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5 organizations that ran in trouble with the LGBT community

Boy Scouts of America may not be a surprise… but Urban Outfitters?


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1. Urban Outfitters
Though this retailer markets itself to hipster 20-somethings, president and founder Richard Haynes is an ardent conservative. He’s also the owner of Anthropologie and Free People, but Haynes manages to find the time to donate thousands to Rick Santorum’s campaign. He’s also reportedly against gay marriage, and pro-gay tees have disappeared from UO shelves. In the spring, Urban Outfitters got in trouble over a trans-phobic card they were selling, which was eventually pulled from stores. Ironically enough, the anti-gay group One Million Moms targeted UO for a catalog that featured a lesbian kiss.

2. Walmart
Walmart’s conservative leanings are well-documented, but the company has also donated thousands of dollars to anti-gay groups. They also used to sell an anti-gay children’s book called Chased by an Elephant, the Gospel Truth about Today’s Stampeding Sexuality.

3. Boy Scouts of America
The Boy Scouts recently reconfirmed their policy on not allowing gay men and boys from joining or being leaders. A special committee of Scout executives and volunteers formed in 2010 decided unanimously that the anti-gay policy was best. The Scout is one of the largest youth groups in the U.S., with more than 2 million members. Still, not all the Scouts are happy about it: after a gay Eagle Scout was fired, 10 other members quit in protest. Other Scouts have been returning their medals because of the policy. There’s a small loophole to the policy, of course: you won’t be denied membership if you keep your homosexuality under wraps.

4. Salvation Army
Although it’s a charitable organization, the Salvation Army has a history of being anti-gay. In 2001, the Salvation Army worked with the Bush administration to make it easier for government-funded religious groups to discriminate against hiring gays. Most recently, an Australian Salvation Army Major said that gays “deserve to die” for their homosexuality.

5. Chick-Fil-A
Then, of course, there’s Chick-Fil-A, the company whose trouble with the gay community got everyone from drag queens to politicians to Muppets involved. Who knew Kermit was all about equal rights? Across the country, Chick-Fil-A is being protested for their anti-gay stance, though Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum are vocal supporters.

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5 organizations that ran in trouble with the LGBT community

  1. Good to know about this homophobia amongst these organizations. I’ll bet the sexual abuse Boy Scouts of America experienced had nothing to do with gays.

    • Why would it? Most pedophiles are straight. It’s the age that matters, not the gender

      • This comment was deleted.

        • Um… yes it does make you gay.

  2. There is a fairly important distinction between being opposed to gay marriage and being “anti gay”. Macleans writers would do well to make this distinction before smearing millions of good people like this.

    • Actually,,,,there’s no difference at all.

      • Fundamentalism rears it’s ugly head once again.

        • Yes, and I’m almighty fed up with fundamentalism and it’s sick little practitioners.

          • Oh yeah and there’s no difference between a naturally born male and a surgically reborn male…

    • What’s the distinction? Are you saying there are people out there who approve of the gay lifestyle but think they shouldn’t be able to get married?

      I’m curious as to what objection those people would have. As I’ve said before, either the term has no significance.. in which case it shouldn’t matter if gay people use it or not, or it has significance, in which case it should be able to be used by people of all genders when they are describing their status.

      • What’s the reasoning? Are you saying that gays who oppose gay marriage are anti-gay? I’m curious as to how you can still be curious as to what objection people might have, when I’ve discussed it with you at length in prior threads. As I’ve said before, either the term “marriage” denotes something involving a fundamental common good, in which case one can legitimately debate whether the state has a vested interest in all sexual activity or only some, or it denotes something in which the state has no legitimate interest, in which case the government should stay out of the bedrooms of the nation. Either way, it is not bigotry to oppose gay marriage.

        Unless, of course, your purpose isn’t to call things as they are but rather to shut people up when they disagree with you. Not that the Left would ever do that of course.

    • There is a fairly important distinction between being opposed to gay marriage and being “anti gay”.

      Correction. There used to be. Obama changed that.

      • Yes, it’s such a delight to have Mr. Obama wandering around in public office uniting his country, fixing the economy, reversing the rising of the oceans, and generally shooting beams of peace/light/rainbows/unicorns out of his ass. But it is worth remembering that until his evolution 6 months ago he was one of those anti-gay haters who oppose gay marriage.

  3. In the world of the leftist, bigot is anyone who disagrees with them. Using liberal speak in reverse, I guess that EmilyOne’s opposition to the death penalty makes her pro-criminal! Amazing how many of you leftists have totalitarian tendencies. You can’t win on the merits so you smear your opponents. Oh yeah, when you talk about radical Derek why don’t you first read up on some secular “fundamentalists” like Stalin, Lenin, and Mao? Why don’t you examine how this group of radical secularists burned down churches, killed priests, and put believers in so-called labor camps? Or was what these atheists did okay because the church did support their far left policies?

    • I suggest you don’t know your left from your right, or your ass from your elbow.

      Stalin was RC, Lenin was raised RO and Mao was Buddhist. Your crowd, not mine.

      • And oh yeah, just because I’m transgendered doesn’t make me a spokesman from the LGBT community…

    • You mean as compared to the world of the rightist, where anybody who disagrees with them is a leftist?

      • At least those on the right don’t want to make it illegal for those on the left to conduct their own personal business simply due to their political beliefs. What do you think of the mayors of 3 of America’s largest cities wanting to shut down Chik-Fil-A in their cities for no other reason than the political beliefs of their CEO? The same political belief on SSM that Obama officially held up until what? Last month?

        • Actually isn’t that just what we’re arguing here? Those on the right want to make it illegal (and have in most states) for “leftists” to conduct their own personal business and marry the person of their choice due to their political beliefs. Then they want to blame it on God.

          • So did those on the left, up until last month. Or rather, they were willing to put up with it being illegal and not say anything until Obama made it OK to do so.

            Nobody “made it illegal”. It was illegal by default until various jurisdictions began changing the law to make it more inclusive.

            Also, for the record…I’m pro-SSM, and always have been. Although I personally disagree with those who are against it, I understand the religious reasoning for their argument have enough respect for their position not to personally demonize them for it.

            The difference between me and the leftists on that score is that I’m willing to include Christians in the list of those that get a pass for opposing SSM on religious grounds, whereas most leftists are only willing to “tolerate” that little bit of intolerance from Muslims.

        • You’re in here on a topic about gay marriage saying those on the right don’t want to make things illegal for people simply because of their beliefs?


          Did you think that through at all?

          That said, I agree, unless the Chik-Fil-A’s are refusing to serve gay people, there’s no reason they should be shut down.

          • Well…many on the right who oppose “Same Sex Marriage” don’t have an issue with civil unions or partnerships that bestow the same “spousal rights” on same sex couples…they just don’t want the relationship called a “marriage” since in their eyes a “marriage” means a man and a woman.

            That’s a far cry from saying “I don’t want you operating a business in my city because you’re a dirty filthy conservative, and I’ll withhold your permits if you try”. That’s fascism, plain and simple.

          • Yup. Good thing its not happening at all. Nobody, so far as I know, is saying these shouldn’t be allowed in because their conservative.. but because they’re anti-gay.

            Unless you’re now arguing there’s no difference between the two?

          • Of course I’m not arguing that.

            They may not be saying it directly…but make no mistake. Chik-Fil-A’s founder is being prosecuted for the thought-crime of being a white christian conservative in Obama’s re-election year.

            Rahm Emanuel doesn’t care one iota if you oppose SSM. For f*** sakes, he was Obama’s chief of staff when Obama opposed SSM. And how do you explain, on the same day he threatens Chik-Fil-A, this? Or this?

            Why does Emanuel roll out the red carpet for anti-Semite and anti-SSM Louis Farrakhan, and allows him to open a restaurant in Chicago, but wants to run Chik-Fil-A out of town? What possible difference could there be?

            If you want to swallow the bullsh!t premise that fascists like Emanuel want to peddle that their stance is based on gay rights…I guess it’s your right to be that blind if you truly want to.

  4. Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming on you. Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire.

  5. amazon sells the same book Walmart did

  6. So we now have 3 mayors in major US markets (Boston, Chicago, and of course San Francisco) who are willing to do whatever it takes to prevent Chik-Fil-A from operating in their cities, including withholding permits/licenses…based solely on the political beliefs of the CEO…and on Obama’s Road to Damascus conversion a couple of months ago.

    Welcome to Fascism, USA…

    Where was Rahm Emanuel’s “Chicago Values” when he was Obama’s Chief of Staff in 2008…back when Obama was still against Same Sex Marriage?

    And it’s wonderful to see the Mayor of San Francisco stick up for “San Francisco Values”…when the public library he presides over needs to install plastic covers on their public PCs in order to keep the porn flowing.