine?

  7. Of course there’s no nicotine; we all know that’s just a joke.

    I would like to know the amount of salt they put in their coffee though.

  8. “The nswers to all those questions,…” = spelling X2 …
    Hope someone has hit ‘spell check’ in The Maclean’s Book of Lists, that’s flogged here.

  9. Port Hope is in a Conservative riding, both federally and provincially.

  10. Never understood why Krispy Kreme didn’t catch on: their donuts are sooo much better ! I’m not being unpatriotic here. I just prefer Krispy Kreme donuts.

    • The scary thing about Krispy Kreme donuts – or at least the ones we had first when they came to Canada – was that they could sit in the box on our kitchen counter for better than a week without any appreciable difference in taste or texture. Left me wondering just what percentage of the donut was preservatives…

    • I’m sorry but, the greatest doughnuts that have ever been made were by my grandmother back in the 60’s, when they lived with no electricity, and had to cook on a wood burning stove. Her doughnuts were made from homemade, fresh ground wheat. The same dough she’d use to make her delicious bread. However, she added a little more sugar to the dough to sweeten it. She would then deep fried them for 5 to 7 minutes per side in pork or beef fat, then roll them in powdered sugar. I’m sorry, but you just can’t beat that. I have to go now. As I am salivating uncontrollably. Bye.

  11. How is Tim Horton’s going to handle the upcoming public relations storm about Temporary Foreign Workers?

    I heard that the chain employs up to 5,000 such workers presumably at lower wages and conditions

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