9 over-the-top warnings from Americans about Canada’s health care

The most evil and dangerous system on the planet


Commentator Glenn Beck arrives at the 45th Country Music Association Awards in Nashville, Tennessee on Nov. 9, 2011. (Harrison McClary/Reuters)

American pundits, publications and politicians have been kind enough to warn us that our socialized health care system is the filthiest, most evil and dangerous system on the planet.

1. “Dear Canadian: You make socialized medicine sound ideal. But whenever private enterprise is replaced by a government institution, incentive is thwarted and the quality of services usually deteriorates.” — Dear Abby, April 25, 1977

2. “To receive major health care in two weeks would be only a dream for most Canadians.” — Susan Riggs,
Knight-Ridder, June 22, 1994

3. “People come here from every country . . . including Canadians fleeing from the substandard quality, cruel rationing and long waiting lists of their ‘free’ socialized medicine.” — Paul Craig Roberts, Scripps Howard News Service, June 23, 1994

4. “Did the fact that Canada has a socialist, government-run health care system — similar to the kind that President Obama wants to ram down the throats of Americans—kill acclaimed actress Natasha Richardson?” — Matthew Vadum, The American Spectator, March 21, 2009

5. “Canada’s disastrous health care system survives because of . . . the widespread fear that any reform might constitute ‘Americanization.’ ” — Jonah Goldberg, National Review, Nov. 25, 2002

6. “For cardiac bypass surgery, patients in Ontario are told they may have to wait six months for a surgery that Americans can often get right away.” — Sen. Mitch McConnell, June 8, 2009

7. “Canada needs to reform its health care system and let the private sector take over some of what the government has absorbed.” — Sarah Palin, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, November 25, 2009

8. “In Canada,they have a lottery. They have a lottery system. Who gets to go see a doctor this month in Canada?” — Glenn Beck, The Glenn Beck Program, July 15, 2009

9. “Is government-run health care in Canada taking away parents’ rights?” — Steve Doocy, Fox & Friends, February 23, 2011

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9 over-the-top warnings from Americans about Canada’s health care

  1. Having lived under the American system for the past two years with really good employee-sponsored insurance and having had a couple of minor family health crises, all I can say is…..

    I am so looking forward to being back in Canada in the new year.

    • Does this mean you’ll be changing your moniker?

    • thank you for your reliable opinion San Diego Dave!

  2. “9 over-the-top warnings from Americans about Canada’s health care”


    9 people who should never be allowed near a news outlet
    9 people you would never want to share a desert island with
    9 people who can safely be ignored
    9 people who illustrate much of what’s wrong with America today

  3. Something that bugged me as a kid in the Book of Matthew:
    This ruler gave one servant $5, one $2, and one $1, and he told them to grow it. The 1st 2 doubled up, and the third one buried his. The first two were rewarded. The 3rd one excommunicated to the peace and serenity and hygenity of the animal world. In itself, this tale isn’t a bad inclusion by 900AD non-economists. The problem is every preacher speaks less of servant #3. He told the ruler he watched the ruler harvest where he didn’t seed and vice versa. This is a productivity gain; maybe the Roman Empire would still be around if they paid soldiers in grain instead of wooden coins. The 3rd servnt was like a cdn/Singapore/Auzzie banker. The Bible knows nothing of diminishing rates of return, Pareto income effects, the savings required to make investments…
    Anyway, powerful Americans and our Honourable PM are most likely to see it the preachee and rich person way, and cause recessions. In some parts of the country health clinics cherry pick their patients, so we basically have USA healthcare. I noticed this in Dartmouth NS and the poorest riding in the land. Pay those health care staff less and those in the main research hospitals more and maybe some cab/courier crappy ambulances. I got an AIDS test in Dartmouth and they lost the results. I knew it would happen; I watched the witch of nurse nearly mix up vials while preparing the swab. Commie Hfx.

    • This is what people have been doing at Church every Sunday when they could’ve been watching the Chargers use pink sticky tape and still lose bad?! It is like a Grade 4 curriculum you take over and over. Give #3 the highest wage: he has preserved your bank’s reserve deposit. Make him your Central Banker. Make the risky guy your investment banker and give him the least, but also give him access to tech people and distant traders. There, I just made the Bible better.
      I’m getting 10 years to bring lithium ion vehicle batteries and for GMO sphagnum fuscum; I think ten years is a good estimate to get R+D to 1st market. This is important for time discounting. But key is your best researchers, administrators, and how well a nation gets them funded and equipped. I have good libraries for instance, but a crappy safety net and crappy healthcare. In Saudi Arabia I wouldn’t have weed at all though. I’m sleepy on Gravol and a bad manager when angry. The Bible is good for preserving some basic gov; it details murders happen an such….but time to grow up.

  4. I don’t konw about their health care system but their educatuion system surely let those 9 people down.

  5. 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 are correct as is.

    9 is also correct, according to the Chaoulli v. Quebec decision by the
    Supreme Court of Canada in 2005. Denying a child his/her human rights
    is certainly a denial of parental rights to the parent.

    5 is blatantly obvious to any even-handed observer. Although the word disastrous may be an exaggeration, the statement is otherwise entirely true.

    Recent surveys have shown most Canadians agree with 7, polls have shown Canadians want more private involvement in health care, so it’s bizarre you’d add it to the list, but I guess you couldn’t resist another shot at Sarah Palin. Good for you. You must be feeling happy about that.

    8 is an exaggeration of the true fact that a large proportion of the population cannot find a GP, simply because the number of GPs is insufficient.

    6 is incorrect, but it would be correct if they were talking about anything other than critical procedures. For almost all procedures other than critical procedures, Canadians must wait for the procedure while Americans can get it right away.

    4 is over-the-top.

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