6 Canadian places whose original names were more interesting

Which vacation spot was known as Hens-and-Chickens Harbour?

What’s keeping Windsor awake at night?

Windsor, Ont., the city formerly known as Sandwich. (Brent Foster)

Sure, Regina and Windsor are okay names, but they’re kind of dull compared to what those places used to be called.

1. Regina was Pile of Bones

2. Kenora, Ont. was Rat Portage

3. Collingwood, Ont. was Hens-and-Chickens Harbour

4. Raleigh, Nfld. was Ha Ha Bay

5. Windsor, Ont. was Sandwich

6. Moncton was La Coude (the elbow), later renamed the Bend

Source: Natural Resources Canada

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6 Canadian places whose original names were more interesting

  1. Re: Windsor

    Windsor was settled by the French in 1749 as an agricultural settlement.
    It is the oldest continually inhabited European settlement in Canada
    west of Montreal. The area was first named Petite Côte (“Little Coast” – as opposed to the longer coastline on the Detroit side of the river).

    Sandwich, Ford City and Walkerville were separate legal entities (towns) in their own right until 1935. They are now historic neighbourhoods of Windsor.


  2. On Newfoundland’s 300th Anniversary of John Guy’s Cupids settlement, what is now ‘Bristol’s Hope’ was the former ‘Mosquito’.

    made out of Forest Glade, Walkerville, Riverside, Sandwich, Fountainblue and LaSalle

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